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Flamingo tongue snail

Flamingo tongue snail

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Flamingo tongue snail

Flamingo tongue snail (Cyphoma gibbosum). This sea snail feeds on the polyps of corals, sucking them out of their holes with its syphon (not seen). Its shell is a dull beige colour; the bright pattern is carried on the snails fleshy mantle, which it extrudes and wraps around its shell. The flamingo tongue snail measures between 2 and 4 centimetres. Photographed in the Bahamas, in the Caribbean Sea

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Bahamas Caribbean Sea Eating Feeding Gastropod Gorgonian Mollusc Sea Fan Snail Andros Island Common Sea Fan Cyphoma Gibbosum Flamingo Tongue Gorgonia Ventalina

This print showcases the mesmerizing beauty of a Flamingo tongue snail, also known as Cyphoma gibbosum. Found in the Caribbean Sea, this sea snail has a unique feeding habit - it delicately feeds on the polyps of corals by sucking them out of their hiding places using its syphon, although not visible in this image. The shell of this fascinating creature is adorned with a modest beige color, while its vibrant pattern is displayed on its fleshy mantle. The snail extrudes and wraps its mantle around its shell, creating an eye-catching spectacle. With measurements ranging between 2 to 4 centimeters, this tiny marine marvel captures our attention with its intricate details. Photographed against the backdrop of the Bahamas' crystal-clear waters, we are given a glimpse into the underwater world teeming with life and diversity. This single Flamingo tongue snail finds solace amidst a sea fan or gorgonian coral species called Gorgonia ventalina. As we admire this biological wonder captured by Science Photo Library's lens, let us appreciate nature's artistry and complexity that exists beneath the waves. This image serves as a reminder of how interconnected all living organisms are within our vast ecosystem and highlights the incredible adaptations found in even seemingly small creatures like mollusks.

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