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Ewing Galloway Agents

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ewing galloway agents/portrait baby
Portrait of baby
ewing galloway agents/working husband businessman vintage
Working Husband, businessman, vintage
ewing galloway agents/cheerleader pom poms jumps air
Cheerleader with pom-poms jumps in the air
ewing galloway agents/sir isaac newton
Sir Isaac Newton
ewing galloway agents/guglielmo marconi demonstrating wireless
Guglielmo Marconi demonstrating wireless
ewing galloway agents/little boy carrying crying brother back alabama
Little boy carrying crying brother on his back, Alabama
ewing galloway agents/man doghouse
Man in doghouse
ewing galloway agents/woman looking watch standing near luggages
Woman looking at watch standing near luggages
ewing galloway agents/couple kissing amusement park ride
Couple kissing on amusement park ride
ewing galloway agents/french suit armor circa 1527
French suit of armor, circa 1527
ewing galloway agents/close up broom sweeping dirt
Close-up of a broom sweeping up dirt
ewing galloway agents/vintage couple shopping television
Vintage couple shopping for a television
ewing galloway agents/miner holding piece coal coaldale pennsylvania
Miner holding piece of coal, Coaldale, Pennsylvania
ewing galloway agents/martin luther king jr
Martin Luther King JR
ewing galloway agents/women boarding airplane
Women boarding airplane
ewing galloway agents/microscope
ewing galloway agents/corner new wall streets new york city
Corner of New and Wall Streets, New York City
ewing galloway agents/portrait parents children
Portrait of parents with children
ewing galloway agents/couples having cocktails
Three couples having cocktails
ewing galloway agents/golden gate bridge 1950 california
Golden Gate Bridge 1950, California
ewing galloway agents/boys girls fixing fort outside house
Boys and girls fixing a fort outside their house
ewing galloway agents/couple taking break playing golf
Couple taking a break from playing golf
ewing galloway agents/salesman selling couple
Salesman selling something to a couple
ewing galloway agents/portrait couple dancing outdoors
Portrait of a couple dancing outdoors
ewing galloway agents/family portrait
Family Portrait
ewing galloway agents/exuberant woman raised rolling pin
Exuberant woman with raised rolling pin
ewing galloway agents/soda jerk holding ice cream cone 1960s
Soda jerk holding ice cream cone, 1960s
ewing galloway agents/portrait workman numbering finished plate
portrait of workman numbering finished plate
ewing galloway agents/young couple smiling looking
Young couple smiling and looking at each other
ewing galloway agents/treasure chest
Treasure chest
ewing galloway agents/johnny carson american entertainer
Johnny Carson, American entertainer
ewing galloway agents/worker adding oil car
Worker adding oil to car
ewing galloway agents/fortuneteller crystal ball
Fortuneteller and his crystal ball
ewing galloway agents/charlie chaplin jackie coogan kid
Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid
ewing galloway agents/portrait woman bundled up blowing hands
Portrait of woman bundled up, blowing on her hands
ewing galloway agents/couple running barefoot park
Couple running barefoot in park
ewing galloway agents/woman sad expression hung laundry
Woman with sad expression by hung laundry
ewing galloway agents/people looking store window christmas
People looking at store window during Christmas
ewing galloway agents/people theatre watching movie
People in theatre watching movie
ewing galloway agents/worker pumping gas
Worker pumping gas
ewing galloway agents/united nations building new york city new york
United Nations Building, New York City, New York
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait adolescent schoolgirl
Vintage portrait of an adolescent schoolgirl
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait newlyweds smiling
Vintage portrait of newlyweds smiling
ewing galloway agents/close up bonded whiskey barrels
Close-up of bonded whiskey barrels
ewing galloway agents/men driving stagecoach
Two men driving a stagecoach
ewing galloway agents/teacher looking window
Teacher looking at window
ewing galloway agents/teen girl looking surprised
Teen girl looking surprised
ewing galloway agents/portrait sea captain
portrait of a sea captain
ewing galloway agents/railroad crossing bridge niagara falls new york
