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Landscape After the Rain, by Kao K o-kung (1248-1310). Yuan dynasty
Officials of several Chinese cities compose essays designed to demonstrate their knowledge of Confucian texts
A Mongol groom leading a horse to be presented as tribute to the Chinese court
The triumphal entry of Han emperor Liu Bang into the imperial capital of Chang an, 202 B.C
The Emperor of China with the nightingale. Drawing by Arthur Szyk for the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen
Also known as the Three Pure Ones. Tao-Chun, Yu-Huang and Lao Tse. Line drawing
CHINA: PARAKEET. Detail from Five Colored Parakeet on Blossoming Apricot Tree
Painting of peasants harvesting fruit from a lotus pond, by a peasant painter of Huhsien, c1970
Equestrian acrobats in a Mongol circus. Left detail of a painted silk handscroll, Yuan or early Ming Dynasty
Women drawing out silk threads (left) and beating silk fibers in a trough with flails
Women ironing a completed bolt of silk cloth. Detail from Court Ladies Preparing Newly-woven Silk
A palace of the T ang Dynasty beside a lake. Painted silk hanging scroll, Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368
Prince Siddhartha Gautama encounters an old man, a sick man, a decaying corpse, and a wandering ascetic
Yang Kuei-fei, concubine of Emperor Ming Huang (712-756), mounting a horse
Lacquered panel of a cabinet with dragon, phoenix, and floral design, from the reign of Xuande. Ming Dynasty, 1426-1435
Archers in China defending a fortified house against attackers armed with spears. Watercolor on silk, c1820
Mounted warriors riding through a mountain pass in China. Watercolor on silk, c1820
Scene in the outer courtyard of the Forbidden City, Peking, China, on the return of Emperor K ang Hsi from his
Emperor of China, 1661-1722. K ang Hsi entering Peking on the occasion of his 60th birthday
Ch ien Lung, Ch ing emperor of China (1736-1796), riding in a dragon-drawn celestial carriage as he receives Portuguese
Yang Ti, Sui emperor of China (604-618), and his fleet of sailing craft, including a dragon boat being pulled along
Ch ien Lung, Qing emperor of China (1736-1796), on a deer hunt. Painted silk scroll, mid-18th century
K ang Hsi, Ch ing emperor of China (1661-1722), on an inspection tour in the south. Painted silk scroll, 1689
Mongol khan and founder of Mongol dynasty in China. Chinese painting
The T ang emperor Ming Huang (712-756) instructing his son, the crown prince (lower right)
Chinese porcelain vase from the reign of Emperor K ang Hsi (1661-1722), featuring an image of ladies painting a scroll
Boats in the Pearl River off Canton, China. Oil, c1845
Painted fan depicting the foreign factories on the waterfront at Canton, China, c1825
0118040 H
0118040 H
A Chinese wiseman holding a sword and riding on the back of a tiger. Color woodcut, mid 18th to mid 19th century
A battle during the Sino Japanese War between Chinese soldiers and Japanese General Major Odera in a snowstorm at
A Chinese sage sitting on a bench beneath banana trees, with servants preparing a meal
The true nightingale sings to the Emperor. Drawing by Henry J. Ford for an 1894 edition of the fairy tale The
Cultivated silkworms are graded. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
Picking mulberry leaves for silkworm culture. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
Silk weaving on a wooden loom. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
Boiling silkworm cocoons. Chinese silk painting, c1650-1726
Hydraulic machine used to power a foundray furnace. Sketch after a Chinese work of 1313
Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism. Line drawing
Kylin, the celestial horse of Chinese mythology, similar to Pegasus
Chinese government forces attacking a rebel stronghold at Tientsin during the Taiping Rebellion, 1851-64
SSU-MA CH IEN (c145-c85 B.C.)
Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti (259-210 B.C.) mapping the Great Wall in sand. Chinese line drawing
Emperor of China, 1402-24. Ming Dynasty
Emperor Ming Huang (712-756) and his famous concubine, Yang Kuei-fei, on horseback
A war chariot of the type utilized by Genghis Khans Chinese opponents. After a Chinese drawing of the time
After an ancient Chinese brush drawing

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