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Egyptians Gallery

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Pharaoh Amenhotep I. Egypt
Nubians in Ancient Egypt
Homeric cosmogony
Stela of the royal scribe Ani. Egyptian art. New
Statue of Djoser. Egyptian art
Kadesh Treaty, 1269 BC. Egyptian-Hittite Peace Treaty. Terra
Ahmose-Nefertari. Queen of Egypt. Statue
Detail of relief showing Nefertiti kissing her daughter, perhaps Merytaten
Egypt. Roman period. Fayum mummy portraits. Man
Ancient Roman armour and weapons
Le Sphinx Et Les Pyramides (colour photo)
Tomb of Horemheb. Hathor. Fresco
Bust of Queen Nefertiti, from the studio of the sculptor Thutmose at Tell el-Amarna
Akhenaten and His Family, from Akhetaten (modern Tell el-Amarna)
Giza. Great Sphinx and. Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Temple of Rameses II. EGYPT. ASWAN. Abu
Greek triremes. Engraving. Warship appeared in
Pharaohs Workers - Ancient Egypt - by Fortunino Matania
Ancient Roman shoes and sandals
Ancient Roman and Greek shoes
Great Queens of the Past No 1 - Nefertiti
Egyptian Art. Karnak. The goddess Bastet. Relief
Eye of Horus. False door of Senenmut. Egypt
Canopic jar with lid in the form of a jackal: Duamutef. Egyp
Relief depicting a butchering scene. Egypt
Statue of egyptian God Anubis
Ebers papyrus. ca. 1500 BC. Ancient Egypt. Amenhotep
Tomb of Tutankhamun.. Egyptian painting
Thebes. Tomb of Thutmose III. Painting
Statue of Ka-Aper.... Egyptian art
Akhenaten and his family.... Egyptian art
Battle of Atbara (Sudan), 1898: victory of the Anglo-Egyptian troops against the dervishes commanded by Emir Mahmoud
L'ange de la mort tuant les premiers nes egyptiens (The Angel of death killing first born Egyptians)
Egyptian characters: Ptolemy II, Cleopatra, Osiris, Movoth, Anouke, Nowre-Ari, Horus, Mui, Ammon-Ra, Malouli
Cock fighting in Cairo (colour litho)
Ancient Egyptian Art: Palette with bull in pink granite (reverse), Paris, Musee Du Louvre
Martyrdom of St Mark (engraving)
Mummy of Ramesses II (b / w photo)
Moses buried under the sand the Egyptian whom he had killed Moses had killed the Egyptian who had struck a Hebrew
The Persian Emperor Artaxerxes III Ochus killing the sacred Apis bull of the Egyptians (engraving)
The Pyramids of Giza, from a series of the Seven Wonders of the World, 1886 (engraving)
Joseph keeping Simeon hostage: Joseph the Patriarch asks his brothers to introduce him to the younger Benjamin
Ancient Egypt. Map
Revolt in a prison in Cairo (colour litho)
Tragic revolt of prisoners in Cairo, back cover illustration from Le Petit Journal, supplement illustre

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