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surrealism/illustration edmond dulac the dreamer dreams
Illustration by Edmond Dulac for 'The Dreamer of Dreams,' by Queen Marie of Romania
#media dmcs-8856805
christmas/cover 1896 edition clement clarke moores holiday poem
Cover of an 1896 edition of Clement Clarke Moore's holiday poem, 'The Night
#media dmcs-8857263
literature/the tortoise hare illustration arthur rackham
'The Tortoise and the Hare.' Illustration by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) for
#media dmcs-8857193
literature/the wolf seven kids watercolor ruth koser michaels
'The Wolf and the seven Kids' Watercolor by Ruth Koser-Michaels for the fairy
#media dmcs-8857375
literature/dime novel 1896 frank merriwell mormons
DIME NOVEL, 1896. 'Frank Merriwell Among the Mormons, or The Lost Tribe of Israel
#media dmcs-12320338
animals/the ant grasshopper watercolor christopher
'The Ant and the Grasshopper.' Watercolor by Christopher Sanders depicting
#media dmcs-8856889
winter/illumination 15th century manuscript tres riches heures
Detail of an illumination from the 15th century manuscript of the 'Tres Riches Heures
#media dmcs-8857307
mermaids/they saw shining potion glistening hand
'They saw the shining potion glistening in her hand
#media dmcs-8857235
literature/colored engraved title page ludwig grimm
Colored engraved title page by Ludwig Grimm to the first edition of Jacob and Wilhelm
#media dmcs-8856851
love romance/betrothed couple exchanging rings april
A betrothed couple exchanging rings in April: illumination from the 15th century
#media dmcs-8856835
medieval/plowing oxen pruning vines march illumination
Plowing with oxen and pruning vines in March
#media dmcs-8856833
medieval/jean duke berry exchanging gifts feasting
Jean, Duke of Berry, exchanging gifts and feasting with his family and friends in January
#media dmcs-8856829
christmas/cover late 19th century edition clement clarke
Cover of a late 19th century edition of Clement Clarke Moore's 'The Night Before Christmas
#media dmcs-8856765
cats/color engraving 1862 edition perrault fairy
Color engraving from an 1862 edition of the Perrault fairy tale illustrated after
#media dmcs-8856717
japanese art/japanese scroll painting scene yadorigi chapter
Japanese scroll painting of a scene from the Yadorigi chapter of Lady Murasaki's
#media dmcs-8856707
medieval/keeping warm farm fireside february illumination
Keeping warm by a farm fireside in February
#media dmcs-8856431
literature/hound baskervilles i saw figure man tor
HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. 'I saw a figure of a man upon the tor
#media dmcs-12320955
dogs/the dog shadow drawing christopher sanders
'The Dog and the Shadow.' Drawing by Christopher Sanders from a 20th century
#media dmcs-8857325
literature/cover original edition 1885 mark twains
Cover from the original edition, 1885, of Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry
#media dmcs-8857295
literature/alice meets tweedledum tweedledee wood engraving
Alice meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Wood engraving after Sir John Tenniel for
#media dmcs-8856809
literature/alice cheshire cat illustration sir john
Alice and the Cheshire Cat. Illustration by Sir John Tenniel from the first edition
#media dmcs-8856433
literature/carroll alice 1872 illustration sir john
CARROLL: ALICE, 1872. Illustration by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320907
literature/garland day 1913 a garland day the arguments
A GARLAND FOR MAY DAY, 1913. 'A Garland for May day [The Many Arguments for Socialism]
#media dmcs-12320695
literature/book lindisfarne beginning gospel st john
BOOK OF LINDISFARNE. The beginning of the Gospel of St. John, before 698 AD?
#media dmcs-12319294
literature/sherlock holmes sherlock dr john watson
SHERLOCK HOLMES Sherlock with Dr. John Watson in a corner of a first-class carriage
#media dmcs-12319171
medieval/grape harvest chateau saumur loire valley
The grape harvest at the Chateau de Saumur (Loire Valley, France) in September
#media dmcs-8856937
halloween/dance trolls illustration arthur rackham
The Dance of the Trolls. Illustration by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) for an edition
#media dmcs-8856841
adam eve/illumination 15th century manuscript tres
Illumination from the 15th century manuscript of the "Tres Riches Heures" of Jean
#media dmcs-8856831
halloween/as i going st ives illustration arthur
'As I Was Going to St. Ives.' Illustration by Arthur Rackham for a 1913 edition
#media dmcs-8856713
literature/hound baskervilles sir henry baskerville
#media dmcs-12320951
literature/hound baskervilles he stopped suddenly
HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. 'He stopped suddenly and stared fixedly up over my
#media dmcs-12320949
literature/hound baskervilles there center lay unhappy
HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. 'There in the center lay the unhappy maid where she
#media dmcs-12320947
literature/hound baskervilles illustration sidney paget
HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. Illustration by Sidney Paget from the March 1902 issue
#media dmcs-12320945
literature/carroll alice 1915 illustration
CARROLL: ALICE, 1915. Illustration by A
#media dmcs-12320943
literature/carroll alice 1908 illustration k
CARROLL: ALICE, 1908. Illustration by K
#media dmcs-12320935
literature/carroll alice 1890 illustration eleonora
CARROLL: ALICE, 1890. Illustration by Eleonora Mann for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320933
literature/carroll alice 1866 illustration lewis
CARROLL: ALICE, 1866. Illustration by Lewis Carroll for an 1866 edition of
#media dmcs-12320927
literature/carroll alice 1907 illustration arthur
CARROLL: ALICE, 1907. Illustration by Arthur Rackham for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320925
literature/carroll alice 1907 illustration millicent
CARROLL: ALICE, 1907. Illustration by Millicent Sowerby for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320919
literature/carroll alice 1886 illustration lewis
CARROLL: ALICE, 1886. Illustration by Lewis Carroll for an 1886 edition of
#media dmcs-12320917
literature/carroll alice 1907 illustration w
CARROLL: ALICE, 1907. Illustration by W
#media dmcs-12320915
literature/carroll alice 1922 illustration thomas
CARROLL: ALICE, 1922. Illustration by Thomas Heath Robinson for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320913
literature/carroll alice 1921 illustration
CARROLL: ALICE, 1921. Illustration by A
#media dmcs-12320911
literature/carroll alice 1907 illustration thomas
CARROLL: ALICE, 1907. Illustration by Thomas Maybank for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320909
literature/carroll alice 1907 illustration charles
CARROLL: ALICE, 1907. Illustration by Charles Robinson for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320905
literature/carroll alice 1922 illustration gwynedd
CARROLL: ALICE, 1922. Illustration by Gwynedd Hudson for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320903
literature/carroll alice 1910 illustration mabel
CARROLL: ALICE, 1910. Illustration by Mabel Lucie Attwell for Lewis Carroll's
#media dmcs-12320901
literature/clemens puddnhead wilson engraving louis
CLEMENS: PUDD'NHEAD WILSON. Engraving by Louis Loeb for the 1894 publication of
#media dmcs-12320897
literature/decorative initial 1710 engraving german 1710
DECORATIVE INITIAL, 1710. Engraving, German, 1710
#media dmcs-12320840


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