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Coxiella burnetti bacterium dividing

Coxiella burnetti bacterium dividing

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Coxiella burnetti bacterium dividing

Coxiella burnetti. False-colour transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of the rickettsia-like bacteria Coxiella burnetti. Here, the organism is dividing in two, with cell contents duplicated. Coxiella burnetti is the cause of an influenza- like febrile illness known as " Q" fever. It is highly infectious, usually including patchy pneumonic consolidation. Hepatitis & endocarditis may also occur. Q fever is transmitted to humans via sheep, goats and cattle. Human infection is by inhalation of dust or droplets contaminated from the excreta of infected animals, or by ingestion of infected milk. Treatment is with antibiotic drugs. Magnification: x40, 000 at 6x4. 5cm size

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This print showcases the remarkable process of division in the Coxiella burnetti bacterium, captured through a false-color transmission electron micrograph (TEM). The image reveals two identical cells forming as the organism duplicates its cell contents. Coxiella burnetti is notorious for causing an influenza-like febrile illness known as "Q" fever, which presents with symptoms similar to those of the flu. This highly infectious bacterium often leads to patchy pneumonic consolidation and can also result in hepatitis and endocarditis. The transmission of Q fever to humans primarily occurs through contact with infected animals such as sheep, goats, and cattle. Infection can happen via inhalation of dust or droplets contaminated by the excreta of these animals or ingestion of infected milk. Fortunately, antibiotic drugs are available for treatment. With a magnification level of x40,000 at 6x4.5cm size, this TEM image provides a detailed view into the world of bacteria causing diseases like Q fever. It serves as a reminder that even microscopic organisms have significant impacts on human health and necessitate our understanding and vigilance in combating them effectively.

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