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flora fauna/rousseau dream 1910 henri rousseau dream
Flora and Fauna
flora fauna/currier ives cat the favorite cat lithograph
CURRIER & IVES: CAT. 'The Favorite Cat.' Lithograph, undated by Nathaniel Currier
flora fauna/van gogh almond blossom branch almond tree blossom
VAN GOGH: ALMOND BLOSSOM. Branch of an Almond Tree in Blossom. Oil on canvas, 1890
flora fauna/monet giverny 1900 artists garden giverny
MONET: GIVERNY, 1900. The Artist's Garden at Giverny. Oil on canvas by Claude Monet
flora fauna/durham bull 1856 duke cambridge durham bull
DURHAM BULL, 1856. 'Duke of Cambridge, Durham Bull
flora fauna/vampire bat vampyrus spectrum wood engraving
VAMPIRE BAT (Vampyrus spectrum). Wood engraving, 19th century
flora fauna/agave 1613 agave americana colored engraving
AGAVE, 1613. Agave americana: colored engraving from Basilius Besler's "Hortus
flora fauna/van gogh life 1886 vincent van gogh life poppies
VAN GOGH: STILL LIFE, 1886. Vincent Van Gogh: Still Life with poppies, cornflowers
flora fauna/audubon pelican great white pelican pelecanus
AUDUBON: PELICAN. Great White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos), from John J
flora fauna/swallow tail butterfly watercolor c1585
SWALLOW-TAIL BUTTERFLY. Watercolor, c1585, by John White
flora fauna/sunflower etching basilius beslers hortus eystettensis
SUNFLOWER. Etching from Basilius Besler's "Hortus Eystettensis," 1613
flora fauna/st lucia amazon parrot amazona versicolor
ST LUCIA AMAZON PARROT (Amazona versicolor). Amazon Parrot indigenous to St. Lucia
flora fauna/hyacinth hyacinthus orientalis engraving painting
HYACINTH (Hyacinthus orientalis). Engraving after painting, 1833, by P.J. Redoute