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fine art/apsley house paintings/landseer illicit highland whisky j040064
fine art/apsley house paintings/allan battle waterloo j040105
fine art/kenwood house paintings/wright dressing kitten j960062
fine art/paintings outside london/wilkin battle hastings k021254
fine art/apsley house paintings/caravaggio musician n070517
fine art/apsley house paintings/steen physicians visit j040066
fine art/tableux/teniers interior cowshed n070676
heritage/english stately homes apsley house artworks apsley house/grammatica gamblers n150069
fine art/tableux/van ostade courtyard inn n070679
heritage/english stately homes audley end house artwork audley end/brueghel life basket vase flowers k980338
fine art/tableux/dorset hunting dp173067
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood iveagh bequest/boucher le pecheur j910023
fine art/apsley house paintings/wilkie chelsea pensioners reading waterloo despatch
fine art/apsley house paintings/van der neer boys trapped bird n070551
fine art/apsley house paintings/teniers harvest scene n070564
fine art/apsley house paintings/duyster musical party n070496
fine art/apsley house paintings/maes milkwoman n070482
fine art/paintings outside london/bakhuizen landing william orange scheveningen
fine art/apsley house paintings/swebach passage danube napoleon n070528
fine art/paintings outside london/spring k010691
fine art/paintings outside london/autumn k010693
fine art/paintings outside london/winter k010694
fine art/paintings london/may day j860384
fine art/paintings london/spanish boy dog j920011
fine art/apsley house paintings/lecomte duke wellington visiting outposts soignes
fine art/paintings london/leslie jeanie deans pleading queen caroline
fine art/kenwood house paintings/snyders figures fruit game j910535
fine art/kenwood house paintings/pater fete champetre j910571
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds gypsy fortune teller j980053
fine art/apsley house paintings/teniers village merrymaking country inn n070476
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton itinerant singers k030522
fine art/apsley house paintings/velazquez young men eating humble table n070556
fine art/apsley house paintings/steen egg dance j040065
fine art/kenwood house paintings/landseer hon e s russell brother j960119
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough shepherd boys dogs fighting j920222
fine art/paintings london/mola landscape shepherd shepherdess j920065
fine art/apsley house paintings/meulen colbert family n070474
fine art/apsley house paintings/meulen louis xiv siege n070471
fine art/apsley house paintings/lingelbach landscape travellers resting n070465
fine art/apsley house paintings/teniers lime kiln figures n070547
fine art/apsley house paintings/teniers peasants playing bowls n070543
fine art/apsley house paintings/du jardin riverbank n070538
fine art/apsley house paintings/teniers landscape shepherds cattle ducks
fine art/apsley house paintings/teniers flemish village festival n070545
fine art/apsley house paintings/hondt encampment soldiers playing cards n070588
fine art/apsley house paintings/brueghel travellers country road n070590
fine art/paintings outside london/summer k010692
fine art/apsley house paintings/platzer death cleopatra n070470
fine art/kenwood house paintings/weenix painter family j910533
fine art/kenwood house paintings/pater fete champetre j920215
fine art/paintings london/gravelot le lecteur judicious lover k030756
fine art/apsley house paintings/steen dissolute household n070586
fine art/apsley house paintings/steen wedding party n070486
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boucher flower gatherers j910024
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton scene fair ground k030526
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton recruits k030525
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton volunteers marching 1860 k030524
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton scene alls ends k030523
fine art/paintings outside london/winterhalter la siesta k080017
fine art/apsley house paintings/hooch intruder n070536
fine art/apsley house paintings/burnet greenwich pensioners commemorating trafalgar
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton london 1865 k030521
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton deserter k030520
fine art/paintings outside london/casteels life monkey j960169
fine art/paintings london/defence scutari j920276
fine art/apsley house paintings/meulen french generals arriving town n070472
fine art/apsley house paintings/wouwerman camp scene bugler farriers booth
fine art/apsley house paintings/gysels landscape figures crossing brook n070537
fine art/apsley house paintings/brueghel road scene travellers cattle n070595
fine art/apsley house paintings/wouwerman departure hawking party n070656
fine art/apsley house paintings/roos shepherd cattle n070654
fine art/paintings outside london/skaters k040884
fine art/paintings outside london/donny interior figures k040877
fine art/house paintings/hughes life j970161
fine art/apsley house paintings/platzer anthony cleopatrabattle actium
fine art/paintings london/salutation j940238
fine art/paintings london/vanderbank don quixote damsel bier j920086
fine art/paintings london/vanderbank don quixote washing beard j920085
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton death bed scene k030527
fine art/apsley house paintings/hooch musical party n070685
fine art/apsley house paintings/victors village scene k040764
fine art/apsley house paintings/lingelbach landscape travellers resting