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C16h Collection

Step into the enchanting world of C16H, where history and beauty intertwine

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Step into the enchanting world of C16H, where history and beauty intertwine. From the formal garden at Athelhampton to the majestic Mells Manor, each photograph from The English Manor House captures a glimpse of timeless elegance. The stone corona enclosing the fountain at Athelhampton in 1899 stands as a testament to craftsmanship and grandeur. As you enter Athelhampton's entrance front in 1906, be prepared to be transported back in time. The double doorway of Owlpen Manor beckons you with its charm, inviting you to explore the secrets within. Journey inside Henry VII's Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey through a captivating black-and-white photo that reveals intricate details and sacred atmosphere. Owlpen Manor, featured in 100 Favourite Houses, exudes an aura of mystery and grace that has captivated generations. Down Ampney House stands proudly amidst the picturesque Cotswolds landscape, showcasing architectural brilliance that harmonizes with nature seamlessly. Little Sodbury Manor's north-west range leading up to the great hall is reminiscent of bygone eras when opulence reigned supreme. Marvel at Prophet Jeremiah's fresco from 1508-12 or lose yourself in San Girolamo's marble masterpiece crafted around 1580. Finally, gaze upon Madonna (Sorrowful Virgin), a bronze sculpture created between 1583-1584 that evokes deep emotion and reverence. C16H invites us on an extraordinary journey through time and artistry; it celebrates magnificent manor houses nestled within breathtaking landscapes while paying homage to masterpieces created by talented hands centuries ago. Let these photographs transport you into a realm where history whispers its tales and beauty reigns eternal.