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silent film stills/titanic re creation 1912 hollywood re creation
TITANIC: RE-CREATION, 1912. A Hollywood re-creation of the sinking of the 'Titanic' in 1912
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titanic/titanic first class ticket first class
TITANIC: FIRST CLASS TICKET. First class ticket for the Titanic held by the Reverand Stuart Holden
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titanic/margaret molly brown 1867 1932 unsinkable
MARGARET 'MOLLY' BROWN (1867-1932). The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown
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titanic/titanic soap ad 1912 white star liner
TITANIC: SOAP AD, 1912. The White Star liner 'Titanic' used in an English
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titanic/thomas andrews 1873 1912 irish businessman
THOMAS ANDREWS (1873-1912). Irish businessman and builder of the 'Titanic.' Photograph
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titanic/madeleine force astor 1893 1940 second
MADELEINE FORCE ASTOR (1893-1940). Second wife and widow of John Jacob Astor IV
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titanic/titanic iceberg 1912 ice sank titanic
TITANIC: ICEBERG, 1912. The ice which sank the "Titanic." The single cross
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titanic/titanic life boats 1912 uncrowded life boats titanic
TITANIC: LIFE-BOATS, 1912. Uncrowded life-boats of the "Titanic," 1912
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titanic/titanic band 1912 band played onboard titanic
TITANIC: BAND, 1912. The band that played onboard the 'Titanic
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titanic/titanic j bruce ismay joseph bruce ismay 1862 1937
TITANIC: J. BRUCE ISMAY. Joseph Bruce Ismay (1862-1937), chairman and managing director
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titanic/titanic menu 1912 dinner menu first class
TITANIC: MENU, 1912. Dinner menu for first-class passengers on board the White Star
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titanic/titanic 1912 cross section titanic white star liner sank
THE TITANIC, 1912. Cross section of the Titanic, the White Star liner that sank, 14-15 April 1912
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titanic/titanic survivor 1912 sidney stuart collett
TITANIC: SURVIVOR, 1912. Sidney Stuart Collett, a survivor of RMS 'Titanic
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titanic/titanic rescued 1912 rescued titanic
TITANIC: RESCUED, 1912. Rescued "Titanic" passengers aboard the "Carpathia," Mr
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titanic/titanic sinking 1912 contemporary sketches
TITANIC: SINKING, 1912. Contemporary sketches by a survivor of the sinking of the "Titanic
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titanic/titanic construction 1912 workers assembling
TITANIC: CONSTRUCTION, 1912. Workers assembling the propeller shafts of the RMS 'Titanic'
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titanic/titanic 1912 white star liner titanic
THE 'TITANIC,' 1912. The White Star liner 'Titanic' photographed
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titanic/margaret molly brown 1867 1932 unsinkable
MARGARET 'MOLLY' BROWN (1867-1932). The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown
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titanic/titanic survivors 1912 survivors sinking rms titanic
TITANIC: SURVIVORS, 1912. Survivors of the sinking of the 'RMS Titanic,' 1912
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titanic/titanic construction c1910 view olympic
TITANIC: CONSTRUCTION, c1910. View of the 'Olympic' (left) and 'Titanic'
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titanic/titanic harold bride second wireless operator titanic
TITANIC: HAROLD BRIDE. Second wireless operator of the "Titanic," effectively
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titanic/titanic harold bride feet crushed frostbitten
TITANIC: HAROLD BRIDE. With his feet crushed and frostbitten, second wireless operator
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