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propaganda/the girl left him american world war ii recruitment
'The Girl He Left Behind Is Still Behind Him
propaganda/silence means security american world war ii
'Silence Means Security.' American World War II poster featuring a WAAC (member
propaganda/communist poster 1967 lenin lived lenin lives
COMMUNIST POSTER, 1967. 'Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live forever!'
propaganda/russian revolution 1922 long live fifth anniversary
RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, 1922. 'Long Live the Fifth Anniversary of the Great Proletarian Revolution
propaganda/russia army poster 1920 have volunteered red
RUSSIA: ARMY POSTER, 1920. 'Have You Volunteered for the Red Army?' Russian
propaganda/world war i us navy gee i wish i man id
WORLD WAR I: U.S. NAVY. 'Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man, I'd Join the Navy
propaganda/want action american world war ii marine corps
"Want Action?": American World War II Marine Corps recruiting poster, 1942
propaganda/world war i us marines first fight american
WORLD WAR I: U.S. MARINES. 'First in the Fight
propaganda/no soviet poster 1958 albert aslyan
'No!': Soviet poster, 1958, by Albert Aslyan
propaganda/join air service learn earn us army air
'Join the Air Service, Learn-Earn.' U.S. Army Air Service recruiting poster, 1918
propaganda/the marines landed american world war ii recruiting
"The marines Have Landed!": American World War II recruiting poster, 1942
propaganda/welders employment war poster 1944 ben shahn
'Welders, or For Full Employment After the War
propaganda/this war too american world war ii recruiting
"This Is My War Too!": American World War II recruiting poster, c1942, for the U
propaganda/russian world war i war loan poster 1916 depicting
Russian World War I war loan poster, 1916, depicting a woman factory worker
propaganda/each blow sledge hammer blow enemy russian poster
'Each Blow of the Sledge-Hammer is a Blow against the Enemy.' Russian poster
propaganda/voter registration poster congress industrial
VOTER REGISTRATION POSTER. A Congress of Industrial Organization sponsored voter registration
propaganda/vladimir lenin 1870 1924 vladimir ilich ulyanov
VLADIMIR LENIN (1870-1924). Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov Lenin. Russian Communist leader
propaganda/china poster 1976 revolutionary committees good
CHINA: POSTER, 1976. 'Revolutionary Committees are Good.' Chinese woodcut poster
propaganda/soviet poster 1924 long live young communist league
SOVIET POSTER, 1924. "Long Live the Young Communist League! The Young are taking
propaganda/world war i navy poster i want navy american
WORLD WAR I: NAVY POSTER. 'I Want You for the Navy.' American World War I poster
propaganda/wwi german poster 1917 the emperors peopless
WWI: GERMAN POSTER, 1917. "The Emperor's and the Peoples's Thank-Offering
propaganda/world war i liberty loan keep off us
WORLD WAR I: LIBERTY LOAN. 'Keep These Off the U
propaganda/china communist poster give country chinese
CHINA: COMMUNIST POSTER. 'Give everything for your country!' Chinese Communist
propaganda/american world war ii poster james montgomery flagg
American World War II poster by James Montgomery Flagg, c1944, urging support for
propaganda/women britain come factories british poster
'Women of Britain, Come into the Factories
propaganda/your red cross needs you american world war
'Your Red Cross Needs You.' American World War II poster by James Montgomery Flagg
propaganda/quiet loose talk cost lives american world
'Quiet! Loose Talk Can Cost Lives.' American World War II poster, 1942, warning
propaganda/im counting you american world war ii poster
'I'm Counting On You!' American World War II poster featuring Uncle Sam
propaganda/soviet world war ii poster anglo american soviet
Soviet World War II poster on the Anglo-American-Soviet alliance
propaganda/be american eagle us army air service recruiting
'Be An American Eagle.' U.S. Army Air Service recruiting poster, 1918
propaganda/italian world war ii recruitment poster auxiliary
Italian World War II recruitment poster for the auxiliary service of the 10th Flotilla
propaganda/the attack begins factory english poster c1944
"The Attack Begins in the Factory": English poster, c1944, showing the Royal
propaganda/save cans help pass ammunition american world
'Save Your Cans. Help Pass the Ammunition.' American World War II poster
propaganda/your talk may kill comrades british world war
'Your Talk May Kill Your Comrades.' British World War II poster, 1942, by
propaganda/labor step picture american world war ii poster
'Labor: Step into this Picture.' American World War II poster, c1940
propaganda/because somebody talked american world war
'Because Somebody Talked!' American World War II poster, 1943, warning against
propaganda/on team american world war ii recruiting poster
'On the Same Team.' American World War II recruiting poster for the WAVES
propaganda/the saboteurs fate italian world war ii poster
'The Saboteur's Fate.' Italian World War II poster, 1944
propaganda/save waste fats explosives meat dealer
'Save waste fats for explosives. Take them to your meat dealer
propaganda/the heroines 1940 greek poster c1946 commemorating
"The Heroines of 1940": Greek poster, c1946, commemorating the women of
propaganda/united strong united win american world war
'United We Are Strong/United We Will Win.' American World War II poster, c1944
propaganda/coming right up poster 1945 james montgomery
'Coming Right Up!' Poster, 1945, by James Montgomery Flagg
propaganda/together win american world war ii poster showing
'Together We Win': American World War II poster showing black and white soldiers
propaganda/follow workers example produce front soviet
'Follow This Worker's Example/Produce More for the Front.' Soviet World War II poster
propaganda/communist poster 1968 long live socialist revolution
COMMUNIST POSTER, 1968. 'Long Live the Socialist Revolution!' A poster by
propaganda/cuban poster 1960s to camaguey faith courage
CUBAN POSTER, 1960s. 'To Camaguey, with the faith and courage of the fighters of Moncada'
propaganda/world war ii bond poster buy war bonds american
WORLD WAR II BOND POSTER. "Buy War Bonds": American poster by N.C. Wyeth, 1942
propaganda/russo japanese war c1905 russian poster depicting
RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR, c1905. Russian poster depicting a Russian victory in a naval battle
propaganda/pravda communist poster pravda task overcome
PRAVDA: COMMUNIST POSTER. 'Pravda: Our task is to overcome capitalist resistance-not
propaganda/soviet poster 1942 soldier save us soviet poster
SOVIET POSTER, 1942. 'Soldier, save us!' Soviet poster, 1942, by Viktor Koretsky
propaganda/the young communist league shock battalion five year
'The Young Communist League is the Shock Battalion of the Five-Year Plan.' Soviet poster
propaganda/world war i german poster help win subscribe
WORLD WAR I: GERMAN POSTER. 'Help Us Win!-Subscribe to the War Loan
propaganda/mao tse tung poster 1973 march forward achieve
MAO TSE-TUNG: POSTER, 1973. 'March Forward to Achieve Great Proletarian Cultural