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MAP: PHILIPPINES, 1905. Map of the Philippine Islands printed in the United States in 1905
MAP: BRITISH EMPIRE, 1886. Map, 1886, of the British Empire by Walter Crane
MAP: CUBA, 1900. Map of Cuba printed in the United States, c1900
MAP: SCOTLAND. Line engraving, 19th century
MAP: HAWAII, 1905. Map of the Hawaiian Islands printed in the United States in 1905
MAP: IRELAND, 1851. An engraved map of Ireland, 1851
MAP OF MACEDONIAN EMPIRE. Map of the Macedonian Empire following the conquests of Alexander the Great, 4th
WOMENs SUFFRAGE, 1915. The Awakening. American cartoon, 1915, by Henry Mayer
MAP OF FRANCE, c1900. With inset detail of Paris and surrounding area
MAP OF ITALY, c1585. By Ignazio Danti from Sistine Chapel Gallery of Maps
CARIBBEAN MAP. A map of the Caribbean islands: woodcut, French, c. 1688
MAP OF EUROPE, 12th CENTURY. A 19th century map of Europe as it was politically constituted in
MAP OF AFRICA from the 1595 edition of Abraham Ortelius atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
ST. BRENDAN: MASS. St. Brendan and his monks celebrate Mass on the back of a whale
TENOCHTITLAN (MEXICO CITY). Mexico City at the time of the Spanish Conquest
MAP: BRITISH ISLES, c1890. Map of the British Isles, c1890, by a German cartographer
MAP: AMERICAS, c1630. A map of North and South America created by Dutch cartographer
MAP: PUERTO RICO, 1900. Map of Puerto Rico printed in the United States, c1900
NINA: WORLD MAP, 1500. World map, 1500, of Juan de la Cosa, navigator on the Nina on Christopher Columbus second voyage
NEW ENGLAND MAP, c1775. Engraved map, c1775, of colonial New England
VESPUCCIs WORLD MAP, 1526. Juan Vespuccis world map, 1526
MAP OF THE WORLD, c1060. Map of the world, centering on Jerusalem. Spanish manuscript illumination, c1060
MAP OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. From the 1595 atlas, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
GREAT LAKES MAP, 1755. French engraved map of the Great Lakes, 1755
MAP: JAMAICA, 1893. British map of Jamaica by Colin Liddell, published 1893
MAP: CARIBBEAN, 1511. The first map to show Bermuda, also showing coastline detail
WORLD MAP, 1635. By Willem Janszoon Blaeu, with two polar insets in the body of the map
WORLD MAP. Pre-Christian era, c450 B.C. according to the writings of Herodotus
PLYMOUTH, MA, MAP 1605. Samuel de Champlains map of Port St. Louis, later settled by the English as Plymouth
CABOT: NEW WORLD MAP, 1544. Detail from Sebastian Cabots 1544 map of the New World
MAP: UNITED STATES, 1849. A General Map of the United States with the contiguous
COPERNICAN UNIVERSE, 1660. Copernican map of the Universe, with the sun at the center
AFRICA: MAP. Birds eye view of the Sudan and surrounding countries
CANTINO WORLD MAP, 1502. Western half of the Cantino map of the world
AZORES, 1528. Map of the Azores Islands. Woodcut from Benedetto Bordones Isolario
NEW ORLEANS MAP, 1837. Map of New Orleans, Louisiana
ANTI-RUSSIAN MAP, 1904. A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia
MAP: UNITED STATES, 1820. Engraved map of the United States, 1820, drawing on the geographical discoveries of the Lewis
UNITED FRUIT COMPANY, 1922. Advertisement from an American magazine of 1922, for
MAP OF ITALY, 1631. Map of Italy, 1631, by Johannes Blaeu based on a map by Giovanni Antonio Magini
CELESTIAL PLANISPHERE, 1660. Schillers Christianized Heaven, southern hemisphere
TENOCHTITLAN (MEXICO CITY) at the time of the Spanish Conquest: colored woodcut, 1556
PORTUGUESE MAP OF BRAZIL. Between the Amazon River and the Rio de la Plata, 1519
COOK: NEWFOUNDLAND, 1763. A Sketch of the Island of Newfoundland drawn in 1763 by James Cook when he was a
BERING STRAIT MAP, 1593. Cornelis de Jodes 1593 map of Western North America showing the fabled province of Quivira in
MAP: VANCOUVER ISLAND, 1859. Map of Vancouver Island and Washington Territory
MAP: MEXICO. Color engraving, American, c1900
MAP: PANAMA, 1907. Map of Panama showing the United States Canal Zone and proposed route of canal

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