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"The Early XVII Century: A Glimpse into a World of Art, War, and Faith" Step back in time to the early XVII century, where art flourished and history unfolded. Immerse yourself in the captivating brushstrokes of "The Continence of Scipio, " a masterpiece by an unknown artist that depicts the noble virtues of self-control and honor. As you explore further, witness the chaos and bravery on display during the English Civil War with "Royalist cavalry at the Battle of Naseby. " This color lithograph transports you to a pivotal moment in history when loyalty clashed with revolution. Intrigue awaits as you encounter Charles I through a vibrant chromolithograph. Marvel at his regal presence while contemplating his tumultuous reign that ultimately led to his execution. Venture into realms beyond reality with "The Temptation of Saint Anthony. " Lose yourself in this oil painting's mystical allure as it delves into themes of temptation, spirituality, and inner struggle. Travel eastward to witness Alexander's triumph over Persia in "The Queens of Persia at the feet of Alexander. " This mesmerizing oil on canvas captures both power dynamics and cultural exchange between two ancient civilizations. Experience divine healing through Saint Luke's miraculous touch depicted in "Saint Luke healing the hydropic child. " Let faith guide your journey as this 17th-century painting reminds us that hope can be found even amidst suffering. Contemplate redemption through Mary Magdalene's penitent gaze portrayed in both "Penitent Magdalen" and "Saint Mary Magdalene penitent". These powerful oil paintings invite introspection about sin, forgiveness, and spiritual transformation. Transport yourself to grandeur with a detail from "The Entry of Louis XIV and Maria Theresa into Arras". This opulent oil on canvas showcases royal splendor during their triumphant visit to Arras—an event etched forever within the annals of history.