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Soccer - Rangers Featured 1999 Image

Soccer - Rangers

Jorg Albertz, Rangers

© Rangers FC - All Rights Reserved


CDF particle detector, Fermilab Featured 1999 Image

CDF particle detector, Fermilab

MODEL RELEASED. CDF particle detector at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) near Chicago, USA. The CDF (Collider Detector Facility) records subatomic particles created in high-energy proton-antiproton collisions in the Tevatron coll- ider. It co-discovered the top quark in 1994. Here the detector is partly disassembled between operation runs. The black segments (left) are part of the outer muon chambers. The red areas are part of the magnet which bends charged particles travelling out from the collision point. The blue segments (right) are part of the hadron calorimeter. When in use these parts are closed tightly together. Photographed in 1998. The physicist is ROB ROSER


Oil glands on petal of peppermint flower Featured 1999 Image

Oil glands on petal of peppermint flower

Oil glands. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the surface of a corolla petal from the peppermint plant (Mentha piperita), showing oil (yellow) above its oil glands. The tall grey structures are part of the petal. The oil produced by the glands is widely used in industry in the manufacture of perfumes and alcoholic drinks. The plant is also used as a culinary herb, as a flavouring in sweet and savoury dishes alike, and as a herbal remedy to aid digestion, ease coughing and prevent convulsions. It is also a powerful antiseptic and insecticide. Magnification: x210 at 5x7cm size. x525 at 5x7 inch size