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Madagascar in Africa

Angraecum sesquipedale, Madagascan orchid
Avenue of the Baobabs (UNESCO World Heritage site), Madagascar
Geochelone radiata, radiated tortoise
Madagascar - A Group of Betsileo Women
Gromphadorhina portentosa, hissing cockroach
Madagascar pitcher plant (Nepenthes madagascariensis), a carnivorous plant that produces impressive pitchers that catch
Ranavalona Iii / Ils 1896
Aye-aye engraving 1895
Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox)
Chameleon, Madagascar, Africa
Allee de Baobab (Adansonia), at sunrise, western area, Madagascar, Africa
Total lunar eclipse of the sun on September 1st 2016, Tamatave, eastern Madagascar
Howling Indri lemur (Indri indri), Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Andasibe, central area
Walking Stick / Stick Insect
indri (Indri indri) portrait in eastern Madagascar, Palmarium Reserve, Africa
Lemur sifaka diadema (Propithecus diadema) in Andasibe Mantadia National Park, Madagascar
Miles M.65 Gemini 1A G-AKHO
A stream flowing in Masoala primary forest, north eastern madagascar
black lemur (Eulemur macaco) in Palmarium reserve, Eastern Madagascar
Black and white ruffed lemur (varecia variegata) in Eastern Madagascar
Red hybrid between eulemur macaco e Eulemur coronatus in Palmarium reserve, Madagascar
Indri (indri indri) in a primary forest in eastern Madagascar, africa
Sifaka diadema (Propithecus diadema) in Andasibe Mantadia National Park
Baobab Trees at Dusk (UNESCO World Heritage site), Madgascar
Star-filled Sky over Baobab Trees, (UNESCO World Heritage site), Madagascar
Girl Gathering Water with Baobab Trees at Sunset (UNESCO World Heritage site), Madagascar
Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta), Madagascar
Cloudscape over Lone Boat, Madgascar
Red Fronted Brown Lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons), Madagascar
Madagascar, The coloured hand made straw bags typical of Madagascar
Madagascar, Morondava, Les AllAAƒAA¨e des Baobabs at sundown
Baobab Trees at Sunset (UNESCO World Heritage site), Madagascar
Madagascar hissing cockroach
Madagascar, Salary, A pirogue sailing in the blue sea
Madagascar, Beopaka, Pirogues at dusk on Manambolo river
Madagascar, Ifaty, A big Baobab with a spotted bark on the road to Ifaty
Madagascar, Morondava, Les AllAA¨e des Baobabs at sundown
African Native People, lithograph, published in 1897
Stop in Petit-Serr頯n a travel route to Cilaos, R鵮ion
Police station in Pointe des Galets, R鵮ion
Tax office in Toamasina, Madagascar
Morondava, Madagascar
Wrestling match in Madagascar
Ambodifotatra on Nosy Boraha island, Madagascar
Main radio station in Alarobia, Madagascar
Madagascan women gathering water from a fountain
Cartoon, Charles Bradlaugh, atheist MP

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