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holidays/christmas card 1843 first christmas card designed
CHRISTMAS CARD, 1843. The first Christmas card, designed for Sir Henry Cole in 1843
holidays/memorial day 1868 mourners decorating grave
MEMORIAL DAY, 1868. Mourners decorating the grave of General Frederick W. Lander in Salem
holidays/fathers day card 1912 american fathers day card
FATHER'S DAY CARD, 1912. American Father's Day card, 1912
holidays/thomas nast christmas the old christmas story again
THOMAS NAST: CHRISTMAS. 'The Same Old Christmas Story Over Again
holidays/valentines day 1875 engraving 1875
VALENTINE'S DAY, 1875. Engraving, 1875
holidays/easter card c1900 easter boardwalk postcard
EASTER CARD, c1900. 'Easter on the Boardwalk.' Postcard, c1900
holidays/valentines day 1890 valentines day card 1890
VALENTINE'S DAY, 1890. Valentine's Day card, 1890
holidays/nast christmas 1865 merry christmas all
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1865. 'Merry Christmas to All.' Engraving by Thomas Nast, 1865
holidays/religion corpus christi the procession ye b
RELIGION: CORPUS CHRISTI. 'The Procession of ye B. Sacrament on Corpus Christi-Day
holidays/religion palm sunday the procession palms palm
RELIGION: PALM SUNDAY. 'The procession with palms on Palm Sunday
holidays/nast christmas 1881 the dear little boy thought
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1881. 'The Dear Little Boy That Thought Christmas Came Oftener
holidays/nast christmas 1863 santa claus camp
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1863. 'Santa Claus in Camp
holidays/nast new year 1878 the newest arrival
NAST: NEW YEAR, 1878. 'The Newest Arrival.' New Year's engraving by Thomas Nast
holidays/nast christmas 1863 scenes christmas civil war
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1863. Scenes of Christmas during the Civil War. Engraving by Thomas Nast
holidays/nast christmas 1880 another stocking fill
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1880. 'Another Stocking to Fill.' Wood engraving by Thomas Nast
holidays/nast christmas 1870 engraved cover thomas nast
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1870. Engraved cover by Thomas Nast for a Christmas Supplement
holidays/christmas new year 1878 here again santa
CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR, 1878. 'Here We Are Again!' Santa Claus and Baby New Year
holidays/nast christmas eve 1862 christmas eve civil
NAST: CHRISTMAS EVE, 1862. Christmas Eve during the Civil War
holidays/nast christmas 1881 christmas fancies dont
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1881. 'Christmas Fancies - 'Don't you wish you wore
holidays/nast christmas 1885 a christmas box engraving
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1885. 'A Christmas box.' Engraving by Thomas Nast, 1885
holidays/nast christmas 1886 twas night christmas
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1886. ''Twas the night before Christmas, and all through
holidays/nast christmas 1879 the christmas post
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1879. 'The Christmas Post
holidays/nast santa claus 1866 santa claus works
NAST: SANTA CLAUS, 1866. 'Santa Claus and His Works
holidays/nast christmas eve 1876 the watch christmas eve
NAST: CHRISTMAS EVE, 1876. 'The Watch on Christmas Eve
holidays/nast christmas 1882 christmas flirtation
NAST: CHRISTMAS, 1882. 'Christmas Flirtation.' Engraving by Thomas Nast, 1882
holidays/snowball fight 1881 hit miss woman playing
SNOWBALL FIGHT, 1881. 'Hit or Miss?' A woman playing in a snowball fight
holidays/rome easter 1844 pope blessing people portico
ROME: EASTER, 1844. The Pope blessing the people from the portico of St
holidays/rome palm sunday 1844 procession sala regia
ROME: PALM SUNDAY, 1844. Procession in the Sala Regia in Vatican City, during Palm Sunday
holidays/lent holy thursday 1844 pope washing feet poor
LENT: HOLY THURSDAY, 1844. The Pope washing the feet of poor priests on Holy Thursday
holidays/christmas 1874 santa claus coming engraving
CHRISTMAS, 1874. 'Santa Claus is coming!' Engraving from a design by Thomas Worth
holidays/christmas new years father time welcomes santa
CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S. 'Father Time Welcomes Santa Claus and the New Year
holidays/thomas nast santa claus christmas eve santa
THOMAS NAST: SANTA CLAUS. 'Christmas Eve - Santa Claus Waiting for the Children
holidays/easter 1884 scenes easter day engraving american
EASTER, 1884. Scenes from Easter Day. Engraving, American, 1884
