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Illustration of a dissolving blood clot (thrombus)

Illustration of a dissolving blood clot (thrombus)

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Illustration of a dissolving blood clot (thrombus)

Dissolving blood clot. Illustration of a human blood clot (thrombus) in the process of dissolving. At upper centre is the blood clot, which consists of an accumulation of red blood cells (erythrocytes), a web of fibrin strands (pink) and platelets (blue). As the clot dissolves the fibrin web unravels and red blood cells and platelets escape. Activated platelets develop star-shaped processes (seen here) in order to perform the clotting process. Fibrin strands are an insoluble protein which act to capture red blood cells and prevent blood loss. The blood has both clotting and anti-clotting mechanisms, while various anti-coagulant drugs dissolve clots

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Activated Artwrk Blood Blood Clot Clot Clotting Dissolving Erythrocyte Fibrin In Blood Clot In Clot Platelet Process Red Blood Cell Thrombus

This print captures the intricate process of a blood clot dissolving within the human body. At the upper center of the image, we see a blood clot composed of red blood cells (erythrocytes), fibrin strands (pink), and platelets (blue). As the clot begins to dissolve, the web-like structure formed by fibrin starts to unravel, allowing red blood cells and platelets to escape. The activated platelets in this artwork develop star-shaped processes, which are crucial for carrying out the clotting process. Fibrin strands play a vital role in capturing red blood cells and preventing excessive bleeding. It is fascinating to observe how our bodies possess both clotting and anti-clotting mechanisms to maintain proper functioning. In medical science, various anti-coagulant drugs are utilized to dissolve clots effectively. This illustration not only showcases an important physiological phenomenon but also serves as a reminder of our ongoing efforts in understanding and treating such conditions. Science Photo Library has skillfully captured this complex biological event through their artistic representation. The attention to detail allows viewers to appreciate both the scientific significance and aesthetic beauty present within our own bodies.

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