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crime punishment/charles lucky luciano 1897 1962 american gangster
#media dmcs-6212541
crime punishment/anti nixon poster 1960 would buy used
ANTI-NIXON POSTER, 1960. 'Would YOU buy a used car from this man?' American poster
#media dmcs-7598199
crime punishment/lincoln assassination assassination abraham
LINCOLN ASSASSINATION. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth
#media dmcs-6251943
crime punishment/wyeth treasure island illustration 1911 n
WYETH: TREASURE ISLAND. Illustration, 1911, by N
#media dmcs-6249931
crime punishment/fbi agent 1945 da bryce head oklahoma
FBI AGENT, 1945. D.A. Bryce, head of the Oklahoma City Federal Bureau of Investigation office
#media dmcs-6214868
crime punishment/french revolutionary politician jean paul marat
French revolutionary politician Jean-Paul Marat, fatally stabbed in his bath by Charlotte Corday
#media dmcs-8244731
crime punishment/broadside issued war department 20 april
Broadside issued by the War Department on 20 April 1865 offering rewards for the
#media dmcs-7783051
crime punishment/prohibition 1922 revenue agents confiscated
PROHIBITION, 1922. Revenue agents with confiscated bootleg liquor at Washington, D
#media dmcs-6245470
crime punishment/georgia chain gang chain gang prisoners guards rest fence
GEORGIA: CHAIN GANG. Chain gang prisoners and guards rest against a fence, Thomasville
#media dmcs-12236257
crime punishment/georgia chain gang african american man
GEORGIA: CHAIN GANG. African American man sitting against a tree with legs chained
#media dmcs-12236251
crime punishment/georgia chain gang the chain gang thomasville georgia
GEORGIA: CHAIN GANG. 'The Chain Gang, Thomasville, Georgia
#media dmcs-12236231
crime punishment/chain gang 1910 convict chain gang mobile
CHAIN GANG, 1910. A convict chain gang in a mobile prison wagon in North Carolina
#media dmcs-12236345
crime punishment/chain gang c1903 group juvenile convicts chain gang
CHAIN GANG, c1903. A group of juvenile convicts on a chain gang, at work in the fields
#media dmcs-12236341
crime punishment/england highwayman claude duval 1643 1670
ENGLAND: HIGHWAYMAN. Claude Duval (1643-1670) proposing a dance with a lady
#media dmcs-12236339
crime punishment/chain gang c1905 group convicts chain gang
CHAIN GANG, c1905. A group of convicts on the chain gang, somewhere in the American South
#media dmcs-12236337
crime punishment/new york police court raucous scene new york police court
NEW YORK: POLICE COURT. A raucous scene in the New York Police Court. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12236335
crime punishment/country trial court trial rural america
COUNTRY TRIAL. A court trial in rural America. Line engraving, American, 19th century
#media dmcs-12236329
crime punishment/newgate prison 1873 prisoner attorney consulting
NEWGATE PRISON, 1873. A prisoner with an attorney in the consulting room at Newgate
#media dmcs-12236325
crime punishment/newgate prison 1873 prisoners work newgate prison london
NEWGATE PRISON, 1873. Prisoners at work at Newgate Prison in London. Wood engraving
#media dmcs-12236321
crime punishment/newgate prison 1873 guard showing visitors
NEWGATE PRISON, 1873. A guard showing visitors the flogging machine at Newgate Prison
#media dmcs-12236319
crime punishment/newgate prison 1873 guard condemned prisoner
NEWGATE PRISON, 1873. A guard and a condemned prisoner in a cell at Newgate Prison
#media dmcs-12236317
crime punishment/newgate prison 1873 visitors watch condemned
NEWGATE PRISON, 1873. Visitors watch as a condemned prisoner is pinned into a straight
#media dmcs-12236315
crime punishment/illinois state penitentiary today known
ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY. Today known as the Joliet Correctional Center or Joliet
#media dmcs-12236313
crime punishment/nyc police 1859 the new york metropolitan
NYC: POLICE, 1859. 'The New York Metropolitan Police - A pictorial analysis of
#media dmcs-12236311
