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Ewing Galloway Agents

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ewing galloway agents/mother daughter supermarket
Mother and daughter in supermarket
ewing galloway agents/man woman wedding
Man and woman at wedding
ewing galloway agents/woman holding blank sheet paper
Woman holding up blank sheet of paper
ewing galloway agents/internationally labeled telephone
Detail of internationally labeled telephone
ewing galloway agents/portrait teacher sitting desk 1950s black white
Portrait of teacher sitting at desk, 1950s, black and white
ewing galloway agents/little boy dog sitting little jeep
Little boy with dog sitting in a little Jeep
ewing galloway agents/charles v emperor holy roman empire
Charles V, Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire
ewing galloway agents/portrait surprised man hand head
Portrait of surprised man with hand on head
ewing galloway agents/housefly
ewing galloway agents/novelist ernest hemingway
Novelist Ernest Hemingway
ewing galloway agents/shocked woman telephone
Shocked woman on telephone
ewing galloway agents/close up female hand holding stack envelopes
Close-up of female hand holding stack of envelopes
ewing galloway agents/women sitting sofa looking letter
Three women sitting on sofa looking at letter
ewing galloway agents/man fishing shore ocean
Man fishing from shore of ocean
ewing galloway agents/portrait grocer
Portrait of grocer
ewing galloway agents/couple corvette looking
Couple in Corvette looking back
ewing galloway agents/tapping message western union telegraph
Tapping message on Western Union Telegraph
ewing galloway agents/gandhi speaking large crowd
Gandhi speaking in front of large crowd
ewing galloway agents/farmer horses field
Farmer and horses on field
ewing galloway agents/historic portrait woman holding basket fresh vegetables
Historic portrait of woman holding a basket of fresh vegetables, black and white
ewing galloway agents/couple sitting table restaurant
Couple sitting at a table in a restaurant
ewing galloway agents/miners underground coal train cars
Miners in underground coal train cars
ewing galloway agents/portrait boy distributing newspapers
portrait of a boy distributing newspapers
ewing galloway agents/female war worker pausing work
Female war worker pausing during work
ewing galloway agents/students gathered high school library
Students gathered at high school library
ewing galloway agents/couple sharing ice cream soda malt shop
Couple sharing ice cream soda at malt shop
ewing galloway agents/catherine great russia
Catherine the Great of Russia
ewing galloway agents/boy w surprised expression
Boy w surprised expression
ewing galloway agents/indoor portrait woman hands hips
Indoor portrait of woman with her hands on her hips
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait young man smiling
Vintage portrait of a young man smiling
ewing galloway agents/couple looking magazine
Couple looking at a magazine together
ewing galloway agents/daniel webster american politician
Daniel Webster, American politician
ewing galloway agents/illustration richard i army nearing jerusale
Illustration - Richard I and army nearing Jerusale
ewing galloway agents/portrait couple formal wear
Portrait of couple in formal wear
ewing galloway agents/women shopping grocery store
Women shopping in grocery store
ewing galloway agents/portrait ship captain
Portrait of a ship captain
ewing galloway agents/woman vintage bathing suit
Woman in vintage bathing suit
ewing galloway agents/sailboats docked marthas vineyard massachusetts
Sailboats docked, Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts
ewing galloway agents/close up woman washing clothes washboard
Close-up of woman washing clothes on washboard
ewing galloway agents/boy girl watching cowboy television
Boy and girl watching cowboy on television
ewing galloway agents/karloff frankensteins monster 1931
Karloff as Frankensteins monster, 1931
ewing galloway agents/man holding rope shouting
Man holding onto rope and shouting
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait young man
Vintage portrait of a young man
ewing galloway agents/unisphere 1961 new york worlds fair
Unisphere at 1961 New York Worlds Fair
ewing galloway agents/homemaker making butter
Homemaker making butter
ewing galloway agents/engraving ulysses s grant
Engraving of Ulysses S Grant
ewing galloway agents/mature adult couple playing game checkers
Mature adult couple playing game of checkers
ewing galloway agents/sir winston spencer churchill
Sir Winston Spencer Churchill
ewing galloway agents/couple sharing milk shake
Couple sharing milk shake
ewing galloway agents/woman shopping refrigerator
