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coal mining/young collier saundersfoot pembrokeshire
Young collier, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474307
coal mining/coal miners shaft lift south wales
Coal miners in shaft lift, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471303
coal mining/coal durham pit pony
Coal/Durham Pit Pony
#media dmcs-580016
coal mining/coal face 1869
At the Coal Face/1869
#media dmcs-580004
coal mining/picking coal waste tip 1921 strike south wales
Picking coal from waste tip during 1921 strike, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471429
coal mining/coal face 1842
At the Coal Face/1842
#media dmcs-611036
coal mining/queen elizabeth ii visit coal
Queen Elizabeth II visit coal mine
#media dmcs-7178043
coal mining/bank hall colliery mining
Bank Hall Colliery, Mining
#media dmcs-4476279
coal mining/marine colliery cwm ebbw vale gwent south
Marine Colliery, Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474583
coal mining/derelict tirpentwys colliery pontypool
Derelict Tirpentwys Colliery, Pontypool, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474415
coal mining/men west pit elliot colliery new tredegar
Men at West Pit, Elliot Colliery, New Tredegar, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474261
coal mining/miners owner hook colliery pembrokeshire
Miners and owner, Hook Colliery, Pembrokeshire, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474181
coal mining/miners working coalface south wales
Miners working at the coalface, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471397
coal mining/aerial view tirpentwys colliery pontypool
Aerial view of Tirpentwys Colliery, Pontypool, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471329
coal mining/miners pit bottom tirpentwys colliery south
Miners at the pit bottom, Tirpentwys Colliery, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471313
coal mining/welsh colliery 1960
Welsh Colliery/1960
#media dmcs-4322327
coal mining/silhouette sending coals newcastle
Silhouette, Sending Coals to Newcastle
#media dmcs-7241577
coal mining/coal mining horse
Coal mining with a horse
#media dmcs-7229229
coal mining/bank hall colliery mining
Bank Hall Colliery, Mining
#media dmcs-4476289
coal mining/cwmpennar colliery glamorgan south wales
Cwmpennar Colliery, Glamorgan, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474611
coal mining/skewen colliery workmen glamorgan south wales
Skewen Colliery workmen, Glamorgan, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474317
coal mining/senghenydd colliery canary glamorgan south
Senghenydd Colliery canary, Glamorgan, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474315
coal mining/men dram elliot colliery new tredegar
Men with dram, Elliot Colliery, New Tredegar, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474291
coal mining/aberdare colliery glamorgan south wales
Aberdare Colliery, Glamorgan, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474287
coal mining/men dram hook colliery pembrokeshire south
Men with dram, Hook Colliery, Pembrokeshire, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474221
coal mining/repairing pit props plas y coed level south
Repairing pit props, Plas y Coed Level, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471409
coal mining/miner riding drams tirpentwys colliery
Miner riding drams, Tirpentwys Colliery, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471379
coal mining/welsh miner coal pushing truck
Welsh miner in coal mine pushing truck
#media dmcs-4470227
coal mining/soldiers brynkinalt colliery 1912
Soldiers at Brynkinalt Colliery, 1912
#media dmcs-4433187
coal mining/burnley miners 1956
Burnley Miners/1956
#media dmcs-4322455
coal mining/loading coal barges
Loading Coal Barges
#media dmcs-4320542
coal mining/medieval french mining
Medieval French Mining
#media dmcs-615811
coal mining/miners lift shaft
Miners in a Lift Shaft
#media dmcs-612874
coal mining/1837 coal
#media dmcs-607478
coal mining/coal narrow boats
Coal Narrow Boats
#media dmcs-605427
transport/trains/coal train
#media dmcs-603655
coal mining/miners ballot
Miners Ballot
#media dmcs-7195649
coal mining/pit ponies 1869
#media dmcs-7135589
coal mining/victoria colliery ebbw vale gwent south wales
Victoria Colliery, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474589
coal mining/police tonypandy colliery glamorgan south wales
Police at a Tonypandy colliery, Glamorgan, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474577
coal mining/glyn pits colliery near pontypool gwent
Glyn Pits Colliery, near Pontypool, Gwent, South Wales
#media dmcs-4474375
coal mining/surface worker south wales colliery
Surface worker, South Wales colliery
#media dmcs-4471507
coal mining/middle aged miners lamps south wales
Two middle aged miners with their lamps, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471415
coal mining/miners baldwins clog legging level south wales
Miners at Baldwin's Clog and Legging Level, South Wales
#media dmcs-4471337
coal mining/mining coal
Mining Coal
#media dmcs-4428297
coal mining/off
How are you Off
#media dmcs-4372967
coal mining/wooden rail
Wooden Rail in Mine
#media dmcs-4345864
coal mining/selling small coals
Selling Small Coals
#media dmcs-4340994
coal mining/class distinctions coal
Class Distinctions/Coal
#media dmcs-4340340
coal mining/miner using drill 1956
Miner Using Drill/1956
#media dmcs-4322351
coal mining/coal horse works whim
Coal/Horse Works Whim
#media dmcs-4321997
coal mining/coal exchange london
Coal Exchange, London
#media dmcs-4321373
coal mining/lancashire colliery
Lancashire Colliery
#media dmcs-4308123
coal mining/workings 1880s
#media dmcs-615821
coal mining/women coal mine 1840
Women in Coal Mine/1840
#media dmcs-615360
coal mining/talke on the hill
Talke-On-The-Hill Mine
#media dmcs-611382
coal mining/mining safety lamps
Mining Safety Lamps
#media dmcs-605191
coal mining/coaling jamaica
Coaling at Jamaica
#media dmcs-595084
coal mining/coal seller
Coal Seller
#media dmcs-579623