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jazz age club/dolly sisters new york
The Dolly Sisters, New York
#media dmcs-5870947
jazz age club/art deco sketch gesmar showgirl 1926
Art deco sketch by Gesmar of showgirl, 1926
#media dmcs-5872715
jazz age club/ad louis vuitton luggage 1935 paris
Advert for Louis Vuitton luggage, 1935, Paris
#media dmcs-5872148
jazz age club/ad louis sherry french chocolate bon bons 1928
Advert for Louis Sherry French chocolate and Bon Bons, 1928
#media dmcs-5872130
jazz age club/rocky twins mistinguett paris miss 1929
The Rocky Twins with Mistinguett in Paris Miss, 1929
#media dmcs-5872661
jazz age club/ad grand marnier liquer 1938 paris
Advert for Grand Marnier liquer, 1938, Paris
#media dmcs-5872146
jazz age club/ad rolls royce 1936
Advert for Rolls-Royce, 1936
#media dmcs-5871996
jazz age club/programme cover paris qui revue
Programme cover for Paris Qui Revue
#media dmcs-5871303
jazz age club/rocky twins dressed drag dolly sisters paris
The Rocky Twins dressed in drag as the Dolly Sisters, Paris
#media dmcs-5872659
jazz age club/ad el bart dry gin 1915
Advert for El Bart Dry Gin, 1915
#media dmcs-5872190
jazz age club/tableau les princess legende la grande folie
Tableau 'Les Princess de Legende' in La Grande Folie at the
#media dmcs-5871583
jazz age club/portrait dolly sisters paris
Portrait of the Dolly Sisters, Paris
#media dmcs-5870957
jazz age club/aragon ballroom chicago
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago
#media dmcs-5873129
jazz age club/ballroom dance hall hotel excelsior
Ballroom or dance hall in the Hotel Excelsior
#media dmcs-5873047
jazz age club/en pleine folie folies bergere
En Pleine Folie at the Folies Bergere
#media dmcs-5872853
jazz age club/art deco illustration chorus line charles gesmar
Art deco illustration of chorus line by Charles Gesmar, 1924
#media dmcs-5872583
jazz age club/art deco illustration summer fashions 1923
Art deco illustration of summer fashions 1923
#media dmcs-5872426
jazz age club/art deco sketch fish
Art deco sketch by 'Fish'
#media dmcs-5872416
jazz age club/ad jean patou perfume 1926 paris
Advert for Jean Patou perfume, 1926, Paris
#media dmcs-5871889
jazz age club/ruth bayton paris 1927
Ruth Bayton, Paris, 1927
#media dmcs-5871657
jazz age club/wine cellar pocccardi restaurant paris
Wine cellar of Pocccardi Restaurant, Paris
#media dmcs-5873175
jazz age club/trianon ballroom chicago
Trianon Ballroom, Chicago
#media dmcs-5873131
jazz age club/cover dance magazine january 1930
Cover of Dance magazine, January 1930
#media dmcs-5872749
jazz age club/rocky twins dressed sailors
The Rocky Twins dressed as sailors
#media dmcs-5872673
jazz age club/programme cover lady good 1926
Programme cover for Lady Be Good, 1926
#media dmcs-5871219
jazz age club/grand hotel des bains lido venice
The Grand Hotel Des Bains, Lido, Venice
#media dmcs-5871173
jazz age club/sketch dolly sisters paris
Sketch of the Dolly Sisters, Paris
#media dmcs-5871037
jazz age club/dolly sisters chorus diamond tableaux
Dolly Sisters and chorus in Diamond tableaux
#media dmcs-5871035
jazz age club/dolly sisters london
The Dolly Sisters, London
#media dmcs-5870981
jazz age club/menu card casino parisien chicago
Menu card - Casino Parisien, Chicago
#media dmcs-5873205
jazz age club/folies femmes french casino
Folies de Femmes at the French Casino
#media dmcs-5873201
jazz age club/paradise room reisenwebers new york
Paradise Room at Reisenweber's, New York
#media dmcs-5873133
jazz age club/sketch entrance savoy hotel 1926
Sketch of the entrance to the Savoy Hotel, 1926
#media dmcs-5872520
jazz age club/sketch sauve dressed gentlemen 1920s
Sketch of sauve, well dressed gentlemen, 1920s
#media dmcs-5872450
jazz age club/sketch vips casanova night spot biarritz 1920s
Sketch of VIPs in Casanova night spot, Biarritz, 1920s
#media dmcs-5872446
jazz age club/ad lincoln motor company 1926
Advert for Lincoln Motor Company, 1926
#media dmcs-5872186
jazz age club/ad new yorker magazine 1925 new york
Advert for The New Yorker Magazine, 1925, New York
#media dmcs-5872106
jazz age club/oddeninos hotel restaurant london
Oddenino's Hotel & Restaurant, London
#media dmcs-5873093
jazz age club/restaurant frascati london
Restaurant Frascati, London
#media dmcs-5873071
jazz age club/art deco illustration girl christmas tree 1920s
Art deco illustration of girl as a Christmas tree, 1920s
#media dmcs-5872587
jazz age club/art deco illustration showgirl entitled pearls
Art deco illustration for showgirl entitled 'Pearls', 1920s
#media dmcs-5872430
jazz age club/ad booths gin 1937
Advert for Booths Gin, 1937
#media dmcs-5872138
jazz age club/ad jack barclay rolls royce 1930s
Advert for Jack Barclay & Rolls-Royce, 1930s
#media dmcs-5871974
jazz age club/ad debenham freebody knickers pajama suit 192
Advert for Debenham & Freebody knickers and pajama suit, 192
#media dmcs-5871964
jazz age club/art deco cover theatre world february 1925
Art deco cover for Theatre World, February 1925
#media dmcs-5871733
jazz age club/showgirls coup folie folies bergere p
Three showgirls in Un Coup de Folie at the Folies Bergere, P
#media dmcs-5871593
jazz age club/art deco illustration christmas card 1920s
Art deco illustration for Christmas Card, 1920s
#media dmcs-7178543
jazz age club/marriage jenny dolly bernard vinissky
Marriage of Jenny Dolly to Bernard Vinissky
#media dmcs-5873287
jazz age club/mistinguett cherry brandy regals dolly tree
Mistinguett for Cherry Brandy Regals (Dolly Tree)
#media dmcs-5873125


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