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Ewing Galloway Agents

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ewing galloway agents/train conductor giving paper train engineer
Train conductor giving paper to train engineer
ewing galloway agents/tailor measuring mans pants
Tailor measuring mans pants
ewing galloway agents/couple enjoying carriage ride
Couple enjoying a carriage ride
ewing galloway agents/teen boy gesturing ok hand
Teen boy gesturing OK with hand
ewing galloway agents/popcorn
ewing galloway agents/man bowling
Man bowling
ewing galloway agents/black white men field looking photos new york
Black and white of men by field looking at photos of New York City
ewing galloway agents/woman taking medicine cabinet
Woman taking medicine in front of cabinet
ewing galloway agents/young man shouting megaphone 1950s 60s black
Young man shouting into megaphone, 1950s-60s black and white
ewing galloway agents/teenagers dancing
Teenagers dancing
ewing galloway agents/chimpanzee using typewriter black white
Chimpanzee using typewriter, black and white
ewing galloway agents/harold lloyd actress high dizzy 1920
Harold Lloyd and actress in High And Dizzy, 1920
ewing galloway agents/vintage image teenage girls telephone
Vintage image of teenage girls on telephone
ewing galloway agents/woman string finger remembering
Woman with string on her finger for remembering
ewing galloway agents/vintage image woman applying make up
Vintage image of woman applying make-up
ewing galloway agents/samuel taylor coleridge english poet
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet
ewing galloway agents/boy standing teachers desk class 1950 60s
Boy standing next to teachers desk at front of class, 1950-60s
ewing galloway agents/salmon processing plant seattle washington
Salmon processing plant, Seattle, Washington
ewing galloway agents/father spanking son
Father spanking son
ewing galloway agents/copernicus astronomer
Copernicus, astronomer
ewing galloway agents/woman winter coat hat walks snow
Woman in winter coat and hat walks in the snow
ewing galloway agents/teenager listening music vintage
Teenager listening to music, vintage
ewing galloway agents/vintage image people swimming pool
Vintage image of people at a swimming pool
ewing galloway agents/couple dancing party
Couple dancing at a party
ewing galloway agents/cars lining petrol petrol station 1950s 60s
Cars lining up to get petrol from petrol station, 1950s-60s, black and white
ewing galloway agents/woman man standing swimming pool
Woman and man standing by swimming pool
ewing galloway agents/portrait gandi
Portrait of Gandi
ewing galloway agents/passionate politician speaking podium
Passionate politician speaking on podium
ewing galloway agents/1913 suffragette parade fifth avenue new york city
1913 Suffragette Parade, Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York
ewing galloway agents/children running shoreline beach sailboats distance
Children running along shoreline of beach, sailboats in distance, (B&W)
ewing galloway agents/girl party bob apples
Girl at a party about to bob for apples
ewing galloway agents/woman turning radio
Woman turning on radio
ewing galloway agents/times square new york
Times Square, New York
ewing galloway agents/portrait pharmacist
Portrait of a pharmacist
ewing galloway agents/vintage image auto race
Vintage image of auto in race
ewing galloway agents/henry ford first automobile
Henry Ford in his first automobile
ewing galloway agents/couple lying beach towel listening radio
Couple lying on a beach towel listening to a radio
ewing galloway agents/illustration colonial mail service
Illustration of colonial mail service
ewing galloway agents/house wife vintage
House wife, vintage
ewing galloway agents/runners finish line
Three runners at the finish line
ewing galloway agents/black white portrait man typing
black and white portrait of man typing
ewing galloway agents/housewife doing laundry
Housewife doing laundry
ewing galloway agents/farmer steering plow pulled bulls
Farmer steering plow pulled by two bulls
ewing galloway agents/man woman dancing
Man and woman dancing
ewing galloway agents/historic portrait policeman blowing whistle 1950 60s
Historic portrait of policeman blowing a whistle, 1950-60s black and white
ewing galloway agents/mr edison dr charles p steinmetz lab
Mr Edison and Dr Charles P Steinmetz in lab
ewing galloway agents/illustration knight bidding lady farewell
Illustration - Knight bidding lady farewell
ewing galloway agents/teenage couple sharing soda malt shop
