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Maps, Libya in Africa

Reference Map of Libya
Map of the Empire of King Alexander the Great
Map of the Ancient Persian Empire
Political Map of Africa
Map / North Africa 19C
Cartoon with British and American tanks, WW2
Africa Political Map
The Italo-Turkish War - Tripoli occupied by Italy
Defences of El Agheila, Libya, by G. H. Davis
Map of the war in North Africa by G. H. Davis
Seaport of Alexandria, Egypt, by G. H. Davis
Map of Egyptian coast and Libyan plateau by G. H. Davis
Libya country map
Map of Libya
Map of Libya
North Africa, from a nautical atlas, 1520 (ink on vellum) (detail from 330916)
Distorted antique map of Africa
The World as Known to the Ancients (steel engraving)
MAP: WWII BATTLES. Battles And Campaigns - World War II, European And African Theater
Antique map of Arabia and adjacent Africa and Persia
Antique map of Middle East with Arabia, Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia
Map of the Barbary States, 1902. Creator: Unknown
Maps and plans are spread on the sand, 1942 (1944)
View of Murzuk, c1890. Artist: Barbant
Tripoli from the Roadstead, c1890. Artist: Barbant
Libya locator map
Stereoscopic view of North America
Map of Northern Africa
Map of the Italian Empire in 1939
World Map / Crates Mallos
Map new map Libya old Africk shewing general divisions
The North Coast of Africa, from a nautical atlas, 1651 (ink on vellum) (detail
The World According to Strabo (engraving)
North Africa, including the Kingdoms of Tripoli, Tunis, Alger; Fez and Morocco
Map of Africa, plate 18 from an Atlas of the World, 1486 (coloured engraving)
Map showing Egypt to Ethiopia, from the Ptolemy manuscript, c
Libya, Satellite Image
Libya, Relief Map
Libya, Relief Map With Border and Mask
Map of Northern Africa, Ptolemys Moon Mountains are indicated as source of Nile River
Map of Libya
Map of Libya
Italo-Turkish War or Libyan War, 1911-12, Map of battles from 20th October to 3rd November 1911, colour print
Portolan chart depicting Tripolitania, Africa and wind rose, by Francesco Oliva, 1631
WORLD MAP, c300 B.C. According to the writings of Dicaearchus

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