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daguerreotypes/pierre jean smet belgian jesuit missionary america
Pierre Jean De Smet. Belgian Jesuit missionary in America. Daguerotype by Matthew Brady
#media dmcs-10409952
daguerreotypes/1817 1862 american writer 19th century
(1817-1862). American writer. 19th century copy photograph of a daguerreotype, June 1856
#media dmcs-10411194
american presidents/1767 1848 6th president united states
(1767-1848). 6th President of the United States. Oil over a daquerrotype, c1845
#media dmcs-10414290
daguerreotypes/louis jacques mande daguerre french painter inventor
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor. Wood engraving, American, 1881
#media dmcs-10414354
daguerreotypes/daguerreotype attributed john plumbe jr
Daguerreotype attributed to John Plumbe, Jr. The earliest known photograph of the Capitol
#media dmcs-10414268
daguerreotypes/louis jacques mande daguerre french painter
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor of the daguerreotype. French lithograph
#media dmcs-10409970
daguerreotypes/1789 1851 louis jacques mande daguerre
(1789-1851). Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. French painter and inventor of the daguerreotype
#media dmcs-10409964
daguerreotypes/american mormon leader oil daguerreotype
American Mormon leader. Oil over a daguerreotype, c1847, by Mathew Brady
#media dmcs-10505864
daguerreotypes/1809 1893 self portrait daguerreotype robert cornelius
(1809-1893). Self-portrait daguerreotype by Robert Cornelius, 1839
#media dmcs-10504682
daguerreotypes/1813 1861 american political leader daguerreotype
(1813-1861). American political leader. Daguerreotype, c1852, by Mathew Brady
#media dmcs-10414364
daguerreotypes/american critic reformer daguerreotype 1846
American critic and reformer. Daguerreotype, 1846
#media dmcs-10414362
daguerreotypes/sitting daguerreotype engraving contemporary
Sitting for a daguerreotype. Engraving from a contemporary English newspaper
#media dmcs-10414360
daguerreotypes/unidentified man daguerreotype c1850
Unidentified man. Daguerreotype, c1850
#media dmcs-10414358
daguerreotypes/hydraulic mining michigan city later michigan
Hydraulic mining at Michigan City (later Michigan Bluff) in the Sierra Nevada mountains
#media dmcs-10414356
daguerreotypes/ameican poet daguerreotype c1855
Ameican poet. Daguerreotype, c1855
#media dmcs-10414352
daguerreotypes/american soldier political leader oil daguerrotype
American soldier and political leader. Oil over a daguerrotype, c1850-55
#media dmcs-10414348
daguerreotypes/class portrait emerson school girls c1850
Class portrait of the Emerson School for Girls, c1850: daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes
#media dmcs-10414344
daguerreotypes/1829 1889 american blind deaf mute first
(1829-1889). American blind deaf-mute, the first blind deaf-mute successfully educated
#media dmcs-10414342
daguerreotypes/nude curtains c1850
Nude and Curtains, C1850
#media dmcs-10414340
daguerreotypes/american mormon leader daguerreotype mathew brady
American Mormon leader. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c1847
#media dmcs-10414336
daguerreotypes/daguerreotype french 1855
Daguerreotype, French, 1855
#media dmcs-10414334
daguerreotypes/1794 1876 mexican soldier political leader
(1794-1876). Mexican soldier and political leader. Daguerreotype by F.W. Seiders
#media dmcs-10414328
daguerreotypes/1813 1861 american political leader photocopy
(1813-1861). American political leader. Photocopy of a daguerrotype by Mathew Brady
#media dmcs-10414326
daguerreotypes/interior meade brothers daguerrotype gallery
Interior of Meade Brothers' daguerrotype gallery, Broadway, New York. Line engraving
#media dmcs-10414324
daguerreotypes/view san francisco harbor daguerreotype
View of the San Francisco harbor. Daguerreotype, 1850 or 1851
#media dmcs-10414318
daguerreotypes/ben campbell steamship landing daguerreotype
The 'Ben Campbell' steamship at landing. Daguerreotype, c1852-1860
#media dmcs-10414314
daguerreotypes/portsmouth square san francisco california
Portsmouth Square in San Francisco, California. Daguerreotype, c1850
#media dmcs-10414310
daguerreotypes/tenth president united states
Tenth President of the United States
#media dmcs-10414308
daguerreotypes/full length portrait unidentified child daguerreotype
Full-length portrait of an unidentified child. Daguerreotype, c1855, with brass frame
#media dmcs-10414306
daguerreotypes/1783 1859 american author daguerreotype
(1783-1859). American author. Daguerreotype, c1848-49
#media dmcs-10414304
daguerreotypes/view south white house daguerreotype c1846
View of the south side of the White House. Daguerreotype, c1846, attributed to John Plumbe
#media dmcs-10414300
daguerreotypes/american lawyer statesman daguerreotype
American lawyer and statesman. Daguerreotype, 1850, by Southworth and Hawes
#media dmcs-10414298
daguerreotypes/sauk native american chief daguerreotype 1847 thomas m
Sauk Native American chief. Daguerreotype, 1847, by Thomas M. Easterly
#media dmcs-10414296
daguerreotypes/nee payne wife james madison daguerreotype mathew brady
Nee Payne. Wife of James Madison. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c1848
#media dmcs-10414294
daguerreotypes/unidentified group young women daguerreotype
Unidentified group of young women: daguerreotype, c1850, by Southworth & Hawes, Boston
#media dmcs-10414292
daguerreotypes/american philanthropist reformer daguerreotype
American philanthropist and reformer. Daguerreotype, c1848-49
#media dmcs-10414288
daguerreotypes/unidentified african american woman daguerreotype
An unidentified African American woman. Daguerreotype
#media dmcs-10414284
poets writers/polish poet daguerreotype detail 1853
Polish poet. Daguerreotype (detail), 1853
#media dmcs-10414282
daguerreotypes/daguerreotype unidentified man possibly mathew brady
Daguerreotype of an unidentified man, possibly Mathew Brady, mid 19th century
#media dmcs-10414280
daguerreotypes/14th president united states daguerreotype
14th President of the United States. Daguerreotype, c1853, by Mathew Brady
#media dmcs-10414278
daguerreotypes/american lawyer politician daguerreotype 1832
American lawyer and politician. Daguerreotype, 1832
#media dmcs-10414274
daguerreotypes/american canadian born ship designer builder
American (Canadian born) ship designer and builder. Daguerreotype, mid 19th century
#media dmcs-10414272
poets writers/1783 1859 american writer daguerreotype mathew brady
(1783-1859). American writer. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c1855
#media dmcs-10414270
daguerreotypes/dentist pulling teeth american daguerreotype
Dentist pulling teeth. American daguerreotype, c1845
#media dmcs-10411460
daguerreotypes/american journalist political leader daguerreotype
American journalist and political leader. Daguerreotype, c1850
#media dmcs-10411458
daguerreotypes/daguerreotype southworth hawes boston c1850
Daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes, Boston, c1850
#media dmcs-10411456
daguerreotypes/english chemist physicist daguerreotype mathew brady
English chemist and physicist. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c1850
#media dmcs-10411452
daguerreotypes/1782 1858 american political leader daguerreotype
(1782-1858). American political leader. Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady
#media dmcs-10411450
daguerreotypes/daguerreotype unidentified american woman c1850
A daguerreotype of an unidentified American woman, c1850
#media dmcs-10411448


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