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Ewing Galloway Agents

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ewing galloway agents/portrait stewardess pointing
Portrait of stewardess pointing
ewing galloway agents/construction workers building house
Construction workers building house
ewing galloway agents/boy carving jack o lantern
Boy carving Jack-o-lantern
ewing galloway agents/family watching tv 1970s home
Family watching TV in 1970's home
ewing galloway agents/woman welding
Woman welding
ewing galloway agents/couple grilling barbecue
Couple grilling at the barbecue
ewing galloway agents/portrait mature man putting hat
Portrait of mature man putting on hat
ewing galloway agents/smiling girl tricycle
Smiling girl on tricycle
ewing galloway agents/portrait henry ford
Portrait of Henry Ford
ewing galloway agents/salesman showing paperwork mature couple
Salesman showing paperwork to mature couple
ewing galloway agents/woman grocery shopping
Woman grocery shopping
ewing galloway agents/little girl decorating christmas tree
Little girl decorating Christmas tree
ewing galloway agents/woman wearing hard hat gloves goggles
Woman wearing hard-hat, gloves and goggles
ewing galloway agents/vintage image teacher blackboard
Vintage image of teacher at blackboard
ewing galloway agents/pocket compass
Pocket compass
ewing galloway agents/portrait marie curie
Portrait of Marie Curie
ewing galloway agents/performers crossing highwire
Performers crossing highwire
ewing galloway agents/portrait carpenter waving holding hammer
Portrait of carpenter waving and holding hammer
ewing galloway agents/women sewing garment factory
Women sewing in garment factory
ewing galloway agents/couple sitting table outdoors
Couple sitting at a table outdoors
ewing galloway agents/marie curie
Marie Curie
ewing galloway agents/man tested lie detector
Man being tested by lie detector
ewing galloway agents/black white print woman taking notes
Black and white print of woman taking notes
ewing galloway agents/family going picnic
Family going on picnic
ewing galloway agents/housewife holding pointing detergent
Housewife holding and pointing to detergent
ewing galloway agents/portrait mature woman holding flowers
Portrait of mature woman holding flowers
ewing galloway agents/lady justice scales sword
Lady of justice with scales and sword
ewing galloway agents/teen girl sharing secret friend
Teen girl sharing a secret with her friend
ewing galloway agents/general stonewall jackson
General Stonewall Jackson
ewing galloway agents/men waiting bread line depression
Men waiting on bread line during the Depression
ewing galloway agents/city st judes school montgomery alabama
City of St Judes school, Montgomery, Alabama
ewing galloway agents/father gives mother present family watches
Father gives mother present and family watches
ewing galloway agents/pearl white actor movie perils pauline
Pearl White and actor in movie, Perils of Pauline
ewing galloway agents/portrait boy
Portrait of boy
ewing galloway agents/landing columbus
The Landing of Columbus
ewing galloway agents/boy peeking hole fence
Boy peeking through hole in fence
ewing galloway agents/vintage image camouflaged b 52
Vintage image of camouflaged B-52
ewing galloway agents/newspaper clipping
Newspaper clipping
ewing galloway agents/man checking car
Man checking a car
ewing galloway agents/boy baby chick
Boy with baby chick
ewing galloway agents/young woman using telephone
Young woman using telephone
ewing galloway agents/girl looking turkey dinner
Girl looking at turkey dinner
ewing galloway agents/young businessman yelling
Young businessman yelling out
ewing galloway agents/playful father daughter
Playful father and daughter
ewing galloway agents/man captain hat holding toy ship bathtub
Man in captain hat holding toy ship in bathtub
ewing galloway agents/portrait winston churchill
Portrait of Winston Churchill
ewing galloway agents/portrait chef moustache
Portrait of chef with moustache
ewing galloway agents/actor jesus passion play
Actor as Jesus in Passion Play
ewing galloway agents/young boys fighting sidewalk
Two young boys fighting on the sidewalk
ewing galloway agents/wright brothers 1903 flying machine north
Wright Brothers 1903 flying machine, North Carolina
ewing galloway agents/baseball umpire
Baseball umpire
ewing galloway agents/man looking binoculars
Man looking through binoculars
ewing galloway agents/excited man fish caught
