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technology/medieval water mill water mill manuscript
MEDIEVAL WATER MILL. A water mill. Manuscript illumination from a Hortus Deliciarum
#media dmcs-12402330
technology/kinetophone 1895 man looking kinetophone
KINETOPHONE, 1895. A man looking into a Kinetophone, wearing earphones that connect
#media dmcs-12407050
technology/bell dom pedro 1876 inventor alexander graham bell
BELL & DOM PEDRO, 1876. Inventor Alexander Graham Bell (right) instructing Brazilian
#media dmcs-12402372
technology/first water closet 1596 first water closet
FIRST WATER-CLOSET, 1596. The first water-closet, invented by Sir John Harington
#media dmcs-12407692
technology/bell laboratory 1884 bell telephone laboratory
BELL LABORATORY, 1884. The Bell Telephone Laboratory. Engraving, 1884
#media dmcs-12407192
technology/pan american exposition birdseye view pan american
PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. Birdseye view of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo
#media dmcs-12407190
technology/typewriter keys 1921 typewriter keys photograph
TYPEWRITER KEYS, 1921. Typewriter keys. Photograph by Ralph Steiner, 1921
#media dmcs-12407188
technology/pan american exposition machinery building
PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. The Machinery Building at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo
#media dmcs-12407186
technology/pan american exposition art gallery building
PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. The Art Gallery Building at the Pan-American Exposition
#media dmcs-12407184
technology/pan american exposition manufacturers building
PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. The Manufacturers Building at the Pan-American Exposition
#media dmcs-12407182
technology/pan american exposition new york state building
PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION. The New York State Building at the Pan-American Exposition
#media dmcs-12407180
technology/photographers c1920 photographers taking
PHOTOGRAPHERS, C1920. Two photographers taking each other's picture while perched
#media dmcs-12407178
technology/submachine gun 1920 target used f
SUBMACHINE GUN, 1920. The target used by F
#media dmcs-12407176
technology/ad telephone 1901 american magazine ad
AD: TELEPHONE, 1901. American magazine advertisement for the New York Telephone Company
#media dmcs-12407174
technology/ocean depths 1888 map showing depths western
OCEAN DEPTHS, 1888. Map showing the depths of the Western Atlantic Basin and the
#media dmcs-12407172
technology/current meter 1888 pillsburys instrument
CURRENT METER, 1888. Pillsbury's instrument for measuring ocean currents. Diagram
#media dmcs-12407170
technology/watchmakers 1869 workers assembling parts pocket watches
WATCHMAKERS, 1869. Workers assembling the parts of pocket watches, at the Elgin
#media dmcs-12407168
technology/heliotrope 1888 surveying tool using mirror
HELIOTROPE, 1888. Surveying tool using a mirror to reflect sunlight over a distance
#media dmcs-12407166
technology/watchmaker 1869 watchmaker baking dials
WATCHMAKER, 1869. A watchmaker baking the dials at the Elgin National Watch Company
#media dmcs-12407164
technology/watchmaker 1869 machine used cut watch wheel teeth
WATCHMAKER, 1869. Machine used to cut watch wheel teeth, at the Elgin National
#media dmcs-12407162
technology/watchmaker 1869 american watchmakers train room
WATCHMAKER, 1869. American watchmakers in the 'train room,' at the Elgin National
#media dmcs-12407160
technology/watchmaker 1869 american watchmaker punching wheels
WATCHMAKER, 1869. An American watchmaker punching the wheels. Wood engraving, American
#media dmcs-12407158
technology/skull watch skull watch owned mary queen scots
SKULL WATCH. Skull watch owned by Mary, Queen of Scots. Engraving, American, 1869
#media dmcs-12407156
technology/bollee carriage 1898 dr casgrains bollee
BOLLEE CARRIAGE, 1898. 'Dr. Casgrain's Bollee carriage for winter use
#media dmcs-12407154
