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A collection of Waldeck's original artwork of Mesoamerica, Box 20 of 22, 1831 (print)

A collection of Waldeck's original artwork of Mesoamerica, Box 20 of 22, 1831 (print)

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A collection of Waldeck's original artwork of Mesoamerica, Box 20 of 22, 1831 (print)

3672914 A collection of Waldeck's original artwork of Mesoamerica, Box 20 of 22, 1831 (print) by Waldeck, Johann Friedrich Maximilian von (1766-1875); Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, USA; ( Relief depicting a priest with offerings from the Sanctuary of the Temple of the Sun, Palenque
by Waldeck, Jean-Frederick); © Newberry Library

Media ID 33088580

© © Newberry Library / Bridgeman Images

19e Siecle 19th Century Americae American Native Indians Amerindian Bas Relief Bas Reliefs Belief Central America Devotion Faith Indigenous Indigenous People Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas Indigineous Inhabitant Low Relief Maya Maya Empire Mayan Mesoamerican Civilization Mexican Mexicans Mexico Mexico Mexican Native America Native American Native American Indian Native American Indians Native Americans Native North Americans Native People North American Indian Offered Offering Piety Sun Light Sun Rays Sunbeams Sunlight Sunny Sunrays Suns Sunshine Worship Worshipper Worshippers Worshipping Natives Pagan Paganism Pagans Poeple Polytheism Polytheist Religious Orders Religious Role


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This print showcases a remarkable collection of original artwork by Waldeck, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Mesoamerica. Housed in Box 20 of 22 at the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois, this print transports us back to the year 1831. The artwork depicted in this image is a relief created by Waldeck himself and portrays a priest with offerings from the Sanctuary of the Temple of the Sun in Palenque. The intricate details and masterful craftsmanship highlight both the artistic prowess and religious significance present within Mesoamerican culture. As we observe this piece, we are reminded of the profound role that priests played within their communities. Their devotion to worship and their deep piety were central to religious orders and indigenous belief systems. This artwork serves as a testament to their unwavering faith and dedication. Through this photo print, we gain insight into Native American traditions and customs that have shaped Central America's history for centuries. It allows us to appreciate not only the beauty found within these works of art but also their cultural importance as symbols of identity for native peoples across America. Bridgeman Images has expertly captured this extraordinary piece from Fine Art Finder, ensuring its preservation for generations to come. As we explore this photograph, let us marvel at its historical significance while acknowledging its power to connect us with our shared human experience through art.

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