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european history/medieval europe start crusades
Medieval Europe at the start of the Crusades
european history/marco polo leaving venice 1300s
Marco Polo leaving Venice, 1300s
european history/gutenbergs printing press 1450s
Gutenberg's printing press, 1450s
european history/evrv2a 00075
european history/medieval english shield designs
Medieval English shield designs
european history/haakon haakonson brought safety birchlegs 1200s
Haakon Haakonson brought to safety by the Birchlegs, 1200s
european history/st marks cathedral venice 1800s
St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice, 1800s
european history/man dressed traditional celt finnish attire
Man dressed in traditional Celt or Finnish attire
european history/bay naples italy 1800s
Bay of Naples, Italy, 1800s
european history/jousting knights
Jousting knights
european history/medieval dining room
Medieval dining room
european history/mozart sister playing empress maria theresa
Mozart and his sister playing for Empress Maria Theresa
european history/medieval castle
Medieval castle
european history/medieval knight horse
Medieval knight and his horse
european history/storyteller reciting viking sagas
Storyteller reciting Viking sagas
european history/viking attack paris france 885 ad
Viking attack on Paris, France, 885 AD
european history/dutch city leiden
Dutch city of Leiden
european history/feudal lord instructing peasant workers
Feudal lord instructing peasant workers
european history/longbowmen years war
Longbowmen during the Hundred Years' War
european history/golden tower seville spain
Golden Tower of Seville, Spain
european history/geur2a 00057
european history/saint moritz switzerland 1800s
Saint Moritz, Switzerland, 1800s
european history/geur2a 00123
european history/geur2a 00139
european history/dutch canal tow path 1800s
Dutch canal and tow-path, 1800s
european history/geur2d 00047
european history/viking raid olaf i
Viking raid under Olaf I
european history/teutons celebrating victory ancient times
Teutons celebrating a victory in ancient times
european history/serbian rebellion ottoman empire 1804
Serbian rebellion against Ottoman Empire, 1804
european history/dutch womens clothing 1600s
Dutch women's clothing, 1600s
european history/russian military uniforms 1900
Russian military uniforms, 1900
european history/medieval battle scene
Medieval battle scene
european history/knights medieval germany
Knights of medieval Germany
european history/medieval knight page squire
Medieval knight with his page and squire
european history/medieval monks studying geometry copying
Medieval monks studying geometry and copying a manuscript
european history/seljuk turks defeated dorylaeum first crusade
Seljuk Turks defeated at Dorylaeum, First Crusade
european history/agriculture middle ages
Agriculture in the Middle Ages
european history/medieval university hierarchy
Medieval university hierarchy
european history/medieval squire helping knight armor
Medieval squire helping a knight into his armor
european history/medieval peasant
Medieval peasant
european history/medieval knight bowing lord
Medieval knight bowing before his lord
european history/mountain climbers alps 1880s
Mountain climbers in the Alps, 1880s
european history/alpine mountain climbers 1800s
Alpine mountain-climbers, 1800s
european history/country life medieval europe
Country life in medieval Europe
european history/battle blenheim war spanish succession
Battle of Blenheim, War of Spanish Succession
british history/medieval manor fields
Medieval manor and fields
european history/louis napoleon battle solferino 1859
Louis Napoleon at the Battle of Solferino, 1859
european history/congress berlin 1878
Congress of Berlin, 1878
european history/bronze age europeans
Bronze Age Europeans
european history/nordic runestone jutland
Nordic runestone in Jutland
european history/helvetian migration switzerland
Helvetian migration into Switzerland
european history/barbarian tribesmen roman empire
Barbarian tribesmen of the Roman Empire
european history/viking king
Viking king
european history/stone age hunters
Stone Age hunters
european history/starving peasants begging russia 1890s
Starving peasants begging in Russia, 1890s
european history/enormous russian cannon 1800s
Enormous Russian cannon, 1800s
european history/rock gibraltar british empire
Rock of Gibraltar in the British Empire
european history/imperial flag arms russia 1900
Imperial flag and arms of Russia, 1900
european history/russian nobility 18th century
Russian nobility of the 18th century
european history/geur2a 00120
european history/alhambra palace reflecting pool granada spain
Alhambra palace and reflecting pool, Granada, Spain
european history/medieval prince attendants
Medieval prince and his attendants
european history/medieval juggler minstrels
Medieval juggler and minstrels
european history/medieval milking churning
Medieval milking and churning
european history/traders bartering middle ages
Traders bartering in the Middle Ages
european history/medieval crossbow
Medieval crossbow
european history/mountaineering alps 1800s
Mountaineering in the Alps, 1800s
european history/medieval rose garden
Medieval rose garden
european history/peace westphalia ending thirty years war 1648
Peace of Westphalia, ending the Thirty Years' War, 1648
european history/franco prussian war refugees 1870
Franco-Prussian War refugees, 1870
businesscommerce/shops medieval french town
Shops in a medieval French town
businesscommerce/clergy collecting tax medieval merchants
Clergy collecting tax from medieval merchants
businesscommerce/making coins middle ages
Making coins in the Middle Ages
european history/cape verde islands atlantic ocean
Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
european history/crusaders entering constantinople
Crusaders entering Constantinople
european history/proy2a 00114
european history/first crusade begun peter hermit 1095
First Crusade begun by Peter the Hermit, 1095
european history/peasant paying rent late middle ages
Peasant paying rent in the late Middle Ages
european history/garden irrigation 1500s
Garden irrigation in the 1500s
european history/busn2a 00135