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Images Dated 5th December 2005

Choose from 80 pictures in our Images Dated 5th December 2005 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

2005 Autosport Awards Featured 5 Dec 2005 Image

2005 Autosport Awards

2005 Autosport Awards
Grosvenor House, London. 4th December.
Dan Wheldon receives the British Competition Driver Award. Portrait.
World Copyright: Peter Spinney/LAT Photographic
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Torso blood vessels Featured 5 Dec 2005 Image

Torso blood vessels

Torso blood vessels. Historical artwork of a human torso that has been dissected to show major blood vessels. The heart (upper centre) pumps blood to the lungs on either side (to be oxygenated), and then receives the blood returning from the lungs and pumps it round the body through the aorta (the main body artery). Arteries branch out to the neck and arms (top) from the aortic arch. The rest of the aorta passes behind the heart and takes blood downwards to the abdomen and legs. The two kidneys (centre left and centre right) clean the blood. Ureters descend from the kidneys to the bladder (round, bottom centre). Veins return blood to the main body vein (the vena cava, left of aorta) that channels the blood back into the heart. The lung and kidney at left have been dissected


Heart and lungs Featured 5 Dec 2005 Image

Heart and lungs

Heart and lungs. Historical artwork of the heart (pink) and lungs (red, left and right) seen from behind. Dissection hooks have been used to draw back the lung tissue. Air is drawn into the lungs through the trachea (red, upper centre) that passes down the throat from the mouth. The trachea branches into two bronchi, one for each lung. The heart pumps blood round the body and to the lungs. Blood from the body arrives through the vena cava veins (one at lower right, pink), is pumped to the lungs through the pulmonary arteries (red, partly seen behind the bronchi), returns through the pulmonary veins (pink, centre left and centre right) and is pumped round the body via the aorta (large artery, red, arching behind trachea). The lungs oxygenate the blood