holidays/memorial day 1868 mourners gathered unknown
MEMORIAL DAY, 1868. Mourners gathered at the Unknown Soldiers' Monument in Arlington
holidays/independence day commemorative illustration 4th july
INDEPENDENCE DAY. Commemorative illustration of the 4th of July. Engraving, 1853
holidays/cupid c1900 cupid ambush watercolor c1900
CUPID, c1900. 'Cupid in ambush.' Watercolor, c1900
holidays/christmas card american christmas card illustration
CHRISTMAS CARD. American Christmas card. Illustration, late 19th century
holidays/charity c1890 american ad card c1890
CHARITY, c1890. American advertising card, c1890
holidays/christmas 1920 child mailing letter santa claus
CHRISTMAS, 1920. Child mailing a letter to Santa Claus, United States. Photograph
holidays/christmas card american christmas card illustrated
CHRISTMAS CARD. American Christmas card. Illustrated, late 19th century
holidays/christmas 1920 boy handing mail carrier letter
CHRISTMAS, 1920. A boy handing a mail carrier a letter for Santa Claus. Photograph
holidays/christmas dream 1871 the christmas dream
CHRISTMAS DREAM, 1871. 'The Christmas Dream
holidays/christmas tree c1912 christmas tree lodging
CHRISTMAS TREE, C1912. Christmas tree at a lodging house in New York City. Photograph
holidays/christmas snap dragon man carrying dish flaming
CHRISTMAS: SNAP-DRAGON. Man carrying a dish of flaming alcohol with raisins
holidays/christmas yule log bringing yule log colonial
CHRISTMAS: YULE-LOG. 'Bringing in the Yule-Log' in colonial America, 17th century
holidays/christmas glee singers the glee singers
CHRISTMAS: GLEE SINGERS. 'The Glee Singers.' Christmas carolers in colonial America
holidays/christmas mummers christmas mummers parade colonial
CHRISTMAS: MUMMERS. A Christmas mummers parade in colonial America, 17th century
holidays/pyle may day bringing may engraving drawing
PYLE: MAY DAY. 'Bringing in the May.' Engraving after a drawing by Howard Pyle
holidays/guy fawkes day 1883 guy fawkes night bridgewater
GUY FAWKES DAY, 1883. Guy Fawkes Night at Bridgewater, England, 5 November 1883
holidays/christmas 1867 christmas time first second
CHRISTMAS, 1867. 'Christmas Time - First and Second Floors
holidays/forestier christmas 1896 christmas morning
FORESTIER: CHRISTMAS, 1896. 'Christmas Morning.' Engraving after Amedee Forestier
holidays/christmas 1859 scenes christmas new years celebrations
CHRISTMAS, 1859. Scenes of Christmas and New Years celebrations in New York City
holidays/may day 1859 may day country wood engraving
MAY DAY, 1859. 'May-Day in the Country.' Wood engraving, American, 1859
holidays/chinese new year 1911 boys dressed chinese new
CHINESE NEW YEAR, 1911. Five boys dressed up for the Chinese New Year's celebration
holidays/st patricks day c1871 st patricks day parade
ST. PATRICK'S DAY, c1871. St. Patricks Day parade at Union Square in New York City
holidays/white house easter 1915 family annual easter
WHITE HOUSE: EASTER, 1915. A family at the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White
holidays/christmas tree c1900 christmas tree presents
CHRISTMAS TREE, c1900. Christmas tree with presents under it in the home of Orville
holidays/bethlehem christmas christmas day procession
BETHLEHEM: CHRISTMAS. Christmas day procession in Bethlehem. Photograph, c1910
holidays/chinese new year c1913 decorations chinese lunar
CHINESE NEW YEAR, c1913. Decorations for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Photograph, c1913
holidays/new years costumes 1909 people costume mummers
NEW YEAR'S: COSTUMES, 1909. People in costume at the Mummers Parade held every
holidays/christmas c1892 girl speaking santa claus telephone
CHRISTMAS, c1892. A girl speaking to Santa Claus on a telephone on Christmas. Stereograph
holidays/santa claus 1921 truck decorated appeal early
SANTA CLAUS, 1921. A truck decorated in an appeal for early mailing during the Christmas
holidays/new york santa claus man dressed santa claus
NEW YORK: SANTA CLAUS. A man dressed as Santa Claus collecting donations for Volunteers
holidays/christmas eve c1906 studio photograph santa
CHRISTMAS EVE, c1906. A studio photograph of Santa Claus in his workshop speaking
holidays/memorial day poster honor brave american recruitment
holidays/maypole dance c1907 women national park seminary
MAYPOLE DANCE, c1907. Women at the National Park Seminary dancing around the Maypole
holidays/may day dance 1778 humours may day
MAY DAY DANCE, 1778. 'Humours of May Day
holidays/may day c1910 group schoolgirls dancing field
