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Re moves on the solar boat, Luxor Temple (relief)

Re moves on the solar boat, Luxor Temple (relief)

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Re moves on the solar boat, Luxor Temple (relief)

8585929 Re moves on the solar boat, Luxor Temple (relief) by Egyptian; Temple of Luxor, Luxor, Egypt; ( Egypt. Luxor, city on the Nile of ancient Thebes. Capital of pharaohs between the 16th and 11th centuries before Luxor Temple
Hieroglyph, Re considered to be the Sun, moves on the solar boat); © Jean Bernard. All rights reserved 2023

Media ID 33087482

© © Jean Bernard. All rights reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images

Africa African African Afrique Afrique Du Nord Ancient Egyptian Ancient Egyptian Civilization Ancient Egyptians Archeologic Archeological Archeologie Archeology Bas Relief Bas Reliefs Bateau Civilisation Couleur Diety Dieu Divinities Divinity Egypte Egypte Antique Egyptians Eternal Father Goddesses Godess Heavenly Father Low Relief Low Relief Sculpture Means Of Conveyance Mythologie Mytholoy Paganisme Personnage Mythologique Soleil Sun Light Sun Rays Sunbeams Sunlight Sunny Sunrays Suns Sunshine Symbole Symbolic Imagery Symbolical Representation Symbology Vehicule De Transport Afica Afric Mythological Character Mythological Figure Myths Pagan Paganism Pagans Polytheism Polytheist Symbols


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This print titled "Re moves on the solar boat, Luxor Temple" takes us back in time to ancient Egypt and its rich mythology. The image showcases a relief carving found at the Luxor Temple in Luxor, Egypt. The temple, situated on the banks of the Nile River, was once the capital of pharaohs between the 16th and 11th centuries BCE. In this artwork, we see a hieroglyph depicting Re, considered to be the Sun god in Egyptian mythology. He is shown moving across the sky on a magnificent solar boat. This representation symbolizes his journey from sunrise to sunset each day. The colors used in this piece bring life and vibrancy to an otherwise ancient scene. The warm hues evoke feelings of warmth and energy associated with sunlight. It's as if we can feel Re's divine presence emanating from this depiction. As we gaze upon this relic from antiquity, it serves as a reminder of Egypt's fascinating past and its deep-rooted connection with religion and mythological figures like Re. Through art like this, we gain insight into their beliefs and cultural practices that shaped their civilization. Jean Bernard has masterfully captured this moment in history through his lens, preserving it for future generations to appreciate and admire. This photograph not only celebrates ancient Egyptian art but also invites us to explore our own fascination with mythology and spirituality.

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