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occupations/peddler c1915 pushcart peddler c1915 unidentified
PEDDLER, c1915. A pushcart peddler, c1915, in an unidentified American city
occupations/firemen c1918 firemen hoses street car united
FIREMEN, c1918. Firemen with hoses over a street car, United States. Photograph, c1918
occupations/engine c1853 engine no 38 new york city
FIRE ENGINE, c1853. Fire engine no. 38, of New York City. Wood engraving, American
occupations/tokyo firemen c1917 firemen giving exhibition
TOKYO FIREMEN, C1917. Firemen giving an exhibition near the Shinobazo pond in Ueno Park
occupations/engine c1853 engine hope hose company
FIRE ENGINE, c1853. Fire engine of the Hope Hose Company of Philadelphia at the
occupations/firefighting 1876 firefighters demonstrating
FIREFIGHTING, 1876. Firefighters demonstrating how to extinguish fires of burning resin
occupations/firefighting 1876 demonstration battery fighting
FIREFIGHTING, 1876. Demonstration of a battery for fighting fires from the street
occupations/firefighting 1876 demonstration extinguising
FIREFIGHTING, 1876. Demonstration of extinguising a tank of burning petroleum, at
occupations/cigar maker 1920 portrait lee ying chinese
CIGAR MAKER, 1920. Portrait of Lee Ying, a Chinese cigar maker in his shop in Washington
occupations/coal passers 1911 coal passers discussing strike
COAL PASSERS, 1911. Coal passers discussing a strike on the deck of a ship. Photograph
occupations/anvil vise 1881 combination anvil vise patented a
ANVIL AND VISE, 1881. A combination anvil and vise, patented by A.L. Adams of Cedar Rapids
occupations/potter 1537 woodcut german translation polydore
POTTER, 1537. Woodcut from a German translation of Polydore Vergil's 'De Inventoribus
occupations/foundry 15th century foundry precious metals
FOUNDRY, 15th CENTURY. The foundry of precious metals
occupations/bicycle messenger 1921 julia obear messenger
BICYCLE MESSENGER, 1921. Julia Obear, messenger for the National Woman's Party
occupations/salon jury 1899 members salon jury philadelphia
SALON JURY, 1899. Members of a salon jury in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Left to right
occupations/new york newsgirl 1910 newsgirl park row new
NEW YORK: NEWSGIRL, 1910. A newsgirl on Park Row in New York City
occupations/escape 1884 woman escaping burning building
FIRE ESCAPE, 1884. A woman escaping from a burning building using a 'portable
occupations/escape 1791 movable balcony escape england 1791
FIRE ESCAPE, 1791. A movable balcony fire escape in England, 1791. Engraving, English
occupations/escape 1840 firefighter using lazy tongs rescue
FIRE ESCAPE, 1840. A firefighter using lazy tongs to rescue a victim in a burning building
occupations/escape 1767 hoist escaping building fire 1767
FIRE ESCAPE, 1767. A hoist system of escaping a building during a fire, 1767. Engraving
occupations/firefighting 1882 american invention horse powered
FIREFIGHTING, 1882. An American invention for a horse-powered fire engine and pump
occupations/firefighting 1860 series engines water tower
FIREFIGHTING, 1860. A series of fire engines and a water tower fighting a fire
occupations/firefighting c1834 american hand pulled engine
FIREFIGHTING, c1834. An American hand-pulled fire engine dating from c1834. Engraving
occupations/firefighting c1725 hand pulled engine dating c1725
FIREFIGHTING, c1725. A hand-pulled fire engine dating from c1725. Engraving, English
occupations/firefighting c1600 single acting pump used fight
FIREFIGHTING, c1600. A single-acting fire pump used to fight fires, c1600. Engraving
occupations/firefighting 1568 syringe 1568 ad engraving
FIREFIGHTING, 1568. A fire syringe from 1568 A.D. Engraving, American, c1885
occupations/ancient firefighting syringe buckets 2nd 3rd
ANCIENT FIREFIGHTING. A fire syringe and buckets, from the 2nd and 3rd centuries
occupations/firefighting water bucket ancient water bucket
FIREFIGHTING: WATER BUCKET. An ancient water bucket used for fighting fires. Engraving
occupations/street peddler 1868 glass in engraving 1868
STREET PEDDLER, 1868. 'Glass put in.' Engraving, 1868
occupations/street peddler 1868 the boot black engraving
STREET PEDDLER, 1868. 'The boot-black.' Engraving, 1868
occupations/street peddler 1868 umbrella dealer engraving
STREET PEDDLER, 1868. 'Umbrella dealer.' Engraving, 1868
occupations/street peddler 1868 old hat man engraving
STREET PEDDLER, 1868. '"Old hat" man.' Engraving, 1868
