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Oliver Cromwell and daughter Elizabeth Claypole, (print)

Oliver Cromwell and daughter Elizabeth Claypole, (print)

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Oliver Cromwell and daughter Elizabeth Claypole, (print)

7419983 Oliver Cromwell and daughter Elizabeth Claypole, (print) by Tresham, Henry (1751-1814) (after); ( Oliver Cromwell's daughter, Elizabeth Claypole, 1629 - 1658 lying on her sick-bed, begging her father to be lenient towards political opponents. After a print by James Stow from a work by Henry Tresham originally featured in Robert Bowyer's Historic Gallery, published between 1793 and 1806.); Photo © Ken Welsh. All rights reserved 2023

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© © Ken Welsh. All rights reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images

17th Centuries B And W Egnland Fatherhood Fathers Oliver Cromwell Parent Parental Servicemen Uk United Kingdom 17 17th 17th 17th Xvii 18th Century Britisch Britisch Circa 1600 Early 17th Century Early Xvii Century Mzprint Seventeeth Century


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This print captures a poignant moment in history, depicting Oliver Cromwell and his daughter Elizabeth Claypole during a crucial period of political turmoil. The image showcases Elizabeth lying on her sick-bed, beseeching her father to show leniency towards his political opponents. Rendered from an original print by James Stow, based on the work of Henry Tresham, this artwork was featured in Robert Bowyer's Historic Gallery between 1793 and 1806. It offers us a glimpse into the early 17th century England, where Cromwell served as a soldier and played a significant role in shaping the nation's destiny. The photograph is rich with symbolism and emotion. As we observe Elizabeth's frail form pleading with her father, we are reminded of the complexities that lie beneath historical figures' public personas. This intimate portrayal humanizes Cromwell and highlights the internal struggles he faced while navigating through turbulent times. The artist skillfully captures not only the physical likeness but also conveys the weight of responsibility borne by those who hold positions of power. The engraving technique adds depth to this historic scene, emphasizing its significance within our collective memory. Through this evocative photo print, we are transported back to an era when England stood at a crossroads between tradition and progress. It serves as a reminder that even amidst great upheaval, familial bonds can transcend politics and remind us of our shared humanity.

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