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Framed Print : Landscape with Birds in Flight (ink on paper)

Landscape with Birds in Flight (ink on paper)

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Landscape with Birds in Flight (ink on paper)

3598747 Landscape with Birds in Flight (ink on paper) by Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) (c.1488-1576); ( by Titian); Photo © Raffaello Bencini

Media ID 33090414

© © Raffaello Bencini / Bridgeman Images

1488 1576 C16h Metropolitan City Of Venice Preparatory Drawing Preparatory Sketch Study Drawing Titian Titian Tiziano Vecellio C Tiziano Vecellio Venetian Art Venetian School Venetians 16 16th Xvi Xvith Sixteenth Century Reinassance Renaissance Time

12"x10" Modern Frame

Experience the timeless beauty of art with our Framed Prints from Media Storehouse. This exquisite piece, "Landscape with Birds in Flight (ink on paper)" by Titian, captured by Raffaello Bencini, portrays a breathtaking landscape filled with birds soaring gracefully in the sky. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office with this stunning work of art. Each Framed Print is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials to ensure vibrant colors and sharp details, making it a true masterpiece to be cherished for years to come.

10x8 Print in an MDF Wooden Frame with 180 gsm Satin Finish Paper. Glazed using shatter proof thin plexi glass. Frame thickness is 1 inch and depth 0.75 inch. Fluted cardboard backing held with clips. Supplied ready to hang with sawtooth hanger and rubber bumpers. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Packaged foam wrapped in a card.

Contemporary Framed and Mounted Prints - Professionally Made and Ready to Hang

Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10" x 10")

Estimated Product Size is 30.5cm x 25.4cm (12" x 10")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.


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This print showcases the exquisite artwork titled "Landscape with Birds in Flight" by the renowned Italian painter, Titian (Tiziano Vecellio). Created during the 16th century, this ink on paper masterpiece captures the essence of nature and movement. The image depicts a mesmerizing landscape where birds gracefully soar through the sky. The delicate strokes and intricate details bring life to these avian creatures as they navigate their way across an idyllic backdrop. With each stroke of his brush, Titian skillfully captures the beauty and freedom of flight. As one gazes upon this artwork, they are transported to a time when art flourished during the Renaissance period. The Venetian school's influence is evident in every line and curve, showcasing their mastery over light and shadow. This piece represents not only Titian's exceptional talent but also exemplifies Venetian art at its finest. The city of Venice itself serves as an inspiration for this composition. Its enchanting canals and picturesque landscapes have long captivated artists from around the world. Through this artwork, we catch a glimpse into both Titian's creative process and his deep connection with his surroundings. This print allows us to appreciate not only the final result but also offers insight into Titian's preparatory sketches and drawings that led to its creation. It is a testament to his dedication as an artist who meticulously studied nature before immortalizing it on canvas. With this stunning print adorning your walls, you invite a touch of Renaissance elegance into your space while celebrating one of Italy's most revered painters – Titian.

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