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placeshistorical views/thomas jeffersons rotunda university virginia
Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda at the University of Virginia
placeshistorical views/union stockyards entrance chicago 1890s
Union Stockyards entrance, Chicago, 1890s
placeshistorical views/chicago worlds fair 1893
Chicago World's Fair, 1893
placeshistorical views/bowdoin college brunswick maine 1870s
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, 1870s
placeshistorical views/william mary college 1700s
William and Mary College, 1700s
placeshistorical views/fort dearborn site chicago
Fort Dearborn, on the site of Chicago
placeshistorical views/colonial savannah georgia 1700s
Colonial Savannah, Georgia, 1700s
placeshistorical views/fort dearborn chicago river 1812
Fort Dearborn on the Chicago River, 1812
placeshistorical views/chicagos state street 1890s
Chicago's State Street, 1890s
placeshistorical views/riverboats shreveport louisiana 1870s
Riverboats at Shreveport, Louisiana, 1870s
placeshistorical views/leadville colorado boom town 1870s
Leadville, a Colorado boom town, 1870s
placeshistorical views/library congress 1870s
Library of Congress, 1870s
placeshistorical views/downtown atlanta late 1800s
Downtown Atlanta in the late 1800s
placeshistorical views/state capitol boise idaho late 1800s
State capitol in Boise, Idaho, late 1800s
placeshistorical views/rome georgia mid 1800s
Rome, Georgia, in the mid-1800s
placeshistorical views/plymouth colony 1622
Plymouth Colony in 1622
placeshistorical views/nantucket fishing village 1800s
Nantucket fishing village in the 1800s
placeshistorical views/native hawaiian village kauai 1800s
Native Hawaiian village on Kauai, 1800s
placeshistorical views/west point artillery drill 1850s
West Point artillery drill, 1850s
placeshistorical views/washington dc original capitol building 1810
Washington DC and the original Capitol building, 1810
placeshistorical views/brandywine creek industry delaware 1800s
Brandywine Creek industry, Delaware, 1800s
placeshistorical views/mississippi river city minneapolis 1870s
Mississippi River and the city of Minneapolis, 1870s
placeshistorical views/virginia city nevada 1870s
Virginia City, Nevada, 1870s
placeshistorical views/colonial house charles towne landing south
Colonial house at Charles Towne Landing, South Carolina
placeshistorical views/san antonio river walk 1800s
San Antonio River Walk in the 1800s
placeshistorical views/colonial capitol williamsburg virginia
Colonial capitol at Williamsburg, Virginia
placeshistorical views/busy seattle harbor circa 1890
Busy Seattle harbor, circa 1890
placeshistorical views/hiram college 1800s
Hiram College in the 1800s
placeshistorical views/erie canal locks
Erie Canal locks
placeshistorical views/transcontinental railroad wyoming frontier town
Transcontinental railroad in a Wyoming frontier town
pioneers/wichita kansas 1870s
Wichita, Kansas, 1870s
placeshistorical views/spokane washington 1880s
Spokane, Washington, 1880s
placeshistorical views/baltimore 1870s
Baltimore in the 1870s
placeshistorical views/boats delaware river near new castle 1880s
Boats on the Delaware River near New Castle, 1880s
placeshistorical views/cincinnati ohio 1870s
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1870s
placeshistorical views/british armys meschianza philadelphia 1778
British army's Meschianza in Philadelphia, 1778
placeshistorical views/newport rhode island beach scene 1870s
Newport, Rhode Island, beach scene, 1870s
placeshistorical views/knoxville tennessee 1870s
Knoxville, Tennessee, 1870s
placeshistorical views/texas state capitol 1881 austin
Texas state capitol before 1881, Austin
placeshistorical views/vermonts green mountains overlooking lake
Vermont's Green Mountains overlooking Lake Champlain
shipssea history/seaport galveston texas 1800s
Seaport of Galveston, Texas, 1800s
shipssea history/yacht club newport rhode island 1880s
Yacht club in Newport, Rhode Island, 1880s
placeshistorical views/oberlin college 1890s
Oberlin College in the 1890s
placeshistorical views/erie canal barge troy new york
Erie Canal barge at Troy, New York
placeshistorical views/new london connecticut 1776
New London, Connecticut, 1776
native americans/eleazer wheelock founding dartmouth college 1770
Eleazer Wheelock founding Dartmouth College, 1770
governmentpolitics/visitors arriving white house carriages 1870s
Visitors arriving at the White House in carriages, 1870s
governmentpolitics/us treasury building washington dc 1850s
U.S. Treasury Building, Washington DC, 1850s
placeshistorical views/department state army navy washington dc 1882
