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old testament/ark covenant ashdod smitten pestilence plague mice
ARK OF COVENANT. Ashdod is smitten with pestilence and there is a plague of mice
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old testament/hesekiah hezekiah cleansing temple illustration
HESEKIAH. Hezekiah cleansing the temple. Illustration, c18th century
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old testament/old testament moses portrait moses holding commandments
OLD TESTAMENT: MOSES. Portrait of Moses holding the Ten Commandments
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old testament/old testament aaron portrait aaron holding incense burner
OLD TESTAMENT: AARON. Portrait of Aaron holding an incense burner
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old testament/beccafumi judith judith head holofernes
BECCAFUMI: JUDITH. 'Judith with the Head of Holofernes
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old testament/cornelisz bathsheba the toilet bathsheba
CORNELISZ: BATHSHEBA. 'The Toilet of Bathsheba
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old testament/illumination adam eve marriage adam eve
ILLUMINATION: ADAM AND EVE. Marriage of Adam and Eve
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old testament/tiepolo manna c1741 the gathering manna detail
TIEPOLO: MANNA, c1741. 'The Gathering of Manna,' detail
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old testament/noah noah ark woodcut giacomo filippo forestis
NOAH. Noah and the Ark. Woodcut from Giacomo Filippo Foresti's 'Supplementum
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old testament/adam eve therefore lord god sent forth garden eden
ADAM AND EVE. 'Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden
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old testament/song songs c1470 the sleeping bride
SONG OF SONGS, c1470. 'The Sleeping Bride
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old testament/david goliath david slaying giant goliath
DAVID AND GOLIATH. David slaying the giant Goliath. Wood engraving, 19th century
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old testament/samson delilah scene judges 1621 the philistines
SAMSON AND DELILAH. Scene from Judges 16:21 'The Philistines took him, and put
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old testament/samson delilah scene judges 1620 and said
SAMSON AND DELILAH. Scene from Judges 16:20 'And she said, The Philistines be upon thee
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old testament/david goliath david presenting head goliath
DAVID AND GOLIATH. David presenting the head of Goliath the King Saul
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old testament/eve spinning c1350 eve spinning distaff
EVE SPINNING, c1350. Eve spinning with a distaff, with two children in her lap
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old testament/noahs ark 13th century noah sending dove forth ark
NOAH'S ARK, 13th CENTURY. Noah sending the dove forth from the ark. Detail of mosaic
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old testament/noahs ark 14th century noah bringing birds ark
NOAH'S ARK, 14th CENTURY. Noah bringing the birds into the ark. Detail of mosaic
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old testament/jehoash judah king judah c835 bc c800 b
JEHOASH OF JUDAH. King of Judah, c835 B.C
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old testament/zechariah israel king israel 746 bc 745 b
ZECHARIAH OF ISRAEL. King of Israel 746 B
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old testament/battle jericho walls jericho falling fresco
BATTLE OF JERICHO. The walls of Jericho falling
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old testament/tree jesse c1120 historiated initial a
TREE OF JESSE, c1120. Historiated initial 'A' showing the Tree of Jesse, from a
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old testament/tissot festivities festivities honor david
TISSOT: FESTIVITIES. Festivities in Honor of David
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old testament/solomon queen sheba solomon receiving queen
SOLOMON, QUEEN OF SHEBA. Solomon receiving the Queen of Sheba
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old testament/pharaohs dream joseph interpreting pharaohs dream
PHARAOH'S DREAM. Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream
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old testament/rubens israelites c1625 28 the israelites
RUBENS: ISRAELITES, c1625-28. 'The Israelites Gathering Manna in the Desert
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old testament/sacrifice isaac abraham spared sacrificing son
SACRIFICE OF ISAAC. Abraham is spared from sacrificing his son, Isaac (Genesis 22: 12)
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old testament/death absalom absalom death pursuing soldiers
DEATH OF ABSALOM. Absalom is put to death by pursuing soldiers after being caught
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old testament/ark covenant david leading procession cart
ARK OF THE COVENANT. David leading the procession before the cart carrying the
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old testament/burial moses burial moses valley land moab deuteronomy 35
BURIAL OF MOSES. The burial of Moses in a valley in the land of Moab (Deuteronomy 35
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old testament/korah dathan abiram aaron moses representatives people
KORAH, DATHAN, AND ABIRAM. Aaron and Moses, with representatives of the people (left)
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old testament/moses receiving law moses receiving tablets law left
MOSES RECEIVING THE LAW. Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law (left), while the
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old testament/raphael heliodorus c1512 expulsion heliodorus temple
RAPHAEL: HELIODORUS, c1512. The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple (II Maccabees 3
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old testament/burial jacob sons jacob burying father cave
BURIAL OF JACOB. The sons of Jacob burying their father in the cave of Machpelah
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old testament/genesis abraham lot abraham frees lot
GENESIS: ABRAHAM & LOT. Abraham frees Lot and destroys the town of Dan
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old testament/adam eve 12th century adam eve fall
ADAM & EVE, 12th CENTURY. Adam and Eve after the Fall
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old testament/jonah whale manuscript illumination hortus deliciarum
JONAH AND THE WHALE. Manuscript illumination from a "Hortus Deliciarum," Alsace
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old testament/exodus red sea crossing drowning pharoahs
EXODUS: RED SEA CROSSING. The drowning of Pharoah's army in the Red Sea
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old testament/genesis lots wife lots wife turned pillar salt
GENESIS: LOT'S WIFE. Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt
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old testament/golden haggadah moses moses burying egyptian
GOLDEN HAGGADAH: MOSES. Moses burying an Egyptian who beat a Hebrew: illumination
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old testament/moses mount sinai woodcut libro divina lege
MOSES ON MOUNT SINAI. Woodcut from 'Libro de divina lege,' Venice, Italy, 1486
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old testament/king hanun hanun king ammonites shames
KING HANUN. Hanun, King of the Ammonites, shames David's ambassadors. (2 Kings 10
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old testament/david sends joab ammonites syrian mercenaries ii samuel 10
DAVID SENDS JOAB Against Ammonites and their Syrian mercenaries (II Samuel 10:6-14)
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old testament/israelites rally saul people israel rally
ISRAELITES RALLY TO SAUL. The people of Israel rally to Saul to fight the Ammonites
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old testament/men jabesh 1250 men jabesh asking saul fight ammonites
MEN OF JABESH, 1250. Men of Jabesh asking Saul to fight the Ammonites (I Samuel 11: 1-7)
#media dmcs-12345629
old testament/saul summons israel saul summons israel fight ammonites
SAUL SUMMONS ISRAEL. Saul summons Israel to fight the Ammonites (I Samuel 11: 1-7)
#media dmcs-12345627
old testament/joshua amalek old testament battle scene
JOSHUA & AMALEK. An Old Testament Battle Scene depicting the combatants as 13th
#media dmcs-12345625
old testament/bitter waters marah exodus 1522 24 french manuscript
BITTER WATERS OF MARAH. (Exodus 15:22-24): French manuscript, c1250
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old testament/israelites sing praise children israel sing
ISRAELITES SING PRAISE. The Children of Israel sing praises for their Deliverance
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