Woman shopping for refrigerator
ewing galloway agents/portrait teacher classroom
Portrait of teacher in classroom
ewing galloway agents/black white vintage print woman kitchen
Black and white vintage print of a woman in the kitchen
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait teen girl brushing teeth
Vintage portrait of a teen girl brushing her teeth
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait teen girl brushing hair
Vintage portrait of a teen girl brushing her hair
ewing galloway agents/hoover dam 1936 arizona nevada
Hoover Dam 1936, Arizona, Nevada
ewing galloway agents/mature man glasses looking shocked
Mature man with glasses looking shocked
ewing galloway agents/vintage photo infant screaming phone
Vintage photo of infant screaming with phone
ewing galloway agents/boy dreaming santa claus
Boy dreaming of Santa Claus
ewing galloway agents/crew deck ship storm
Crew on deck of ship during storm
ewing galloway agents/united nations general assembly new york
United Nations General Assembly, New York
ewing galloway agents/young woman looking surprised
Young woman looking surprised
ewing galloway agents/vintage portrait woman
Vintage portrait of woman
ewing galloway agents/father yelling family living room
Father yelling at family in living room
ewing galloway agents/husband mows lawn wife plays children
Husband mows the lawn and wife plays with children
ewing galloway agents/john j audubon american naturalist
John J Audubon, American naturalist
ewing galloway agents/louis pasteur french chemist
Louis Pasteur, French chemist
ewing galloway agents/oil gusher oklahoma city oklahoma
Oil gusher in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ewing galloway agents/office woman opening mail
Office woman opening up mail
ewing galloway agents/charles lindberghs spirit st louis
Charles Lindberghs Spirit of St Louis
ewing galloway agents/crossing guard school girl
Crossing guard and school girl
ewing galloway agents/service attendant cleaning car window
Service attendant cleaning car window
ewing galloway agents/belt line horse cars circa 1917 new york city
Belt Line horse cars, circa 1917, New York City
ewing galloway agents/completion union pacific railroad ut
Completion of the Union Pacific Railroad, UT
ewing galloway agents/woman holding hands horror
Woman holding her hands up in horror
ewing galloway agents/teen girls talking phone
Teen girls talking on a phone
ewing galloway agents/marie antoinette
Marie Antoinette
ewing galloway agents/portrait bride
Portrait of bride
ewing galloway agents/portrait school children
Portrait of three school children
ewing galloway agents/close up mans hands resting holy bible
Close-up man's hands resting on Holy Bible
ewing galloway agents/fire alarm bell
Fire alarm bell
ewing galloway agents/rear view farmer using disc harrow norfolk new york
Rear view of farmer using a disc harrow, Norfolk, New York, USA, black and white
ewing galloway agents/portrait woman sitting wheel car
Portrait of woman sitting behind wheel of car
ewing galloway agents/congested automobile traffic
Congested automobile traffic
ewing galloway agents/historic portrait airline stewardess clipboard pencil
Historic portrait of airline stewardess with clipboard and pencil, 1950-60s
ewing galloway agents/amelia earhart control panel test flight
Amelia Earhart at control panel before test flight
ewing galloway agents/young boy riding merry go round
Young boy riding on merry-go-round
ewing galloway agents/woman leotard exercising 1980s
Woman in leotard exercising during the 1980s
ewing galloway agents/madam marie curie lab
Madam Marie Curie in lab
ewing galloway agents/father fixing flat tire ford
Father fixing flat tire on Ford
ewing galloway agents/thomas edison dr chas steinmetz
Thomas Edison and Dr Chas Steinmetz
ewing galloway agents/portrait bartender holding drink
Portrait of a bartender holding a drink
ewing galloway agents/gas station attendant standing station
Gas station attendant standing in front of station
ewing galloway agents/portrait marie curie office
Portrait of Marie Curie in her office
ewing galloway agents/teller helping woman check savings bank
Teller helping woman check savings at bank
ewing galloway agents/portrait winking chef
Portrait of winking chef
ewing galloway agents/close up young boy playing marbles dirt
Close-up of young boy playing marbles in the dirt
ewing galloway agents/baby wearing eyeglasses holding paper
Baby wearing eyeglasses and holding paper
ewing galloway agents/mature women talking outdoors
Two mature women talking outdoors
ewing galloway agents/woman shopping small appliances
Woman shopping for small appliances


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