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16 16th Xvi Xvith Sixteenth Century Collection

Step back in time to the 16th century, a period of great change and exploration

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Step back in time to the 16th century, a period of great change and exploration. In this captivating era, William Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece "Titus Andronicus" took center stage, transporting audiences to a world of revenge and tragedy. Meanwhile, in Norwich, Norfolk, an enchanting map was engraved, capturing the essence of this bustling city during that time. Delve into the realm of mysticism with Ulrich Molitor's treatise on diviner women and witchcraft. Through intricate engravings, he unraveled the secrets surrounding these intriguing figures. Witness Queen Elizabeth I bestowing knighthood upon Sir Francis Drake aboard his majestic ship, the Golden Hind at Deptford in 1581; a momentous event captured forever in vibrant lithography. Immerse yourself in religious history as you explore Martin Luther's Bible edition from 1541. This colorful lithograph showcases the profound impact Luther had on Christianity during this transformative century. Discover daily life through art as you gaze upon "The Mens Bath, " an engraving that offers a glimpse into bathing customs of the time. Meet Erasmus of Rotterdam – a Dutch Catholic reformer and humanist whose ideas shaped intellectual discourse throughout Europe. His portrait captures his wisdom and influence perfectly. Marvel at physician and physicist William Gilbert demonstrating magnetism to none other than Queen Elizabeth I herself; their encounter immortalized through detailed lithography. Uncover military fashion trends with colored engravings showcasing military habits from both the 15th and 16th centuries – armor-clad warriors ready for battle. Enter St Jerome's study through an intricately detailed engraving that transports you directly into his scholarly world. Finally, meet Sir Henry Bedingfeld – Lieutenant of London Tower – who guarded some of history's most famous prisoners within its formidable walls. And last but not least - behold King Henry VIII himself. A vividly colored engraving brings this larger-than-life monarch to life, showcasing his power and influence.