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vintage postcards/prints/dive bombing planes ca 1942 dive bombing
Vintage Postcards
#media dmcs-9707589
vintage postcards/postcard viaduct folkestone 1918 folkestone
Postcard of Viaduct in Folkestone. 1918, Folkestone, Kent, England, UK, Postcard
#media dmcs-9749913
vintage postcards/postcard workers antique steamroller northamptonshire
Postcard of Workers in front of an Antique Steamroller. Northamptonshire, England
#media dmcs-9749897
vintage postcards/bodies general rodriguez colonel baca valles
Bodies of General Rodriguez and Colonel Baca-Valles
#media dmcs-9749827
vintage postcards/postcard convicts wearing striped uniforms
Postcard of Convicts Wearing Striped Uniforms
#media dmcs-9749607
vintage postcards/postcard suffragette holding newspapers
Postcard of a Suffragette Holding Newspapers
#media dmcs-9749467
vintage postcards/corpse gustavo garcia ca february 1913
Corpse of Gustavo Garcia. ca. February 1913, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Corpse of Gustavo
#media dmcs-9749439
vintage postcards/rms queen elizabeth
R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth
#media dmcs-9749121
vintage postcards/postcard cowgirl ready roundup cow girl
Postcard of a Cowgirl Ready for the Roundup. Cow Girl, Ready for the Roundup
#media dmcs-9749029
vintage postcards/autumn postcard autumn postcard
Autumn Postcard. Autumn Postcard
#media dmcs-9748655
vintage postcards/summer postcard summer postcard
Summer Postcard. Summer Postcard
#media dmcs-9748615
vintage postcards/spring postcard spring postcard
Spring Postcard. Spring Postcard
#media dmcs-9747993
vintage postcards/usa/liberty tunnel traffic circle ca 1932 pittsburgh
Liberty Tunnel and Traffic Circle. ca. 1932, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, ENTRANCE
#media dmcs-9777841
vintage postcards/prints/family beer ad ca 1941 ad mathie ruder
The Whole Family Beer Advertisement. ca. 1941, An advertisement for Mathie Ruder
#media dmcs-9777397
vintage postcards/vintage/popular horseshoe club casino center downtown las vegas
The Very Popular Horseshoe Club in Casino Center Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
#media dmcs-9750683
vintage postcards/vintage/night view looking eastward fremont street
Night View Looking Eastward on Fremont Street Heart of the Famous Casino Center in
#media dmcs-9750673
vintage postcards/usa/bar subway cafe ca 1934 chicago illinois
Bar in the Subway Cafe. ca. 1934, Chicago, Illinois, USA, LONGEST BAR IN THE WORLD
#media dmcs-9744499
vintage postcards/prints/cabin lake near adirondack mountains ca
Cabin on a Lake near the Adirondack Mountains. ca. 1940, New York, USA, Big Wolf Lake
#media dmcs-9777775
vintage postcards/postcard/great wilno ca 1935 usa great wilno human cannon ball
The Great Wilno. ca. 1935, USA, The Great Wilno, a human cannon ball, stands beside
#media dmcs-9749555
vintage postcards/prints/holstein friesian cow ca 1933 usa holstein friesian cow
Holstein-Friesian Cow. ca. 1933, USA, HOLSTEIN-FRIESIAN COW, TRUE TYPE
#media dmcs-9777177
vintage postcards/usa/61 ca mechanics lt paul howe commanding
61, CA Mechanics, Lt. Paul Howe, Commanding
#media dmcs-9751043
vintage postcards/vintage/rocky marciano postcard rocky marciano postcard
Rocky Marciano Postcard. Rocky Marciano Postcard
#media dmcs-9749533
vintage postcards/prints/cartoon nudist camp ca 1936 living nude day
Cartoon of a Nudist Camp. ca. 1936, WE ARE LIVING IN A NUDE DAY
#media dmcs-9747941
vintage postcards/usa/mileage chart map hotels restaurants ca
US Mileage Chart Map with Hotels and Restaurants
#media dmcs-9748419
vintage postcards/usa/shepley hotel ca 1938 miami beach florida
Shepley Hotel. ca. 1938, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, SHEPLEY HOTEL. 1340 Collins Ave
#media dmcs-9747591
vintage postcards/usa/tony wonders club ca 1945 little chute
Tony Wonders Club. ca. 1945, Little Chute, Wisconsin, USA, T.A. WONDER'S CLUB
#media dmcs-9745071
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card jamaica new york ca 1943
Greeting Card from Jamaica, New York. ca. 1943, Jamaica, Queens, New York, New York