MAY DAY, c1910. A group of schoolgirls dancing in a field on May Day, some holding
holidays/may day parade 1916 women men marching may day
MAY DAY PARADE, 1916. Women and men marching at the May Day Parade as one man holds
holidays/may day parade 1910 group women marching arm in arm
MAY DAY PARADE, 1910. A group of women marching arm-in-arm with spectators watching
holidays/may day parade 1916 group women marching may
MAY DAY PARADE, 1916. A group of women marching at the May Day Parade in New York City
holidays/new years eve 1865 new years eve new york city
NEW YEAR'S EVE, 1865. New Year's Eve in New York City. Lithograph by Fuchs
holidays/may day parade 1909 group women marching may
MAY DAY PARADE, 1909. A group of women marching at the May Day Parade in New York City
holidays/alaska 4th july 1915 fourth july parade nome
ALASKA: 4TH OF JULY, 1915. Fourth of July parade in Nome, Alaska, 1915
holidays/easter monday 1889 egg rolling white house easter
EASTER MONDAY, 1889. Egg-rolling at the White House on Easter Monday, 1889
holidays/adoration magi woodcut jacobus voragines heyligen
ADORATION OF THE MAGI. Woodcut from Jacobus de Voragine's 'Heyligen leben
holidays/nativity scene 1505 virgin mary placing christ
NATIVITY SCENE, 1505. The Virgin Mary placing Christ in the manger
holidays/angel holding star woodcut der beschlossne gart
THE ANGEL HOLDING THE STAR. Woodcut from 'Der beschlossne Gart de Rosenkrantz Marie
holidays/fourth july cover fourth july dinner menu logan house
FOURTH OF JULY. Cover of a Fourth of July dinner menu from Logan House, Altoona
holidays/christmas morning 1837 country church christmas
CHRISTMAS MORNING, 1837. 'Country Church - Christmas Morning
holidays/christmas tree decoration german officer decorating
CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION. A German officer decorating the Christmas tree
holidays/holly 1503 woodcut macer floridus de viribus
HOLLY, 1503. Woodcut from Macer Floridus' 'De Viribus Herbarum,' 1503
holidays/st valentines day illustration valentine
ST. VALENTINE'S DAY. Illustration of a Valentine. Wood engraving, 1854
holidays/april fools day 1884 uncle abram makes discovery
APRIL FOOL'S DAY, 1884. 'Uncle Abram makes a discovery and hears a voice
holidays/christmas carol mr fezziwigs ball
A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Mr. Fezziwig's Ball
holidays/church choir 1875 illustration randolph caldecott
CHURCH CHOIR, 1875. Illustration by Randolph Caldecott for an 1875 edition of "Old
holidays/magazine cover 1896 cover harpers bazar
MAGAZINE COVER, 1896. Cover for 'Harper's Bazar,' Easter 1896, designed
holidays/christmas woodcutter woodcutter fir tree
CHRISTMAS: WOODCUTTER. Woodcutter and the fir tree
holidays/christmas wreath
Christmas Wreath
holidays/april fools day 1883 the engineers april fool
APRIL FOOL'S DAY, 1883. 'The engineer's April Fool.' Drawing, American
holidays/christmas carol ebenezer scrooge bob cratchit
A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit
holidays/christmas carol jacob marleys ghost
A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Jacob Marley's Ghost
holidays/christmas carol ignorance want etching john
A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Ignorance and Want. Etching by John Leech from the first edition
holidays/christmas carol second spirits ghost christmas
A CHRISTMAS CAROL. The second of the three spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Present
holidays/american new years card
American New Year's Card
holidays/valentines day 1890 valentines day card 1890
VALENTINE'S DAY, 1890. Valentine's Day card, 1890
holidays/nast christmas a christmas sketch oclock morning
NAST: CHRISTMAS. 'A Christmas Sketch / Five O'Clock in the Morning
holidays/memorial day 1868 orphan children laying wreaths
MEMORIAL DAY, 1868. Orphan children laying wreaths and strewing flowers on the
holidays/independence day commemorative illustration 4th july
INDEPENDENCE DAY. Commemorative illustration of the 4th of July. Engraving, 1853
holidays/christmas eve c1906 studio photograph santa
CHRISTMAS EVE, c1906. A studio photograph of Santa Claus making a doll in his workshop
holidays/christmas eve c1897 studio photograph santa
CHRISTMAS EVE, c1897. A studio photograph of Santa Claus speaking on a telephone
holidays/dickens christmas carol bob cratchit tiny tim
DICKENS: A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. Lithograph, 19th century
holidays/thomas nast christmas children tracing santa
THOMAS NAST: CHRISTMAS. Children tracing Santa Claus' route from the North Pole