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Madagascar in Africa

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Map of Africa illustrating travels of explorers Featured Madagascar Image

Map of Africa illustrating travels of explorers

A map of Africa which illustrates the travels of the explorers Livingstone, Stanley and Cameron

© Mary Evans Picture Library 2015 -

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Angraecum sesquipedale, Madagascan orchid Featured Madagascar Image

Angraecum sesquipedale, Madagascan orchid

This species of orchid was used by Darwin to prove his theories of evolution. Illustration from The British Museum (Natural History) by Peter Whitehead and Colin Keates, 1981

© Mary Evans Picture Library 2015 -

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African Native People, lithograph, published in 1897 Featured Madagascar Image

African Native People, lithograph, published in 1897

African Native People: 1 - 2) Mpongwe people from Gabun; 3) Arab from Morocco; 4) Arab from the southern Tunisia; 5) Fellah; 6 - 7) Copts; 8) Koto from Niger; 9) Fang people; 10) Berber (Dachelaner); 11) Fur people; 12) Nubian; 13) Congolese people; 14) Zulu people; 15) Bagirmi boy; 16) Mangbetu (Monbuttu); 17) Zande people (Niam-Niam); 18) Madi people (Schuli); 19 - 20) Abyssinian people; 21 - 22) Khoikhoi (formerly derogatory named as Hottentots); 23) Batswana girl (Betschuan); 24) Aka people; 25 - 26) San people (Bushmen); 27) Sakalava people from Madagascar; 28) Swahili people from Zanzibar (Tanzania); 29 - 30) Somalis. Lithograph after a drawing by Gustav MAOEtzel (German painter, 1839 - 1893), published in 1897