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Symbolic Collection

"Symbolic Expressions Across Time and Cultures: A Journey Through Art, Religion

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"Symbolic Expressions Across Time and Cultures: A Journey Through Art, Religion, and History" The Venus of Urbino by Titian (1538) - This iconic painting represents the idealized beauty of the female form, symbolizing love, desire, and fertility. The Great Sacrifice by James Clark (WW1) - A poignant depiction of sacrifice and loss during the horrors of war, serving as a powerful reminder of human resilience in times of adversity. Imagine Mosaic memorial to John Lennon - Located near his former residence at the Dakota Building, this mosaic embodies Lennon's vision for peace and unity through his timeless song "Imagine. " Pictures of various Hindu Gods for sale in Little India - These vibrant images capture the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology and spirituality, offering glimpses into a diverse pantheon that inspires devotion among believers. Codex Troano-1 - An ancient Mayan manuscript filled with symbolic hieroglyphs that provide insights into their culture's cosmology, rituals, and beliefs about time. Chromolithograph Devotional Card depicting The Virgin Mary - This colorful devotional card serves as a visual representation of faith for many Catholics worldwide while honoring Mary's role as an intercessor between humanity and divinity. The Scales of Justice above the Old Bailey Law Courts in London - Symbolizing fairness and impartiality within the legal system since ancient times; these scales remind us that justice should be blind to biases or influences. King George V Silver Jubilee celebrations (ILN cover 1935) – Commemorating 25 years on the throne with grand festivities across Britain; this cover captures national pride while symbolizing continuity amidst changing times. Dead Sea Scroll – Ancient manuscripts discovered near Qumran containing biblical texts offer invaluable insights into religious practices during Second Temple Judaism while representing historical preservation efforts. Charles Darwin, British naturalist.