Department of State and the Army and Navy, Washington DC, 1882
placeshistorical views/washington dc capitol hill 1800
Washington DC from Capitol Hill in 1800
placeshistorical views/white house treasury building 1890s
White House and Treasury Building, 1890s
placeshistorical views/washington dc 1860
Washington DC about 1860
placeshistorical views/chicago street downtown 1890s
Chicago street downtown in the 1890s
placeshistorical views/traditional hawaiian home 1800s
Traditional Hawaiian home, 1800s
placeshistorical views/downtown chicago 1850s
Downtown Chicago, 1850s
placeshistorical views/life boston massachusetts 1660s
Life in Boston, Massachusetts, 1660s
placeshistorical views/city chicago 1860
City of Chicago in 1860
placeshistorical views/first colonists boston massachusetts 1630s
First colonists of Boston, Massachusetts, 1630s
placeshistorical views/puritans church boston 1630s
Puritans' church in Boston, 1630s
placeshistorical views/colonial trading post kent island maryland
Colonial trading post on Kent Island, Maryland
placeshistorical views/founding baltimore maryland
Founding of Baltimore, Maryland
placeshistorical views/delaware river waterfront philadelphia 1750s
Delaware River waterfront of Philadelphia, 1750s
placeshistorical views/colonists arrival jamestown virginia 1607
Colonists arrival at Jamestown, Virginia, 1607
placeshistorical views/new england textile factory 1800s
New England textile factory, 1800s
placeshistorical views/rock creek washington dc 1800s
Rock Creek in Washington DC, 1800s
placeshistorical views/early design washington monument 1860s
Early design for the Washington Monument, 1860s
placeshistorical views/new library congress building 1890s
New Library of Congress building, 1890s
placeshistorical views/mauna loa eruption 1870s
Mauna Loa eruption, 1870s
placeshistorical views/hawaiians mid 1800s
Hawaiians in the mid-1800s
placeshistorical views/state capitol springfield illinois 1850s
State capitol in Springfield, Illinois, 1850s
placeshistorical views/early view white house 1807
Early view of the White House, 1807
placeshistorical views/new years reception white house 1880s
New Year's reception at the White House, 1880s
placeshistorical views/chicago river 1890s
Chicago River, 1890s
placeshistorical views/stores wabash avenue chicago 1890s
Stores on Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 1890s
placeshistorical views/spanish colonial days st augustine florida
Spanish colonial days in St. Augustine, Florida
placeshistorical views/dearborn avenue chicago 1890s
Dearborn Avenue, Chicago, 1890s
placeshistorical views/white house 1860
White House about 1860
placeshistorical views/chicagos michigan avenue 1890s
Chicago's Michigan Avenue, 1890s
placeshistorical views/hawaiians dancing visitors 1850s
Hawaiians dancing for visitors, 1850s
placeshistorical views/chicagos palmer house 1890s
Chicago's Palmer House, 1890s
placeshistorical views/chicago lumber wharves 1880s
Chicago lumber wharves, 1880s
placeshistorical views/downtown indianapolis 1870s
Downtown Indianapolis, 1870s
placeshistorical views/waikiki village hawaii 1870s
Waikiki village, Hawaii, 1870s
placeshistorical views/ohio river new albany indiana 1870s
Ohio River at New Albany, Indiana, 1870s
placeshistorical views/washington dc 1840s
Washington DC in the 1840s
placeshistorical views/state capitol indiana 1850s
State capitol of Indiana, 1850s
placeshistorical views/new orleans docks electric lights 1880s
New Orleans docks under electric lights, 1880s
placeshistorical views/market french quarter new orleans 1870s
Market in the French Quarter of New Orleans, 1870s
placeshistorical views/boston massachusetts 1890s
Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1890s
placeshistorical views/chicago grain elevators loading ships 1870s
Chicago grain elevators loading ships, 1870s
placeshistorical views/settlement boston 1630s
Settlement at Boston, 1630s
placeshistorical views/boston streetcars 1890s
Boston streetcars, 1890s
placeshistorical views/witchcraft salem village title page 1692
Witchcraft at Salem Village title page, 1692
placeshistorical views/plymouth colonists going church
Plymouth colonists going to church
placeshistorical views/mayflower arrives plymouth 1620
Mayflower arrives at Plymouth, 1620
placeshistorical views/castillo san marcos st augustine florida
Castillo San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida
placeshistorical views/cape cod wilderness pilgrims
Cape Cod wilderness as the Pilgrims found it
placeshistorical views/nantucket 1850s
Nantucket in the 1850s
placeshistorical views/white house 1890s
White House in the 1890s


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