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agriculture/malaya plantation 1931 the market garden tropics
winter/illumination 15th century manuscript tres riches
agriculture/hawaii pineapple harvest farmers pineapple plantation
flora fauna/durham bull 1856 duke cambridge durham bull
agriculture/pennsylvania bethlehem moravian settlement lehigh
agriculture/workers farmers poster from workers farmers
agriculture/seed drill c1730 seed drill invented c1701
agriculture/picking cotton workers picking cotton southern
agriculture/cuba sugar plantation people cutting sugar cane
agriculture/grange cartoon 1873 the grange awakening sleepers
agriculture/child labor cotton 1913 group young cotton
agriculture/child labor cotton 1916 family cotton pickers
agriculture/child labor cotton 1913 family cotton pickers
agriculture/hine child labor 1913 orphan boys young seven
agriculture/hop pickers 1851 family hop pickers wood engraving
agriculture/georgia day laborers day laborer loading possessions
agriculture/farmers mowing farmers mowing hay scythes
agriculture/feeding chickens woman feeding chickens
agriculture/feeding pigs 14th century men knocking acorns
agriculture/hine farm owners 1913 sulak family cotton farm
agriculture/farmers almanac 1793 facsimile cover first
agriculture/migrant workers 1910 mother children hulling
agriculture/south carolina rice 1904 workers rice field
agriculture/south dakota farming farmer plowing field south
agriculture/agricultural show 1861 implement yard royal
agriculture/farmers almanac 1793 astronomical calculations
agriculture/strawberry pickers 1916 group strawberry pickers
agriculture/sorting cotton c1905 african american women
agriculture/farming corn c1905 farm workers cutting binding
agriculture/cattle show 1844 the great poughkeepsie cattle show
agriculture/hine mowing 1915 eight year old boy driving
agriculture/montgomery ward 1889 90 page montgomery ward
agriculture/hine farmer 1913 paulk family home kirkland
agriculture/texas cotton field c1904 african american workers
agriculture/sugar beet worker 1915 six year old boy pulling
agriculture/lagonda ad poster lagonda agriculture works ohio
agriculture/mowing accident 1915 twelve year old boy driving
agriculture/south dakota harvest harvesting near brookings
agriculture/farmer 1873 old friends wood engraving 1873
agriculture/hine farm owners 1913 benkendorfer family cotton
agriculture/vermont beekeepers 1914 man teaches son tend
agriculture/cotton picking cotton pickers plantation american
agriculture/migrant workers 1910 five year old helen stepsisters
agriculture/farming corn c1905 farmer harvesting corn
agriculture/migrant workers c1910 group young workers carrying
agriculture/shepherd c1875 american shepherd montana displays
agriculture/farmer cradle american farmer harvesting wheat cradle
agriculture/mill 15th century woman carrying sack wheat
agriculture/nebraska harrowing farmer breaking soil horse drawn
agriculture/agricultural machinery poster late 19th century
agriculture/farmer 1873 christmas fields wood engraving
agriculture/north carolina cotton man picking cotton north
agriculture/sugar plantation 1901 men working sugar plantation
agriculture/kentucky farm 1916 boy driving horse drawn
agriculture/virginia strawberry farm white overseer children
agriculture/uncompahgre valley farm farm uncompahgre valley
agriculture/poultry 1869 specimens poultry exhibited fair
agriculture/migrant workers 1910 families migrant workers
agriculture/poultry c1868 the poultry world portraits
agriculture/cuba sugar plantation plowing cuban sugar plantation
agriculture/cuba sugar plantation sugar cane loaded cart
agriculture/louisiana sugar cane farm harvesters cutting
agriculture/medieval woman pig woman pig medieval manuscript
agriculture/marsh harvester american farmers harvesting wheat
agriculture/medieval herdsmen herdsmen driving pigs
agriculture/mccormick reaper 1884 demonstration mccormick
agriculture/mccormick harvester demonstration horse drawn
agriculture/ford tractor 1918 fordson model f tractor built
agriculture/squatter shelter 1905 squatters dug north dakota
agriculture/sugar beet workers 1915 child siblings working
agriculture/boy feeding pig 1921 george cox 13 year old
agriculture/migrant family 1913 dilapidated renters home
agriculture/migrant family 1913 family itinerant cotton
agriculture/child labor 1911 seven year old boy picking
agriculture/migrant workers 1913 itinerant farmers farm
agriculture/child labor 1911 11 year old boy working harvest
agriculture/child labor 1910 year old berry picker rose biodo
agriculture/child labor 1910 year old cranberry picker carries
agriculture/child labor 1909 year old berry picker rock
agriculture/child labor 1909 johnnie goldberg father pick
agriculture/child labor 1909 young berry picker bottomleys farm
agriculture/texas migrant home 1913 run down home family
agriculture/migrant workers 1909 polish girl mother migrant
agriculture/migrant family 1911 family migrant berry pickers
agriculture/migrant family 1911 teixiera family family
agriculture/migrant workers 1911 family migrant berry pickers
agriculture/migrant family 1911 migrant family berry pickers
agriculture/migrant family 1910 family migrant farmers work
agriculture/migrant family 1909 slebzaks family polish
agriculture/migrant family 1910 arnao family italian family
agriculture/migrant family 1909 mrs bissie family
agriculture/cotton plantation c1855 american cotton plantation
agriculture/france tilling 1872 evening alsace
agriculture/farmer 1568 woodcut 1568 jost amman
agriculture/farm mortgages ad 1889 american magazine ad
agriculture/bull powerful useful lithograph french
agriculture/american farm scene c1870 sharpening tools
agriculture/shepherds gift etching francois boucher
agriculture/homestead act 1862 application homestead published


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