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Cattle on their way to Tamatave, Madagascar, 1864. Creator: Mason Jackson

Cattle on their way to Tamatave, Madagascar, 1864. Creator: Mason Jackson

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Cattle on their way to Tamatave, Madagascar, 1864. Creator: Mason Jackson

Cattle on their way to Tamatave, Madagascar, 1864. Madagascar...does a considerable trade in live beef...It exports 30, 000 head of cattle in a year...The ox is there commonly represented by the variety called "zebu", or the Indian ox (bos Indicus)...These cattle are driven from the highlands of Ankova, down the steep passes of Angavo, across the river Mangoro, to the plains of Ankay, where they are allowed to recruit themselves on a magnificent pasturage before traversing the dense forests of Analamazastra. It is interesting, though rather inconvenient, to meet one of these vast herds in some of the precipitous watercourses or ravines, which in many places form the only path. Some of these places are so steep that the marmittes, or herdsmen, have to force the cattle, one ox after another, over the edge, where they slip and slide, and tumble and roll, and so reach the bottom somehow. In some places there are regular slides over the sticky clay, only interrupted by the deep holes made by the animals feet when they pull themselves up by sticking their hoofs well into the soft mud'. From "Illustrated London News", 1864

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This print by Mason Jackson captures a moment in 1864 when a herd of cattle was on their way to Tamatave, Madagascar. The image provides a glimpse into the bustling trade of live beef in Madagascar during that time, with the country exporting an impressive 30,000 head of cattle annually. The cattle in the photograph are described as "zebu", or Indian ox (bos Indicus), commonly found in Madagascar. They are seen making their way from the highlands of Ankova down to the plains of Ankay, crossing rivers and traversing dense forests along the journey. One can imagine the challenges faced by both the herdsmen and the cattle as they navigate steep passes and watercourses on their way to their destination. The description provided alongside this print paints a vivid picture of how these majestic animals maneuver through difficult terrain, slipping and sliding over sticky clay and deep holes made by their hooves. Overall, this historical snapshot offers a fascinating insight into the livestock trade industry in Madagascar during that era, showcasing not only the beauty but also the resilience of these magnificent creatures on their journey to Tamatave.

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