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history/george washington 1732 1799 c1796 lst president
George Washington (1732-1799) c1796, lst president of the America
history/rameses ii maxime du camp photographs egypt
Rameses II. Maxime du Camp 'Photographs of Egypt', 1852
history/francisco pizzaro c1478 1542 spanish conquistador
Francisco Pizzaro (c1478-1542) Spanish conquistador (Peru). Woodcut from German
history/the great sphinx pyramids gizeh david roberts
'The Great Sphinx and Pyramids at Gizeh'. David Roberts (1796-1864) British
history/story theseus showing theseus killing minotaur
The Story of Theseus', showing Theseus killing the Minotaur at the centre of the
history/monks students library 15th century manuscript
Monks and students in a library. 15th century manuscript of 'The Romance of Troy'
history/city vera cruz east central mexico first founded
City of Vera Cruz, east central Mexico. First founded by Cortez 1519
history/strawberry thief 1883 william morris 1757 1827
Strawberry Thief '1883: William Morris (1757-1827) Tapestry
history/jewish bride c1667 1668 rembrandt van rijn
The Jewish Bride' (c1667-1668) Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) Dutch artist
history/marco polo 1254 1324 venetian traveller
Marco Polo (1254-1324) Venetian traveller. Dog-headed men from the Isle of Agaman
history/greek hoplite battle amazons 30bc 200adja
Greek Hoplite in battle against the Amazons (30BC - 200ADja). Detail from sarcophagus
history/battle borodino 7 september 1812 napoleons
Battle of Borodino, 7 September 1812, Napoleon's last offensive battle in his
history/apollo belvedere ancient greek c400 323 bc marble
Apollo Belvedere Ancient Greek (c400-323 BC) marble statue. Apollo/Helios god of music
history/napoleon battle lutzen 2 may 1813 napoleon forced
Napoleon at the Battle of Lutzen, 2 May 1813. Napoleon forced the Prussian and Russian
history/blind girl 1856 beggar girls elder blind
The Blind Girl'. 1856: Two beggar girls, the elder one blind and with concertina
history/calais pier english packet boat arriving 1803
Calais Pier: an English packet boat arriving', 1803: Joseph Mallord Willliam Turner
history/baroness raymonde delaroche first woman hold
Baroness Raymonde Delaroche, first woman to hold a pilot's licence. On 3 Nov
history/marco polo 1254 1324 setting venice father uncle
Marco Polo (1254-1324) setting out from Venice with his father and uncle, 1271, for
history/inserting detonators cartridges dynamite blasting
Inserting detonators into cartridges of dynamite for blasting Flood Rock, East River
history/thomas edisons carbon filament lamp scientific
Thomas Edison's carbon filament lamp. From The Scientific American, New York
history/portrait photography fitting career young woman
Portrait photography as a fitting career for a young woman. Female photographer taking
history/generations women cottager spinning wool using
Three generations of women. Cottager spinning wool using simple wheel without treadle
history/caricature mesmer showing ass hypnotising subject
Caricature of Mesmer, showing him as an ass, hypnotising a subject with a finger
history/experimentum mirabile athanasius kircher physiologia
Experimentum Mirabile. From Athanasius Kircher Physiologia Kircheriana, 1680. Chicken
history/saturn greek kronos roman god time devoured
Saturn (Greek Kronos) Roman god of time. Devoured all his children except Jupiter
history/marco polo 1254 1324 venetian traveller merchant
Marco Polo (1254-1324) Venetian traveller and merchant. Portrait from obverse of
history/indian ships described marco polo 1254 1324
Indian ships described by Marco Polo (1254-1324) in his Book of Marvels but more
history/johann freidrich bottger botticher 1682 1719
Johann Freidrich Bottger or Botticher (1682-1719) German chemist and ceramicist
history/jacquard power loom 1801 joseph marie jacquard
Jacquard power loom. In 1801 Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1752-1834) invented a method
history/james jeans 1877 1946 jeans 1877 1946 english
James Jeans (1877-1946). Jeans (1877-1946), English mathematician and physicist
history/jons jacob berzelius 1779 1848 swedish chemist
Jons Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848), Swedish chemist who introduced modern chemical symbols
history/distillation 1500 alembics stand furnace
Distillation 1500. Three alembics stand on top of furnace. The distillate condenses
history/distillation 1500 distilling using double pelicans
Distillation 1500. Distilling using double pelicans. From Liber de arte distillandi