Railroad crossing bridge, Niagara Falls, New York
ewing galloway agents/illustration declaration independence
Illustration of Declaration of Independence
ewing galloway agents/vintage family portrait
Vintage family portrait
ewing galloway agents/frightened woman hands head
Frightened woman with hands on head
ewing galloway agents/joseph addison poet essayist
Joseph Addison, poet and essayist
ewing galloway agents/woman handing man record disk
Woman handing man record disk
ewing galloway agents/dentist working young boys teeth
Dentist working on young boys teeth
ewing galloway agents/engraving thomas jefferson
Engraving of Thomas Jefferson
ewing galloway agents/daniel boone american frontiersman
Daniel Boone, American frontiersman
ewing galloway agents/family gathered television 1950 60s black white
Family gathered around the television, 1950-60s, black and white
ewing galloway agents/worker adding auto oil car
Worker adding the auto oil to car
ewing galloway agents/bride groom walking rice good luck
Bride and groom walking through rice for good luck
ewing galloway agents/portrait president dwight eisenhower
Portrait of former president Dwight Eisenhower
ewing galloway agents/man dressed private detective
Man dressed up as private detective
ewing galloway agents/family having dinner
Family having dinner
ewing galloway agents/woman sampling mans cooking
Woman sampling mans cooking
ewing galloway agents/young men suits singing
Young men in suits singing
ewing galloway agents/telephone operator working switchboard
Telephone operator working at switchboard
ewing galloway agents/historic shot couple sharing ice cream soda malt
Historic shot of couple sharing ice cream soda at malt shop
ewing galloway agents/couple forehead
Couple with forehead against each other
ewing galloway agents/meeting united nations building new york
Meeting, United Nations Building, New York
ewing galloway agents/family reading
Family reading by the fire
ewing galloway agents/illustration richard i leaving crusades
Illustration - Richard I leaving for crusades
ewing galloway agents/boxer throws punches opponent rings
Boxer throws punches at opponent against the rings
ewing galloway agents/businesswoman server room
Businesswoman in server room
ewing galloway agents/drive in restaurant
Drive-in restaurant
ewing galloway agents/woman surprised look
Woman with surprised look
ewing galloway agents/printer server room
Printer and server room
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait proud man wearing suit
Vintage portrait of a proud man wearing a suit
ewing galloway agents/little girl whispering sisters ear
Little girl whispering into sisters ear
ewing galloway agents/housewife serving dinner
Housewife serving dinner
ewing galloway agents/man shot cannon
Man being shot out of cannon
ewing galloway agents/woman falling stairs
Woman after falling down the stairs
ewing galloway agents/portrait man carrying telegrams
Portrait of a man carrying telegrams
ewing galloway agents/teacher addressing students classroom
Teacher addressing students in classroom
ewing galloway agents/magic lamp smoke genie goes free
Magic lamp with smoke, genie goes free
ewing galloway agents/woman putting coin piggy bank
Woman putting coin in a piggy bank
ewing galloway agents/couple drinking diner
Couple drinking in a diner
ewing galloway agents/model t ford
Model T Ford
ewing galloway agents/native man looking mask stick
Native man looking at a mask on a stick
ewing galloway agents/birthday cake
Birthday cake
ewing galloway agents/couples walking beach
Two couples walking on beach
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait bride smiling
Vintage portrait of bride smiling
ewing galloway agents/portrait physician
Portrait of physician
ewing galloway agents/man coy expression
Man with coy expression
ewing galloway agents/man putting card bundy clock
Man putting card into bundy clock
ewing galloway agents/vintage image refrigerator door open
Vintage image of refrigerator with door open
ewing galloway agents/baseball game playing television
Baseball game playing on television
ewing galloway agents/businessman caught pants
Businessman caught with his pants down
ewing galloway agents/homemaker serving dinner
Homemaker serving dinner
ewing galloway agents/mature couple embracing
Mature couple embracing


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