occupations/street peddler 1868 shoe lace man engraving
STREET PEDDLER, 1868. 'Shoe-lace man.' Engraving, 1868
occupations/berlin workers c1915 women street sanitation
BERLIN: WORKERS, c1915. Women street sanitation workers in Berlin, Germany. Photograph
occupations/berlin newspaper seller woman selling newspapers
BERLIN: NEWSPAPER SELLER. A woman selling newspapers on the street in Berlin, Germany
occupations/berlin mail carrier c1910 female telegraph
BERLIN: MAIL CARRIER, c1910. A female telegraph messenger in Berlin, Germany. Photograph
occupations/berlin messenger c1910 female telegraph messenger
BERLIN: MESSENGER, c1910. A female telegraph messenger in Berlin, Germany. Photograph
occupations/berlin conductor c1910 female train conductor
BERLIN: CONDUCTOR, c1910. A female train conductor in Berlin, Germany. Photograph
occupations/cowboys 1880 among cow boys breaking camp
COWBOYS, 1880. 'Among the cow-boys - Breaking camp.' Engraving, 1880
occupations/england sailors 1885 dressing ironclad flags
ENGLAND: SAILORS, 1885. 'Dressing an ironclad with flags at Spithead in honour
occupations/first typist 1872 lillian sholes the first typist
FIRST TYPIST, 1872. Lillian Sholes, 'the first typist', using a prototype
occupations/surveyor c1890 portrait surveyor tools photograph
SURVEYOR, c1890. Portrait of a surveyor with tools. Photograph. c1890
occupations/photographers studio photographer client skylight
PHOTOGRAPHER'S STUDIO. Photographer and client in a skylight photography studio
occupations/hine newsboy 1913 four year old newsboy selling
HINE: NEWSBOY, 1913. Four-year-old newsboy selling newspapers barefoot in Tampa, Florida
occupations/hine newsgirl 1912 ten year old newsgirl tending
HINE: NEWSGIRL, 1912. A ten-year-old newsgirl tending a newstand on 4th and Garden
occupations/hine newsboys 1912 10 year old stanley steiner
HINE: NEWSBOYS, 1912. 10-year-old Stanley Steiner, boot-black and newsboy with
occupations/hine newsboy 1912 newsboy sleeping stairs newspapers
HINE: NEWSBOY, 1912. Newsboy sleeping on the stairs with newspapers at night in Jersey
occupations/hine newsboys 1912 illiterate newsboys working
HINE: NEWSBOYS, 1912. Two illiterate newsboys working on a Saturday night until 3 A
occupations/hine newsboys 1912 six year old newsboy selling
HINE: NEWSBOYS, 1912. A six-year-old newsboy selling paper in Washington, D
occupations/hine newsboy 1910 newsboy selling newspapers
HINE: NEWSBOY, 1910. A newsboy selling newspapers around saloon entrances on the
occupations/newspaper vendors 1910 young girls working newspaper
NEWSPAPER VENDORS, 1910. Three young girls working at a newspaper stand on Canal
occupations/bootblack 1910 young bootblack working canal
BOOTBLACK, 1910. A young bootblack working on Canal Street in New York City
occupations/traffic cop 1918 army officer directing traffic u
TRAFFIC COP, 1918. Army officer directing traffic at the U.S. Treasury Department
occupations/firefighting 1400s saving image virgin church
FIREFIGHTING, 1400s. Saving an image of the Virgin from a church on fire
occupations/cooks 14th century cook basting birds roasting fire
COOKS, 14th CENTURY. Cook basting birds roasting over a fire, while a man pours
occupations/cooks 14th century cooks basting birds roasting
COOKS, 14th CENTURY. Cooks basting birds roasting over a fire
occupations/metalworkers 14th century metalworkers making
METALWORKERS, 14th CENTURY. Metalworkers making a helmet
occupations/innkeeper 14th century innkeeper serves customer
INNKEEPER, 14th CENTURY. An innkeeper serves a customer at 'The Saltire' inn
occupations/workers 14th century men work making longbows
WORKERS, 14th CENTURY. Men at work, perhaps making longbows
occupations/swordsmiths 14th century swordsmiths sharpening
SWORDSMITHS, 14th CENTURY. Swordsmiths sharpening a sword
occupations/swordsmiths 14th century swordsmiths grinding
SWORDSMITHS, 14th CENTURY. Swordsmiths grinding a huge sword on a stone
occupations/blacksmiths 14th century man leading horse blacksmith
BLACKSMITHS, 14th CENTURY. Man leading a horse to a blacksmith working on an anvil
occupations/blacksmiths 14th century blacksmiths shoeing
BLACKSMITHS, 14th CENTURY. Blacksmiths shoeing a horse
occupations/blacksmiths 14th century blacksmiths working
BLACKSMITHS, 14th CENTURY. Blacksmiths working in a forge
occupations/cooks 14th century cooks working open the saltire
COOKS, 14th CENTURY. Cooks working over an open fire at 'The Saltire' inn
