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technology/medieval water mill water mill manuscript illumination
technology/huygens clock 1724 pendulum clock invented
technology/kinetophone 1895 man looking kinetophone wearing
technology/bell dom pedro 1876 inventor alexander graham
technology/first water closet 1596 first water closet
technology/bell laboratory 1884 bell telephone laboratory
technology/pan american exposition birdseye view pan american
technology/typewriter keys 1921 typewriter keys photograph
technology/pan american exposition machinery building pan american
technology/pan american exposition art gallery building
technology/pan american exposition manufacturers building
technology/pan american exposition new york state building
technology/photographers c1920 photographers taking others
technology/submachine gun 1920 target used f
technology/ad telephone 1901 american magazine ad new
technology/ocean depths 1888 map showing depths western
technology/current meter 1888 pillsburys instrument measuring
technology/watchmakers 1869 workers assembling parts pocket
technology/heliotrope 1888 surveying tool using mirror
technology/watchmaker 1869 watchmaker baking dials elgin
technology/watchmaker 1869 machine used cut watch wheel teeth
technology/watchmaker 1869 american watchmakers train room
technology/watchmaker 1869 american watchmaker punching wheels
technology/skull watch skull watch owned mary queen scots
technology/bollee carriage 1898 dr casgrains bollee
technology/clock clepsydra antique water clock engraving
technology/rotary engine 1898 willerton shortliffs improved
technology/mitering tool 1867 diagram mitering tool engraving
technology/scientific american 1867 cover scientific american
technology/krupp cannon 1867 diagram krupp cannon exhibited
technology/viviscope 1896 viviscope creates illusion moving
technology/stereoscope 1896 an inverting stereoscope
technology/daguerreotypist 1843 daguerreotypist studio
technology/address machine 1858 machine invented james
technology/flash photography 1865 demonstration flash photography
technology/daguerreotype poem 1843 lines written seeing
technology/daugherty typewriter 1895 daugherty typewriter
technology/daugherty typewriter 1895 principal parts daugherty
technology/daugherty typewriter 1895 view daugherty typewriter
technology/electricity insulated metallic spheres electrified
technology/telegraph operators c1912 students practicing
technology/telegraph 1833 first electromagnetic telegraph
technology/battery 18th century electric battery composed
technology/electricity leyden jar charge produced leyden jar
technology/telegraph 1860 communicator receiver military
technology/leyden jar leyden jar connected electricity conductor
technology/atlantic cable parade 1858 the atlantic cable
technology/columbian exposition 1893 german village featuring
technology/photographer 1877 the season niagara falls
technology/photographer 1864 the photographer engraving
technology/amateur photographers 1884 sketches amateur
technology/photographer 1873 the traveling photographer
technology/police photographer 1873 the bashful model
technology/traveling photographer the traveling photographer
technology/photography school group photographer taking
technology/jan szczepanik 1872 1926 polish scientist inventor
technology/heating system 1881 american patent steam heating
technology/magazine stove 1880 american patent magazine
technology/magazine stove 1875 american patent magazine stove
technology/heating system 1870 american patent hot air system
technology/gas stove 1880 american patent gas cooking stove
technology/portable range 1875 american patent portable range
technology/hot water oven 1875 american patent hot water
technology/chinese compass magnetic compass developed china
technology/wardenclyffe tower c1910 wardenclyffe tower
technology/nebraska photo wagon solomon d butchers photography
technology/transcontinental telephone final pole transcontinental
technology/alexander graham bell bell new york end first
technology/marconi company 1907 marconis wireless telegraph
technology/bell telephone sign c1899 bell pay phone sign
technology/charles david herrold 1875 1948 known doc
technology/new york telephone poles telephone poles erected
technology/electricity generator illustration direct current
technology/electric lamp 1908 woman pulling switch electric
technology/telegraph operators c1912 telegraph operators
technology/russia windmill c1885 view windmills omsk russia
technology/holland windmill c1906 boy standing canal windmill
technology/worlds fair windmills various windmills display
technology/berlin windmill view windmill potsdam berlin
technology/holland windmill scenic view windmills holland
technology/holland windmill view spaarne windmill haarlem
technology/holland windmill view windmills noordendijk
technology/new york windmill c1905 group people posing
technology/children camera c1900 group children crowded
technology/muybridge locomotion photographic study series
technology/typewriter 1875 drawing american wr edelen
technology/film set 1922 margaret gorman miss america 1921
technology/newsreel cameramen 1921 newsreel cameramen jack
technology/photography studio c1890 women photographed
technology/couple camera c1915 american couple camera stream
technology/florence harding 1860 1924 wife president warren
technology/young photographer c1915 young girl photographs
technology/photographers 1922 american politician lawyer hays
technology/photographers c1915 group photographers washington
technology/photographer c1915 photographer camera tripod
technology/photographer c1915 photographer washington d
technology/photographer c1915 photographer camera washington d
technology/photographers c1915 american photographers cameras
technology/photographer c1915 american photographer camera


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