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Saint Valentine, Saint Stephen and Saint Maximilie, 16th century (engraving)

Saint Valentine, Saint Stephen and Saint Maximilie, 16th century (engraving)

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Saint Valentine, Saint Stephen and Saint Maximilie, 16th century (engraving)

7415654 Saint Valentine, Saint Stephen and Saint Maximilie, 16th century (engraving) by Burgkmair, Hans (c.1473-1531); Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France; ( Hans Burgkmair Saint Valentine, Saint Stephen and Saint Maximilian
Wood engraving in relief in colors
Bnf, Prints and Photography Department.); © Jean-Paul Paireault

Media ID 32178938

© © Jean-Paul Paireault / Bridgeman Images

3 People 3 Persons 3 Three People Aureoles Bishop Bishops Blazon Christianity Religion Coat Of Arm Coat Or Arms Crosier Crozier Episcopal Crook Halos Heraldic Heraldic Symbols Martyrdom Martyrs Pastoral Staff S Stephen S Stephens Saint Stephen Saint Valentin Saint Valentine Sanctus Stephanus St Valentine Stephan Stephen Three People Three Persons Aureole Bishops Staff C16h Catholic Religion Catholics Halo Heraldry Religious Role Several People Several Persons


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This 16th-century engraving by Hans Burgkmair titled "Saint Valentine, Saint Stephen and Saint Maximilie" is a remarkable piece of religious art. The print showcases three prominent figures from Christian history, each depicted with great detail and symbolism. In the center stands Saint Valentine, known as the patron saint of love and affection. He holds a pastoral staff, symbolizing his role as a bishop in the Catholic Church. To his left is Saint Stephen, recognized as the first martyr of Christianity. His halo shines brightly above him, representing his sanctity and divine connection. On the right side stands Saint Maximilie, whose coat of arms signifies his noble lineage. The vibrant colors used in this wood engraving bring life to these revered saints while also highlighting their spiritual significance. The intricate details on their hats and robes showcase Burgkmair's artistic skill and attention to craftsmanship. Displayed at Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, France, this artwork serves as a testament to both German Renaissance artistry and European religious heritage. It invites viewers to reflect on faith, devotion, and the enduring power of these iconic figures within Catholicism. As part of L'Europe et Gutenberg Exposition BnF Paris 2023 collection curated by Jean-Paul Paireault, this print offers an opportunity for art enthusiasts to delve into history while appreciating its aesthetic beauty.

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