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The Human Body

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Advanced MRI brain scan Featured Human Body Print

Advanced MRI brain scan

Advanced MRI brain scan. This 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of a normal human brain has been produced by the 3T MRI scanner at Neurospin, one of the most advanced MRI research centres in the world. The front of the brain is at left. The coloured lines indicate the many neural pathways that exist in the brain. Neurospin has 3T and 7T scanners. The T designations refer to the magnetic field strengths of 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla. These are extremely strong magnetic fields, and hence this technique is known as ultra high-field magnetic resonance imaging. The high magnetic field strength allows detailed examination of the brain and brain disorders. Neurospin was founded in 2006, and is located near Paris, France

© Philippe Psaila/Science Photo Library

Fossil hominid skeleton known as Lucy Featured Human Body Print

Fossil hominid skeleton known as Lucy

Fossil hominid skeleton Australopithecus afarensis known as Lucy (AL 288-1). Lucy was part of a rich find of fossils made in the Afar region of Ethiopia between 1973 and 1977. She dates from 3.3 million years ago and is widely accepted as the earliest link in the human record. The remains comprise 40% of the entire skeleton and include skull fragments, a mandible, most of the left and right arm, vertebrae, rib fragments, sacrum, left pelvic bone, left thigh and right lower leg. The form of the pelvic bones showed her to be female, erupted wisdom teeth suggested she was 20 years old and the thighbone indicated she was small, between 107 and 122 centimetres (4 feet) tall

© John Reader/Science Photo Library

Heart Featured Human Body Print


Heart. Historical anatomical artwork of the human heart, seen from the front. Coronary blood vessels are seen on the surface of the heart, supplying this muscular organ with oxygen so it can pump blood around the body. Blood vessels with deoxygenated blood are blue, while those with oxygenated blood are red. The blood vessels across top are (from left): the vena cava (blue), the aortic arch (red), and the pulmonary artery (blue). The pulmonary vein (not clearly seen) is to the right and behind the pulmonary artery. Veins bring blood to the heart. Arteries carry blood away from the heart. The pulmonary blood vessels carry blood between the heart and lungs. Artwork from Atlas of Anatomy, by Bourgery and Jacob, published in France in 8 volumes from 1831 to 1854