#media dmcs-9777617
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card rehoboth beach delaware ca
Greeting Card from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. ca. 1944, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA
#media dmcs-9776977
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card indiana ca 1908 1910 michigan city
Greeting Card from Indiana. ca. 1908-1910, Michigan City, Indiana, USA, Greeting
#media dmcs-9748777
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card new york ca 1949 buffalo
Greeting Card from New York. ca. 1949, Buffalo, New York, USA, Greeting Card
#media dmcs-9748747
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card south dakota ca 1948 rapid city
Greeting Card from South Dakota. ca. 1948, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA, This pioneer western city
#media dmcs-9748731
vintage postcards/usa/pennsylvania station baltimore ca 1938
Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore. ca. 1938, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Pennsylvania Station
#media dmcs-9748727
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card fort wayne indiana ca 1939
Greeting Card from Fort Wayne, Indiana. ca
#media dmcs-9748719
vintage postcards/usa/giant grouper ca 1937 new york usa 48
#media dmcs-9748707
vintage postcards/usa/dolores del rio home ca 1928 hollywood
Dolores Del Rio at Her Home. ca. 1928, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA, DOLORES
#media dmcs-9748705
vintage postcards/usa/meat market restaurant ca 1925 uniontown
Meat Market and Restaurant. ca. 1925, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA, J
#media dmcs-9748695
vintage postcards/usa/suspension bridge ca 1936 new york new york
Suspension Bridge. ca. 1936, New York, New York, USA, 92 SUSPENSION BRIDGE OF TRIBOROUGH
#media dmcs-9748681
vintage postcards/usa/air corps training flight ca 1941 albany
Air Corps Training Flight. ca. 1941, Albany, Georgia, USA, Advanced Trainers in Flight
#media dmcs-9748677
vintage postcards/usa/turbines grand coulee dam ca 1948 washington
Turbines at Grand Coulee Dam. ca. 1948, Washington, USA, 312 - INTERIOR OF THE POWER HOUSE
#media dmcs-9748673
vintage postcards/usa/fishermen giant whale ca 1926 washington
Fishermen with Giant Whale. ca. 1926, Washington, USA, GIANT WHALE CAUGHT OFF THE
#media dmcs-9748665
vintage postcards/usa/foshay tower night ca 1929 minneapolis
Foshay Tower at Night. ca. 1929, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, THE FOSHAY TOWER AT NIGHT
#media dmcs-9748657
vintage postcards/usa/greeting card marquette michigan ca 1939
Greeting Card from Marquette, Michigan. ca
#media dmcs-9748649
vintage postcards/usa/mayfair hotel ca 1936 miami beach florida
The Mayfair Hotel. ca. 1936, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, THE MAYFAIR, MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA
#media dmcs-9748647
vintage postcards/usa/cannon mountain tramway ca 1938 new hampshire usa 1560
Cannon Mountain Tramway. ca. 1938, New Hampshire, USA, 1560. A Ride to the Mountain's Summit
#media dmcs-9748641
vintage postcards/usa/hotel retlaw ca 1946 fond du lac wisconsin
Hotel Retlaw. ca. 1946, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, Hotel Retlaw, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
#media dmcs-9748619
vintage postcards/usa/wrigley field ca 1939 chicago illinois
Wrigley Field. ca. 1939, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs
#media dmcs-9748609
vintage postcards/usa/vehicles traveling main street ca 1954
Vehicles Traveling on Main Street. ca. 1954, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, USA, View of Main Street
#media dmcs-9748603
vintage postcards/usa/women running surf ca 1939 asbury park
Women Running in the Surf. ca. 1939, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA, Where Beauty
#media dmcs-9748587
vintage postcards/usa/teddy roosevelt badlands ca 1939 north dakota
Teddy Roosevelt in the Badlands. ca. 1939, North Dakota, USA, TEDDY ROOSEVELT IN THE BAD LANDS
#media dmcs-9748585


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