history/hermann ludwig ferdinand von helmholtz c1900
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, c1900. Helmholtz (1821-1894), German physicist
history/distillation 1500 rosenhut form still liber
Distillation 1500. The Rosenhut, a form of still. From Liber de arte distillandi
history/manuel john johnson 1862 johnson 1805 1859
Manuel John Johnson, 1862. Johnson (1805-1859) observed the total solar eclipse
history/wilhelm karl ratter von hardinger c1871 hardinger
Wilhelm Karl, Ratter von Hardinger, c1871. Hardinger (1795-1871), Austrian mineralogist
history/julius ferdinand hann c1921 hann 1839 1921
Julius Ferdinand Hann, c1921. Hann (1839-1921), Austrian meteorologist, from a
history/hermann ludwig ferdinand von helmholtz 1907
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, 1907. Helmholtz (1821-1894), German physicist
history/gottlieb wilhelm daimer 1834 1900 left arl
Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimer (1834-1900), left, and arl Friedrich Benz 1844-1929)
history/silk hats hatter putting black silk hat frame
Silk hats. Hatter is putting black silk on hat frame. In centre background are two
history/camel used transport milk meat cloth
The Camel: used for transport: milk: meat: cloth
history/paying letter delivery introduction 1840 rowland
Paying for letter delivery. After introduction (1840) of Rowland Hill's system
history/sauna russian bath early 19th century hand coloured
Sauna (Russian) bath. From an early 19th century hand-coloured copperplate print
history/mountaineering mid nineteenth century mur la cote
Mountaineering in the mid-nineteenth century. The Mur de la Cote: one of set of four
history/descartes idea hydraulic action nerves p q
Descartes' idea of the 'hydraulic' action of the nerves (P, q) which he
history/stone quarry worker tamping gunpowder charge ready
Stone quarry worker tamping down a gunpowder charge ready to fit a fuse and blast
history/methods surveying right time keeping left
Methods of surveying (right) and time keeping (left). On the left are various different
history/map making surveying using magnetic compass
Map making and surveying using a magnetic compass
history/triangulation hinged staff sebastian munster
Triangulation with a hinged staff. From Sebastian Munster Rudimenta Mathematica, Basle
history/using quadrant plumb bob calculate height tower
Using a quadrant with a plumb bob to calculate the height of a tower by triangulation
history/quadrant used obtain altitude tower sebastian
Quadrant being used to obtain the altitude of a tower
history/obtaining height building use cross staff
Obtaining the height of a building by the use of a cross-staff. From Sebastian Munster
history/john dalton 1766 1844 english chemist 1794
John Dalton (1766-1844) English chemist. In 1794 described colour blindness (Daltonism)
history/thomas alva edison 1847 1931 american inventor
Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) American inventor, in his laboratory at Menlo Park
history/thomas alva edison 1847 1931 american physicist
Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) American physicist and inventor. From the obverse
history/robert boyle 1627 91 irish born chemist physicist
Robert Boyle (1627-91) Irish born chemist and physicist. Oil on canvas: After Johann
history/john locke 1632 1704 english philosopher
John Locke (1632-1704) English philosopher. Author of Essay Concerning Human Understanding
history/john wilkins 1614 72 english cleric astronomer
John Wilkins (1614-72) English cleric and astronomer, Bishop of Chester 1668. Author
history/typewriter patented john pratt 1866 chromolithograph
Typewriter patented by John Pratt in 1866. Chromolithograph 1915
history/tricerotops horned dinosaur held tyrannosaur
Tricerotops, a horned dinosaur, held down by Tyrannosaur. Artist's reconstruction
history/george atwoods 1746 1807 machine demonstrating
George Atwood's (1746-1807) machine for demonstrating and investigating effect
history/birds eye view ford production line highland
Bird's-eye view of part of Ford Production line at the Highland Park factory c1914
history/packing weighing tea export ceylon estate
Packing and weighing tea for export on a Ceylon estate. Colour illustration 1905
history/1894 rear engined velo benz car credit ann ronan mercedes
1894 rear-engined Velo Benz car. Credit Ann Ronan/Mercedes GMBH
history/fight harvest sorting seeds mordva collective farm
The Fight for the Harvest: Sorting of Seeds in a Mordva Collective Farm. 1933 Russian
