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Photographic Print : The auxiliary sailing ship Sunbeam, 1911. Creator: Kirk & Sons of Cowes

The auxiliary sailing ship Sunbeam, 1911. Creator: Kirk & Sons of Cowes

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The auxiliary sailing ship Sunbeam, 1911. Creator: Kirk & Sons of Cowes

The auxiliary sailing ship Sunbeam, 1911. The 565-ton three-masted schooner was owned by Lord Brassey who had her built in 1874

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Arthur Henry Arthur Henry Kirk Auxiliary Barquentine Cowes Cutter Edgar Wp Edgar Wp Kirk Isle Of Wight Kirk Kirk Sons Of Kirk Sons Of Cowes Sunbeam Vessel William Umpleby William Umpleby Kirk Brassey

10"x8" Photo Print

Bring the rich maritime history of the past into your present with our exquisite photographic print from Media Storehouse. This stunning image captures the grace and elegance of the auxiliary sailing ship Sunbeam, built in 1874 and owned by Lord Brassey. The 565-ton three-masted schooner Sunbeam, as seen in this 1911 photograph by Kirk & Sons of Cowes, is a testament to the golden age of sailing. Add this captivating print to your home or office décor and let the story of the Sunbeam be a constant reminder of the beauty and history of the sea.

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The Auxiliary Sailing Ship Sunbeam, 1911 - A Majestic Testament to Lord Brassey's Love for the Sea

. This print showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of the auxiliary sailing ship Sunbeam. Created by Kirk & Sons of Cowes in 1911, this magnificent vessel was a testament to Lord Brassey's deep passion for sailing. With a weight of 565 tons and three masts, this barquentine schooner was originally commissioned by Lord Brassey back in 1874. The image transports us back in time to an era when sailboats ruled the seas with their graceful presence. The monochrome tones add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to this remarkable piece of maritime history. As we gaze upon it, we can almost feel the wind gently caressing our faces as we imagine ourselves aboard this majestic ship. Located on England's Isle of Wight, Cowes served as both homeport and inspiration for Kirk & Sons' craftsmanship. The skilled hands behind its creation include Arthur Henry Kirk, Edgar WP Kirk, William Umpleby Kirk - all renowned names associated with excellence in shipbuilding during that period. Lord Brassey's love affair with sailing is palpable through every detail captured within this photograph - from the meticulously designed sails billowing against the sky to the sturdy hull cutting through crystal-clear waters. It symbolizes not only his personal connection with nature but also his dedication to advancing transportation at sea. As we admire this historic masterpiece frozen in time, let us appreciate how it represents more than just a vessel; it embodies adventure, exploration, and a profound respect for our planet’s waterways. This print serves as a reminder that even today – over a century later – ships like Sunbeam continue to inspire generations with their timeless allure and unwavering spirit on oceans worldwide.

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