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The bee symbol of the Pharaoh (relief)

The bee symbol of the Pharaoh (relief)

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The bee symbol of the Pharaoh (relief)

8586142 The bee symbol of the Pharaoh (relief) by Egyptian; Karnak, Luxor, Egypt; ( Egypt. Luxor, city on the Nile of ancient Thebes. Capital of pharaohs between the 16th and 11th centuries BC. Karnac site
The bee represents the Pharaoh, symbolizes the obedient people and are considered to be the tears of Re falling to earth); © Jean Bernard. All rights reserved 2023

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© © Jean Bernard. All rights reserved 2023 / Bridgeman Images

Abeille Africa African African Afrique Afrique Du Nord Ancient Egyptian Ancient Egyptian Civilization Ancient Egyptians Archeologic Archeological Archeologie Archeology Bas Relief Bas Reliefs Bee Swarm Bees Bumble Bee Civilisation Couleur Ecriture Egypte Egypte Antique Egyptians Faraoh Hieroglyph Hieroglyphe Hieroglyphic Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphs Honey Bee Honeybee Honeybees Insecte Low Relief Low Relief Sculpture Pharaoh Pharaon Symbole Symbolic Imagery Symbolical Representation Symbology Words Afica Afric Symbols


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The Bee Symbol of the Pharaoh - A Testament to Obedience and Divine Connection

In this photo print, we are transported back in time to ancient Egypt, specifically Luxor, where the remnants of a once-great civilization still stand tall. The image showcases a remarkable relief sculpture depicting the bee symbol of the Pharaoh. The bee holds immense significance in Egyptian culture, representing not only the ruler but also symbolizing obedient subjects. It is believed that bees were considered as tears from Re, the sun god himself, falling onto Earth. This profound connection between divine power and earthly authority is beautifully captured in this artwork. As we gaze upon this relic from antiquity, we are reminded of Egypt's rich history and its capital city Thebes' prominence during the reigns of pharaohs between 16th and 11th centuries BC. The Karnak site itself stands as a testament to their grandeur. The intricate details carved into this relief sculpture showcase masterful artistry and skillful craftsmanship. Each stroke tells a story; each line carries meaning. Hieroglyphics adorn its surface, conveying words and inscriptions that have withstood the test of time. This photograph captures not just an artifact but also serves as a window into an era long gone by—a glimpse into an ancient world filled with symbolism and mystique. It invites us to ponder upon our own place within history's tapestry while marveling at humanity's enduring fascination with art and its ability to transcend time itself. © Jean Bernard has expertly immortalized this moment through his lens, preserving it for generations to come—reminding us all that even amidst change and progress, there will always be beauty in honoring our past.

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