history/display card showing ladies cycling costume accordion pleated
Display card showing ladies' cycling costume with accordion-pleated divided skirt
history/benz tricycle 1886 karl benz 1844 1929 german
Benz tricycle of 1886 with Karl Benz (1844-1929), German engineer and car manufacturer
history/mercedes 35 ps motor 1901 adolph daimler 1834 1900
Mercedes 35 PS motor of 1901. In the back are Adolph Daimler (1834-1900) German engineer
history/earliest production lines armour companys pig
One of the earliest production lines: Armour Company's pig slaughterhouse, Chicago
history/stock markets international links telegraph telephone
Stock Markets: International links by telegraph and telephone. New Year greetings
history/edisons improved form jw trowbridges electric
Edison's improved form of JW Trowbridge's electric dynamometer. Scientific
history/edison generator electric light menlo park
Edison generator for electric light at Menlo Park. Behind doors is the 80 hp engine
history/wall mounted telephone henri desarces grande
Wall mounted telephone. From Henri Desarces Grande Encyclopedie Practique c1910
history/atlantic telegraph idealised view cable passing
The Atlantic Telegraph: idealised view of cable passing under the ocean from Valentia
history/colorimeter design labilliardiere modifications
Colorimeter, after design by Labilliardiere with modifications by Salleron
history/morse electric printing telegraph rear view instrument
Morse electric printing telegraph. Rear view of instrument showing roll of paper
history/morse electric printing telegraph view instrument
Morse electric printing telegraph. Front view of instrument showing roll of paper
history/francis harry compton crick 1916 2004 british
Francis Harry Compton Crick (1916-2004), British microbiologist. Crick discovered
history/ernst boris chain 1906 1979 german born british
Ernst Boris Chain (1906-1979), German-born British biochemist. Chain, with Howard Florey
history/gardening foreground gardeners pruning left
Gardening. In the foreground gardeners are pruning, left, and staking a potted plant
history/james watts workshop heathfield hall birmingham
James Watt's workshop at Heathfield Hall, Birmingham, 1886. It had not been disturbed
history/michael faraday 1731 1867 english chemist physicist
Michael Faraday (1731-1867) English chemist and physicist
history/harry john lawson b1852 english inventor safety
Harry John Lawson (b1852), English inventor of a safety bicycle. (1879). Lawson
history/john bennett lawes english agriculturalist 1882
John Bennett Lawes, English agriculturalist, 1882. Lawes (1814-1900) began experimental
history/isaac judaeus physician rulers tunisia 9th 10th
Isaac Judaeus physician to the rulers of Tunisia. 9th-10th century. Judaeus (c855-c955)
history/reverse medal commemorating brilliant comet november
Reverse of medal commemorating the brilliant comet of November 1618. The message
history/reverse medal commemorating bright comet 1577
Reverse of medal commemorating the bright comet of 1577. Known as Brahe's comet
history/obverse medal commemorating brilliant comet november
Obverse of medal commemorating the brilliant comet of November 1618. This comet prompted
history/medal commemorating discovery vaccination 1796
Medal commemorating the discovery of vaccination in 1796. Edward Jenner (1749-1823)
history/obverse medal commemorating bright comet 1577
Obverse of medal commemorating the bright comet of 1577. Known as Brahe's comet
history/women washing precious metal platinum alluvial gravels
Women washing the precious metal Platinum from alluvial gravels. Urals, Russia. 1916
history/edward jenner 1749 1823 english physician who
Edward Jenner (1749-1823) English physician who practiced as a country doctor in
history/aubrey eneass boston solar motor demonstrated
Aubrey Eneas's of Boston solar motor
history/flight locks saima canal finland ship descending
Flight of locks on the Saima Canal, Finland. A ship is descending the flight. On
history/rock salt miners lowered shaft rope slings begin
Rock Salt: Miners being lowered down the shaft on rope slings to begin their shift
history/title page galileo dialogo sopra i massimi sistemi
Title page of Galileo Dialogo sopra i due Massimi Sistemi del Mondo, (Florence, 1632)
history/producing salt evaporating natural brine pouring
Producing salt by evaporating natural brine by pouring it into a pit of burning charcoal
history/medal commemorating discovery penicillin
Medal commemorating the discovery of penicillin


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