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Colonial freshwater diatoms

Colonial freshwater diatoms

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Colonial freshwater diatoms

Light micrograph of assorted freshwater diatoms. The rectangular, broken filaments seen here are simple colonies. They consist of a chain of diatoms which have failed to separate following cell division, each glued to its neighbours by a mucilaginous material. Diatoms are a group of single-celled algae distinguished by their intricately-patterned glass-like cell wall or frustule". The frustule consists of two halves, the valves, which fit together like the lid and bottom of a box. Diatoms form an important component of the marine & freshwater plankton. Magnification: x400 at 35mm size."

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Alga Algae Algal Colonial Diatom Diatoms Phytoplankton Plankton Light Micrograph

This print showcases the intricate beauty of colonial freshwater diatoms. Under the lens, we are presented with a mesmerizing light micrograph that reveals an assortment of these single-celled algae. The rectangular filaments seen here are simple colonies, formed when chains of diatoms fail to separate after cell division. Each diatom remains connected to its neighbors by a sticky substance known as mucilaginous material. Diatoms are renowned for their unique and delicate frustule, which is composed of two halves called valves. These valves fit together like the lid and bottom of a box, creating an exquisitely patterned glass-like structure. As crucial members of both marine and freshwater plankton communities, diatoms play a vital role in our ecosystems. The magnification used for this image was x400 at 35mm size, allowing us to appreciate the intricate details and patterns present within each individual diatom colony. This stunning photograph not only highlights the aesthetic appeal of these microscopic organisms but also serves as a reminder of their ecological significance. Captured by Science Photo Library's talented team, this print offers an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of botany and algae while marveling at nature's remarkable creations – colonial freshwater diatoms.

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