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shipssea history/document commissioning john paul jones navy
Document commissioning John Paul Jones as a US Navy captain
#media dmcs-5885259
ancient history/trireme used ancient greeks romans
A trireme, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans
#media dmcs-5878511
#media dmcs-5883248
shipssea history/sinking titanic
Sinking of the Titanic
#media dmcs-5886631
shipssea history/steering sailing ship stormy seas
Steering a sailing-ship through stormy seas
#media dmcs-5886595
shipssea history/great eastern laying transatlantic telegraph
"Great Eastern" laying transatlantic telegraph cable
#media dmcs-5886557
scienceinvention/undersea exploration 16th century europe
Undersea exploration in 16th-century Europe
#media dmcs-5885687
exploration/viking ship sea
Viking ship at sea
#media dmcs-5880189
shipssea history/towing erie canal barges hudson river
Towing Erie Canal barges on the Hudson River
#media dmcs-5886497
exploration/fleet viking raiders middle ages
Fleet of Viking raiders in the Middle Ages
#media dmcs-5880437
shipssea history/spanish pirates attacking english merchantmen
Spanish pirates attacking English merchantmen
#media dmcs-5886621
shipssea history/diver collecting amber baltic sea 1850s
Diver collecting amber in the Baltic Sea, 1850s
#media dmcs-5885529
ancient history/battle actium 31 bc
Battle of Actium, 31 BC
#media dmcs-5878505
shipssea history/pirates capturing ship
Pirates capturing a ship
#media dmcs-5886643
shipssea history/tran2a 00040
#media dmcs-5886615
shipssea history/american clipper ship great republic
American clipper ship "Great Republic"
#media dmcs-5886551
shipssea history/lighthouse warning clipper ship dangerous shores
Lighthouse warning a clipper ship of dangerous shores
#media dmcs-5886515
shipssea history/lake erie grain boat snowstorm
Lake Erie grain boat in a snowstorm
#media dmcs-5886455
shipssea history/english man of war 1646
English man-of-war, 1646
#media dmcs-5886433
shipssea history/seaport galveston texas 1800s
Seaport of Galveston, Texas, 1800s
#media dmcs-5886381
shipssea history/yacht club newport rhode island 1880s
Yacht club in Newport, Rhode Island, 1880s
#media dmcs-5886365
shipssea history/busn2a 00109
#media dmcs-5885555
military history/pnav2a 00033
#media dmcs-5882849
civil war us/evcw2a 00045
#media dmcs-5879583
shipssea history/cutaway view american warship
Cutaway view of an American warship
#media dmcs-5886473
shipssea history/whaling ship diagram 1800s
Whaling ship diagram, 1800s
#media dmcs-5885547
shipssea history/colonial shipyard
Colonial shipyard
#media dmcs-5886585
shipssea history/ship building new england 1800s
Ship-building in New England, 1800s
#media dmcs-5886561
shipssea history/naval battle british french 1790s
Naval battle between the British and French, 1790s
#media dmcs-5886555
shipssea history/carrack merchant ship late 1400s
Carrack, a merchant ship of the late 1400s
#media dmcs-5886545
shipssea history/pilgrims ship mayflower sea 1620
Pilgrims' ship "Mayflower" at sea, 1620
#media dmcs-5886459
shipssea history/french frigate 1700s
French frigate, 1700s
#media dmcs-5886431
shipssea history/battleship maine 1898
Battleship Maine, 1898
#media dmcs-5885423
military history/navy captain william bainbridge
US Navy Captain William Bainbridge
#media dmcs-5882865
mideast history/suez canal construction 1869
Suez Canal under construction, 1869
#media dmcs-5882586
fooddrink/drying salting fish colonial maine
Drying and salting fish in colonial Maine
#media dmcs-5880424
shipssea history/ship 1600s
Ship in the 1600s
#media dmcs-5886623
shipssea history/steamship ocean storm
Steamship in an ocean storm
#media dmcs-5886609
shipssea history/dutch ships arctic 1600s
Dutch ships in the Arctic, 1600s
#media dmcs-5886523
shipssea history/spanish galleon sea
Spanish galleon at sea
#media dmcs-5886487
shipssea history/fur seal hunt arctic 1800s
Fur seal hunt in the Arctic, 1800s
#media dmcs-5885503
canadian history/lobster boat off atlantic coast maine canada
Lobster boat off the Atlantic coast of Maine and Canada
#media dmcs-5885487
shipssea history/evnt2a 00047
#media dmcs-5885411
shipssea history/battleship iowa receiving prisoners spanish american
Battleship Iowa receiving prisoners, Spanish-American War
#media dmcs-5885397
shipssea history/evnt2a 00086
#media dmcs-5885387
shipssea history/evnt2a 00079
#media dmcs-5885385
shipssea history/ship explorer james cook 1700s
Ship of explorer James Cook, 1700s
#media dmcs-5885333
new york city/colonial new york harbor 1667
Colonial New York harbor, 1667
#media dmcs-5884279
india asia/merchant ship attacked chinese pirates
Merchant ship attacked by Chinese pirates
#media dmcs-5881710
shipssea history/american yacht mohawk
American yacht "Mohawk"
#media dmcs-5886511