Teenage couple sharing soda at malt shop
ewing galloway agents/happy couple riding horses carousel
Happy couple riding horses on a carousel
ewing galloway agents/teenage couple sharing ice cream soda
Teenage couple sharing an ice cream soda
ewing galloway agents/young couple formal wear dancing
Young couple in formal wear dancing
ewing galloway agents/illustration coronation charlemagne
Illustration of the Coronation of Charlemagne
ewing galloway agents/hindenburg lakehurst new jersey
Hindenburg, Lakehurst, New Jersey
ewing galloway agents/businessman wrapped red tape
Businessman wrapped in red tape
ewing galloway agents/children exchanging notes class 1950s 60s
Children exchanging notes during class, 1950s-60s
ewing galloway agents/duke wellington 1769 1852
Duke of Wellington 1769-1852
ewing galloway agents/batter home base catcher umpire
Batter at home base with catcher and umpire
ewing galloway agents/track runners competing race
Three track runners competing in race
ewing galloway agents/boy riding toy rocket
Boy riding toy rocket
ewing galloway agents/vintage image television home
Vintage image of television in home
ewing galloway agents/vintage image woman posing television
Vintage image of woman posing with television
ewing galloway agents/vintage image family watching television
Vintage image of family watching television
ewing galloway agents/boys playing chess
Boys playing chess
ewing galloway agents/woman looking wallet
Woman looking into empty wallet
ewing galloway agents/female contortionist performing
Female contortionist performing
ewing galloway agents/newspaper photographer flashbulb camera
Newspaper photographer with flashbulb camera
ewing galloway agents/daytona 500 daytona intl speedway fl
Daytona 500, Daytona Intl Speedway, FL
ewing galloway agents/woman holding hands surprise
Woman holding her hands up in surprise
ewing galloway agents/vintage outdoor portrait surfing couple
Vintage outdoor portrait of surfing couple
ewing galloway agents/man playing guitar girlfriend outdoors
Man playing guitar for his girlfriend outdoors
ewing galloway agents/fishermen unloading fresh catch salmon
Fishermen unloading a fresh catch of salmon
ewing galloway agents/frederick chopin composer
Frederick Chopin, composer
ewing galloway agents/school telephone line men california
A school for telephone line men, California
ewing galloway agents/couples car
Three couples by a car
ewing galloway agents/portrait woman bicycle
Portrait of a woman with a bicycle
ewing galloway agents/man opening wallet
Man opening empty wallet
ewing galloway agents/people dancing backyard party
People dancing at a backyard party
ewing galloway agents/woman working counter general store
Woman working behind counter of general store
ewing galloway agents/couples dancing outside patio
Three couples dancing outside on patio
ewing galloway agents/teenagers dancing jukebox
Teenagers dancing in front of jukebox
ewing galloway agents/marco polo received khans summer palace
Marco Polo being received at Khans summer palace
ewing galloway agents/family watching television
Family watching television
ewing galloway agents/chef stirring soup large pot stove
Chef stirring soup in large pot on stove
ewing galloway agents/woman gifts snow
Woman with gifts in snow
ewing galloway agents/homemaker tasting food cooking pot
Homemaker tasting food from cooking pot
ewing galloway agents/scale
ewing galloway agents/variety audio visual items
Variety of audio/visual items
ewing galloway agents/surprised woman reading newspaper
Surprised woman reading newspaper
ewing galloway agents/cervantes spanish author
Cervantes, Spanish author
ewing galloway agents/businessman blindfolded
Businessman blindfolded
ewing galloway agents/auto race mineola long island new york
Auto race at Mineola, Long Island, New York
ewing galloway agents/man sign showing job openings
Man in front of sign showing no job openings
ewing galloway agents/teen girl gesturing ok hand
Teen girl gesturing OK with hand
ewing galloway agents/teacher student looking globe
Teacher with student looking at globe
ewing galloway agents/chef tasting soup
Chef tasting his soup
ewing galloway agents/vintage radio
Vintage radio
ewing galloway agents/man woman playing tennis
Man and woman playing tennis
ewing galloway agents/historic portrait green grocer
Historic portrait of green grocer
ewing galloway agents/college couple campus 1980s
College couple on campus from the 1980s


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