Excited man with fish he caught
ewing galloway agents/uss akron dirigible lincoln memorial dc
USS Akron dirigible over the Lincoln Memorial, DC
ewing galloway agents/workers leaving ford factory dearborn michigan
Workers leaving Ford factory, Dearborn, Michigan
ewing galloway agents/worker pumping gas buick
Worker pumping gas into a Buick
ewing galloway agents/couples watching television
Three couples watching television together
ewing galloway agents/magician
ewing galloway agents/calcutta hindu beggar resting bed spikes
Calcutta, Hindu beggar resting on a bed of spikes
ewing galloway agents/lovesick teenage couple sitting carnival ride
Lovesick teenage couple sitting in carnival ride, 1950s-60s
ewing galloway agents/couple picnic basket ball walking beach
Couple with picnic basket and ball walking on beach
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait bride showing veil
Vintage portrait of a bride showing her veil
ewing galloway agents/couple walking beach
Couple from behind walking on beach
ewing galloway agents/men waiting bread line new york
Men waiting on a bread line, New York
ewing galloway agents/man eating hotdog
Man eating hotdog
ewing galloway agents/silhouetted farmer horses field
Silhouetted farmer and horses in field
ewing galloway agents/pupils teacher one room schoolhouse kentucky
Pupils and teacher in one-room schoolhouse, Kentucky
ewing galloway agents/service man replacing air car tire
Service man replacing air in car tire
ewing galloway agents/woman bowling
Woman bowling
ewing galloway agents/edna st vincent millay american poet
Edna St Vincent Millay, American poet
ewing galloway agents/workman process making newspaper plate
Workman in process of making newspaper plate
ewing galloway agents/couple eating frankfurters outdoors
Couple eating frankfurters outdoors
ewing galloway agents/boys building treehouse
Two boys building a treehouse
ewing galloway agents/jonathan swift english satirist clergyman
Jonathan Swift, English satirist and clergyman
ewing galloway agents/processing immigrants ellis island new york
Processing of immigrants, Ellis Island, New York City
ewing galloway agents/return prodigal son painting rembrandt
Return of the Prodigal Son painting by Rembrandt
ewing galloway agents/women working international switchboard
Women working at an international switchboard
ewing galloway agents/jail
ewing galloway agents/young couple running park
Young couple running in the park
ewing galloway agents/united states arm infantry marching parade june 1942
United States Arm Infantry marching in parade, June 1942, New York City
ewing galloway agents/milkman delivering milk door door
Milkman delivering milk door to door
ewing galloway agents/detective overcoat hat taking notes
Detective in an overcoat and hat taking notes
ewing galloway agents/assortment italian foods
Assortment of Italian foods
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait bride throwing bouquet
Vintage portrait of a bride throwing her bouquet
ewing galloway agents/man selling apples depression
Man selling apples during the Depression
ewing galloway agents/1930 cars long beach road long beach new york
1930 cars, Long Beach Road, Long Beach, New York
ewing galloway agents/human skeleton
Human skeleton
ewing galloway agents/ludwig von beethoven german composer
Ludwig von Beethoven, German composer
ewing galloway agents/man fishing ocean beach black white
Man fishing in ocean from beach, black and white
ewing galloway agents/couple convertible car
Couple in convertible car
ewing galloway agents/depression era bread line new york city
Depression era bread line, New York City
ewing galloway agents/richard lionhearted leaving crusade
Richard the Lionhearted leaving for third crusade
ewing galloway agents/fat businessman laughing vintage
Fat businessman, laughing, vintage
ewing galloway agents/portrait thomas edison sitting desk
Portrait of Thomas A Edison sitting at his desk
ewing galloway agents/clara schumann wife robert schumann
Clara Schumann, wife of Robert Schumann
ewing galloway agents/woman playing guitar boyfriend park
Woman playing guitar for boyfriend in the park
ewing galloway agents/tailor cutting pattern suit
Tailor cutting out pattern for suit
ewing galloway agents/vintage studio portrait woman walking
Vintage studio portrait of woman walking
ewing galloway agents/sailboat


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