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Wire worker

Wire worker

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Wire worker

3782522 Wire worker by Amman, Jost (1539-91); ( Wire worker from the Book of Trades / Das Standebuch (Panoplia omnium illiberalium mechanicarum...), Collection of woodcuts by Jost Amman (13 June 1539 -17 March 1591), 1568 with accompanying rhyme by Hans Sachs (5 November 1494 - 19 January 1576)); Lebrecht History

Media ID 33397698

© Lebrecht History / Bridgeman Images

Corporation Engravings Guild Jost Amman Manufacture Profession Sixteenth Trades Vocation Wire C16h Tradesman


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This 16th-century print, titled "Wire worker" showcases the intricate craftsmanship of Jost Amman, a renowned engraver and artist of the Renaissance era. The image is part of his remarkable collection known as the Book of Trades or Das Standebuch, which offers a fascinating glimpse into various professions during that time. Amman's attention to detail is evident in this woodcut illustration, depicting a wire worker engrossed in his trade. With nimble fingers and intense concentration, he skillfully manipulates wires to create delicate and ornate designs. This portrayal not only highlights the artistry involved but also emphasizes the importance of manual labor and specialized skills within society. Accompanying this exquisite artwork is a rhyme penned by Hans Sachs, another prominent figure from that period. Through their collaboration, Amman and Sachs bring together visual artistry with poetic expression to celebrate the wire worker's craft. As we delve into this historical piece through Bridgeman Images' lens, we are transported back to an era where guilds played a vital role in shaping trades and occupations. The wire worker's profession was undoubtedly valued for its contribution to manufacturing industries at that time. This engraving serves as both an educational tool and an aesthetic delight for admirers of fine art. It encapsulates the essence of the sixteenth century while showcasing Amman's mastery as an engraver during this period of artistic renaissance. With its intricate details captured on paper centuries ago, this print reminds us how history can be preserved through visual storytelling. It stands as a testament to human creativity across generations—a timeless tribute to skilled artisans who shaped our world long before us.

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