occupations/dyers 14th century clothing dyers work
DYERS, 14th CENTURY. Clothing dyers at work
occupations/swordsmiths 14th century swordsmiths burnishing
SWORDSMITHS, 14th CENTURY. Swordsmiths burnishing a large sword
occupations/street sweepers 1911 group new york city street
STREET SWEEPERS, 1911. A group of New York City street sweepers photographed at
occupations/street sweeper c1910 street sweeper employed
STREET SWEEPER, c1910. A street sweeper, employed by the Department of Sanitation
occupations/blacksmiths 1900 blacksmiths hammering heated
BLACKSMITHS, 1900. Blacksmiths hammering a heated piece of metal on an anvil
occupations/street sweeper c1896 street sweeper handcart
STREET SWEEPER, c1896. A street sweeper with a handcart in New York City
occupations/jeremiah gridley 1701 1767 american lawyer
JEREMIAH GRIDLEY (1701-1767). American lawyer
occupations/blacksmith work blacksmith assistant work
BLACKSMITH AT WORK. A blacksmith and assistant at work. Undated photograph
occupations/new york barber c1775 the patriotick barber
NEW YORK: BARBER, c1775. 'The patriotick barber of New York, or the Captain in
occupations/william fleming 1736 1824 american lawyer
WILLIAM FLEMING (1736-1824). American lawyer, jurist and judge
occupations/james conkling 1816 1899 american attorney
JAMES CONKLING (1816-1899). American attorney and politician. Photograph, 1891
occupations/boy barber 1917 frank natale 12 year old barber
BOY BARBER, 1917. Frank de Natale, a 12-year old barber, lathers and shaves customers
occupations/boston typist 1917 fifteen year old typist
BOSTON: TYPIST, 1917. A fifteen-year old typist for the Standard Neckwear Company
occupations/boston thieves 1909 boys stealing pushcart vendor
BOSTON: THIEVES, 1909. Two boys stealing from a pushcart vendor, Boston, Massachusetts
occupations/vermont newsboys 1916 young newsboys selling
VERMONT: NEWSBOYS, 1916. Young newsboys selling Boston newspapers in Vermont
occupations/newsboys 1912 newsboys washington dc
NEWSBOYS, 1912. Newsboys in Washington, D.C. Photograph by Lewis Hine, April 1912
occupations/virginia newsboys 1911 newsboys norfolk virginia
VIRGINIA: NEWSBOYS, 1911. Newsboys in Norfolk, Virginia. Photograph by Lewis Hine
occupations/delaware newsboys 1910 girls boys selling papers
DELAWARE: NEWSBOYS, 1910. Girls and boys selling papers at Wilmington, Delaware
occupations/jersey city newsboys newsboys hudson tunnel station
JERSEY CITY: NEWSBOYS. Newsboys at the Hudson Tunnel Station, Jersey City, New Jersey
occupations/new haven bootblack 1909 young bootblack new haven
NEW HAVEN: BOOTBLACK, 1909. A young bootblack in New Haven, Connecticut
occupations/newsboy 1908 newsboy indianapolis indiana
NEWSBOY, 1908. A newsboy at Indianapolis, Indiana
occupations/spur maker 1568 maker spurs bits workshop
SPUR MAKER, 1568. A maker of spurs and bits in his workshop
occupations/sieve maker 1568 woodcut 1568 jost amman
SIEVE MAKER, 1568. Woodcut, 1568, by Jost Amman
occupations/needle maker 1568 woodcut 1568 jost amman
NEEDLE MAKER, 1568. Woodcut, 1568, by Jost Amman
occupations/turner 1568 turner maker various wooden items
TURNER, 1568. A turner, a maker of various wooden items, at work in his workshop
occupations/minting coins 1568 officer mint minting coins
MINTING COINS, 1568. The officer of the mint minting coins
occupations/wheelwrights shop c1860 oil canvas edwin tryon
WHEELWRIGHT'S SHOP, c1860. Oil on canvas by Edwin Tryon Billings, c1860
occupations/armor smith 1479 smith apprentice make arms armor
ARMOR SMITH, 1479. A smith and his apprentice make arms and armor. German woodcut, 1479
occupations/trumpeter 19th century american band member
TRUMPETER, 19th CENTURY. American band member, late 19th century photograph
occupations/australia workmen c1900 workmen australia
AUSTRALIA: WORKMEN, c1900. Workmen of Australia. Photographed c1900
occupations/chicago tough guy 1891 tough chicago
CHICAGO: TOUGH GUY, 1891. A 'tough' from Chicago. Photographed 1891
occupations/oyster pirates 1892 poaching oysters coast united
OYSTER PIRATES, 1892. Poaching oysters along the coast of the United States. Drawing
occupations/woodcutter 1493 woodcut 1493 nuremberg chronicle
WOODCUTTER, 1493. Woodcut, 1493, from the 'Nuremberg Chronicle.'
occupations/carpenter 1493 woodcut 1493 nuremberg chronicle
CARPENTER, 1493. Woodcut, 1493, from the 'Nuremberg Chronicle.'


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