technology/clock clepsydra antique water clock engraving
CLOCK: CLEPSYDRA. An antique water clock. Engraving, American, 1869
#media dmcs-12407152
technology/rotary engine 1898 willerton shortliffs
ROTARY ENGINE, 1898. Willerton and Shortliff's improved rotary engine. Engraving
#media dmcs-12407150
technology/mitering tool 1867 diagram mitering tool
MITERING TOOL, 1867. Diagram of a mitering tool. Engraving, American, 1867
#media dmcs-12407148
technology/scientific american 1867 cover scientific american
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 1867. Cover of 'Scientific American,' 1867
#media dmcs-12407146
technology/krupp cannon 1867 diagram krupp cannon
KRUPP CANNON, 1867. Diagram of a Krupp cannon exhibited at the Paris World Exposition
#media dmcs-12407144
technology/viviscope 1896 viviscope creates illusion
VIVISCOPE, 1896. The viviscope, which creates the illusion of a moving picture
#media dmcs-12407142
technology/stereoscope 1896 an inverting stereoscope
STEREOSCOPE, 1896. 'An inverting stereoscope.' Engraving, American, 1896
#media dmcs-12407140
technology/daguerreotypist 1843 daguerreotypist studio westminster
DAGUERREOTYPIST, 1843. A daguerreotypist studio in Westminster, London, England
#media dmcs-12407138
technology/address machine 1858 machine invented james
ADDRESS MACHINE, 1858. Machine invented by James Lord for addressing newspapers
#media dmcs-12407136
technology/flash photography 1865 demonstration flash
FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, 1865. Demonstration of flash photography with a magnesium light
#media dmcs-12407134
technology/daguerreotype poem 1843 lines written
DAGUERREOTYPE POEM, 1843. 'Lines Written on Seeing a Daguerreotype Portrait of a Lady
#media dmcs-12407132
technology/daugherty typewriter 1895 daugherty typewriter
DAUGHERTY TYPEWRITER, 1895. The Daugherty typewriter. Engraving, American, 1895
#media dmcs-12407130
technology/daugherty typewriter 1895 principal parts
DAUGHERTY TYPEWRITER, 1895. Principal parts of the Daugherty typewriter. Engraving
#media dmcs-12407128
technology/daugherty typewriter 1895 view daugherty typewriter
DAUGHERTY TYPEWRITER, 1895. Front view of a Daugherty typewriter. Engraving, American
#media dmcs-12407126
technology/electricity insulated metallic spheres
ELECTRICITY. 'Insulated Metallic Spheres, electrified by contact with charged
#media dmcs-12407124
technology/telegraph operators c1912 students practicing
TELEGRAPH OPERATORS, c1912. Students practicing at the Marconi Wireless Telegraph
#media dmcs-12407122
technology/telegraph 1833 first electromagnetic telegraph machine
TELEGRAPH, 1833. The first electromagnetic telegraph machine, built by German physicist
#media dmcs-12407120
technology/battery 18th century electric battery composed
BATTERY, 18th CENTURY. Electric battery composed of nine Leyden jars. Engraving
#media dmcs-12407118
technology/electricity leyden jar charge produced leyden jar
ELECTRICITY: LEYDEN JAR. The charge produced by a Leyden jar, transferred through
#media dmcs-12407116
technology/telegraph 1860 communicator receiver military
TELEGRAPH, 1860. Communicator and receiver of the military telegraph machine developed
#media dmcs-12407114
technology/leyden jar leyden jar connected electricity conductor
LEYDEN JAR. A Leyden jar connected to an electricity conductor. Engraving, French
#media dmcs-12407112
technology/atlantic cable parade 1858 the atlantic
ATLANTIC CABLE PARADE, 1858. 'The Atlantic Cable celebration - The Niagaras in
#media dmcs-12407110
technology/columbian exposition 1893 german village
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, 1893. The German Village, featuring a feudal castle of the
#media dmcs-12407108
technology/photographer 1877 the season niagara falls
PHOTOGRAPHER, 1877. 'The Season at Niagara Falls - Photographing Visitors
#media dmcs-12407106
technology/photographer 1864 the photographer engraving
PHOTOGRAPHER, 1864. 'The Photographer
#media dmcs-12407104


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