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Time, 1836 (illustration)

Time, 1836 (illustration)

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Time, 1836 (illustration)

7485448 Time, 1836 (illustration) by Grandville (Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard) (1803-47); ( Le Temps: illustration by Grandville (Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard) (1803-1847) for a collection of songs by Pierre Jean de Beranger (1780-1857), edition Fournier 1836 -Young couple of lovers surprised by the appearance of an old man holding a scythe, symbol of the passing of time and the fleeting nature of love - wings of time); © Patrice Cartier. All rights reserved 2023

Media ID 33089960

© © Patrice Cartier. All rights reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images

Afraid Aged Persons Aile Allegoric Allegorie Allegories Amant Amour Anxiete Anxiety Anxious Ballads Canticles Chanson Chronometry Concern Couples Elderly Man Exterieur Grandville 1803 47 Grandville Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard Illustrateur Love Scene Lover Loving Musique Noir Et Blanc Old Age Old Couple Old Person Old Woman Outdoor Setting Peur Scared Scary Senior Adult Serenade Serenading Sing Singing Song Songs Stress Stressed Stressful Temps Terrified Terror Time Timepieces Wing Winged Worried Worry Worrying Fear Lovers Old Man


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Time, 1836 (illustration) by Grandville captures the essence of fleeting love and the passage of time in a captivating visual narrative. In this enchanting print, we witness a young couple immersed in their affectionate embrace, only to be startled by the sudden appearance of an old man wielding a scythe - the symbolic representation of time's relentless march. The intricate details and delicate strokes bring forth an allegorical tale that resonates with both beauty and melancholy. The wings adorning the figure of Time remind us that love is ephemeral, subject to its whimsical flight. As we gaze upon this scene, anxiety grips our hearts as we contemplate the transience of cherished moments. This masterpiece was created by Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard, known as Grandville, for Pierre Jean de Beranger's collection of songs published in 1836. It serves as a poignant reminder that even amidst joyous melodies and serenades sung by lovers, there lingers an underlying concern for what lies ahead. Through his artistry, Grandville evokes emotions ranging from stress to worry within our souls. We are transported back to 19th century France where music filled the airwaves and couples reveled in passionate romance against a backdrop of societal constraints. As we behold this remarkable illustration captured by Patrice Cartier's lens, let us reflect on our own lives - cherishing every moment spent with loved ones while acknowledging the inevitable passing nature of time. This timeless piece serves as a testament to human vulnerability and reminds us to seize each precious second before it slips away.

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