crime punishment/new york city police 1871 new york police scenes
NEW YORK CITY: POLICE, 1871. 'New York Police Scenes.' Engraving, 1871
#media dmcs-12236309
crime punishment/alabama claims tribunal representatives
ALABAMA CLAIMS TRIBUNAL. The representatives of the Alabama Claims tribunal, Jakob
#media dmcs-12236307
crime punishment/glendenning trial 1874 judicial committee
GLENDENNING TRIAL, 1874. The judicial committee of the Presbytery of Jersey City
#media dmcs-12236305
crime punishment/stocks 1877 the way world engraving painting s
STOCKS, 1877. 'The way of the world.' Engraving after a painting by S.E. Waller
#media dmcs-12236303
crime punishment/stocks 1886 a man brother engraving 1886
STOCKS, 1886. 'A man and his brother.' Engraving, 1886
#media dmcs-12236301
crime punishment/georgia chain gang 1892 african american
GEORGIA: CHAIN GANG, 1892. African American prisoners on a chain gang do work while
#media dmcs-12236293
crime punishment/guiseppe joe petrosino 1860 1909 italian american
#media dmcs-12236285
crime punishment/china punishment c1900 criminal china
CHINA: PUNISHMENT, c1900. A criminal in China chained by the ankle to a fence
#media dmcs-12236283
crime punishment/china prisoner c1900 captured prisoner boxer rebellion
CHINA: PRISONER, c1900. A captured prisoner from the Boxer Rebellion, locked in
#media dmcs-12236267
crime punishment/juvenile court c1902 juvenile court judge lawyers
JUVENILE COURT, c1902. Juvenile court with judge and lawyers. Photograph, c1902
#media dmcs-12236265
crime punishment/juvenile court 1910 year old boy charged stealing bicycle
JUVENILE COURT, 1910. An eight year old boy charged with stealing a bicycle, at
#media dmcs-12236263
crime punishment/georgia chain gang prisoners mules work
GEORGIA: CHAIN GANG. Prisoners with two mules work on roadbed between electrical
#media dmcs-12236255
crime punishment/charles ponzi 1878 1949 italian born american
CHARLES PONZI (1878-1949). Italian-born American con man and swindler. Photograph, 1920
#media dmcs-12236247
crime punishment/mexican bandits group mexican bandits painting
MEXICAN BANDITS. A group of Mexican bandits. Painting, mid 19th century
#media dmcs-12236239
crime punishment/mexico stagecoach robbery group mexican
MEXICO: STAGECOACH ROBBERY. A group of Mexican bandits robbing a stagecoach. Painting
#media dmcs-12236229
crime punishment/chain gang c1898 southern chain gang photograph
CHAIN GANG, c1898. A Southern chain gang. Photograph by Carl Weis, c1898
#media dmcs-12236227
crime punishment/north carolina chain gang chain gang convicts pitt county
NORTH CAROLINA: CHAIN GANG. Chain gang of convicts in Pitt County, North Carolina
#media dmcs-12236223
crime punishment/medieval punishment helmet jesters cap bells
MEDIEVAL PUNISHMENT. Helmet with a jester's cap and bells, used as a means of
#media dmcs-12236215
crime punishment/policeman cartoon 1904 cartoon police officer
POLICEMAN CARTOON, 1904. Cartoon of a police officer directing traffic, from an American
#media dmcs-12236213
crime punishment/heretic collar medieval device catching
HERETIC COLLAR. Medieval device for catching witches and heretics
#media dmcs-12236211
crime punishment/police wagon american police wagon
POLICE WAGON. An American police wagon
#media dmcs-12236207
crime punishment/new york police officer member new york city police force
NEW YORK POLICE OFFICER. A member of the New York City police force, late 19th century
#media dmcs-12236205
crime punishment/women police 1916 commandant mary sophia allen
WOMEN POLICE, 1916. Commandant Mary Sophia Allen (1878-1964), center, with members
#media dmcs-12236203
crime punishment/robbery reward 1875 reward poster issued wells
ROBBERY REWARD, 1875. Reward poster issued by Wells, Fargo & Co
#media dmcs-12236201
crime punishment/policeman 1887 member chicago police force
POLICEMAN, 1887. A member of the Chicago police force, 1887
#media dmcs-12236199


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