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The Human Body

Human Body
Human Body
Plague doctor, 17th century artwork
Brain blood vessels, 3D angiogram C007 / 1981
Brain pathways
Sensory homunculus
Diagram of the human brain and spinal column
Phrenological model of personality traits
Phrenological Head / Scrap
Motor and sensory homunculi
Cerebellum tissue, light micrograph
Nerve and glial cells, light micrograph
Nerve cell, SEM
Touch receptors
Motor homunculus model
Normal knees, X-ray
Anatomy of human knee joint
Man smashing cake on other mans face
Brain anatomy engraving 1895
Roman God Janus
Illustration of female lymphatic system
Normal knee, X-ray
Diagram of facial muscles, front view
Human brain anatomy, lateral view
Human body with bones and arteries
Male and Female pelvis engraving 1896
Japanese Woodblock Print flowers and Dragon
Cross-section diagram of the human ear
Diagram of inner ear showing auditory canal, eardrum, semicircular canals, cochlea, cochlea nerve, eustachian tube
Taste map of a human tongue, light green area sensitive to bitter taste, yellow areas sensitive to sour taste
Gymnast performing on square rubber floor mat, panel of judges on one side
Illustration of Australopithecus, Homo habilis and Homo sapiens skulls
Hags Head, Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland, Europe
Santa Claus at the Beach
Human circulatory system, hand-coloured engraving, published in 1861
3000 BC Cuneiform writing on clay slab, front view
Kidney tubules in section
Breast anatomy, artwork
Chinese acupuncture model
Set of glass eyeballs
Teenage (16-17) male gymnast practicing on rings against black background
Human Anatomy - Backbone including Ribs and Pelvis
Lactating breast tissue, light micrograph
Nerve cells
Nerve cells
Iris of the eye, SEM
Regenerating nerve cell, TEM
Cerebellum structure, light micrograph

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