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agriculture/agricultural machinery poster late 19th century
AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY. Poster, late 19th century, for 'The Farmers Friend Manufacturing
#media dmcs-12224530
agriculture/malaya plantation 1931 the market garden
MALAYA: PLANTATION, 1931. 'The Market of the Garden Tropics - Malayan Pineapples
#media dmcs-6201225
agriculture/hawaii pineapple harvest farmers pineapple
HAWAII: PINEAPPLE HARVEST. Farmers on a pineapple plantation in Hawaii, early 20th
#media dmcs-6201215
flora fauna/durham bull 1856 duke cambridge durham bull
DURHAM BULL, 1856. 'Duke of Cambridge, Durham Bull
#media dmcs-6191470
winter/illumination 15th century manuscript tres riches heures
Detail of an illumination from the 15th century manuscript of the 'Tres Riches Heures
#media dmcs-8857307
agriculture/pennsylvania bethlehem moravian settlement
PENNSYLVANIA: BETHLEHEM. The Moravian settlement on the Lehigh River at Bethlehem
#media dmcs-6202035
agriculture/workers farmers poster from workers farmers
WORKERS & FARMERS POSTER. 'From Workers to Farmers... Thanks!' Poster, 1944
#media dmcs-6201173
agriculture/cuba sugar plantation people cutting sugar
CUBA: SUGAR PLANTATION. Three people cutting sugar cane on a Cuban sugar plantation
#media dmcs-12224501
agriculture/seed drill c1730 seed drill invented c1701
SEED DRILL, c1730. Seed drill invented, c1701, by Jethro Tull (1674-1741)
#media dmcs-12224321
agriculture/grange cartoon 1873 the grange awakening sleepers
GRANGE CARTOON, 1873. 'The Grange Awakening the Sleepers.' American cartoon, 1873
#media dmcs-12224087
agriculture/child labor cotton 1913 group young cotton
CHILD LABOR: COTTON, 1913. Group of young cotton pickers near Waxahachie, Texas
#media dmcs-12224638
agriculture/child labor cotton 1916 family cotton
CHILD LABOR: COTTON, 1916. Family of cotton pickers in Comanche County, Oklahoma
#media dmcs-12224636
agriculture/child labor cotton 1913 family cotton
CHILD LABOR: COTTON, 1913. Family of cotton pickers near McKinney, Texas
#media dmcs-12224632
agriculture/hine child labor 1913 orphan boys young seven years old
HINE: CHILD LABOR, 1913. Orphan boys as young as seven years old, from the Baptist
#media dmcs-12224630
agriculture/hop pickers 1851 family hop pickers wood
HOP PICKERS, 1851. A family of hop pickers
#media dmcs-12224628
agriculture/georgia day laborers day laborer loading
GEORGIA: DAY LABORERS. A day laborer loading his possessions on a wagon near Madison
#media dmcs-12224626
agriculture/farmers mowing farmers mowing hay scythes
FARMERS MOWING. Two farmers mowing hay with scythes. Wood engraving, 19th century
#media dmcs-12224624
agriculture/feeding chickens woman feeding chickens
FEEDING CHICKENS. A woman feeding chickens
#media dmcs-12224622
agriculture/feeding pigs 14th century men knocking
FEEDING PIGS, 14th CENTURY. Men knocking acorns out of trees to feed pigs
#media dmcs-12224620
agriculture/picking cotton workers picking cotton southern
PICKING COTTON. Workers picking cotton in the southern United States. Photograph
#media dmcs-12224606
agriculture/hine farm owners 1913 sulak family cotton farm near west
HINE: FARM OWNERS, 1913. The Sulak family on their cotton farm near West, Texas
#media dmcs-12224604
agriculture/farmers almanac 1793 facsimile cover first
FARMER'S ALMANAC, 1793. Facsimile of the front cover of the first (Old) 'Farmer's
#media dmcs-12224600
agriculture/migrant workers 1910 mother children hulling
MIGRANT WORKERS, 1910. Mother and children hulling strawberries for two cents a
#media dmcs-12224598
agriculture/south carolina rice 1904 workers rice
SOUTH CAROLINA: RICE, 1904. Workers in a rice field in South Carolina. Stereograph
#media dmcs-12224594
agriculture/south dakota farming farmer plowing field
SOUTH DAKOTA: FARMING. A farmer plowing a field on the South Dakota prairie. Stereograph
#media dmcs-12224592
agriculture/agricultural show 1861 implement yard royal
AGRICULTURAL SHOW, 1861. The implement yard at the Royal Agricultural Society's
#media dmcs-12224588
agriculture/farmers almanac 1793 astronomical calculations
FARMER'S ALMANAC, 1793. 'Astronomical Calculations' and other information
#media dmcs-12224586
agriculture/strawberry pickers 1916 group strawberry
STRAWBERRY PICKERS, 1916. A group of strawberry pickers on Clagett and Covington farm
#media dmcs-12224584
agriculture/sorting cotton c1905 african american women
SORTING COTTON, c1905. African American women and girls sorting cotton at the Atlantic
#media dmcs-12224582
agriculture/farming corn c1905 farm workers cutting
FARMING: CORN, c1905. Farm workers cutting and binding corn by hand. Photograph, c1905
#media dmcs-12224580
agriculture/cattle show 1844 the great poughkeepsie cattle show
CATTLE SHOW, 1844. 'The Great Poughkeepsie Cattle Show.' Engraving, 1844
#media dmcs-12224578
agriculture/hine mowing 1915 eight year old boy driving
HINE: MOWING, 1915. An eight-year old boy driving a horse rake used for mowing farmland
#media dmcs-12224576
agriculture/montgomery ward 1889 90 page montgomery ward catalog 46
MONTGOMERY WARD, 1889-90. Page from the Montgomery Ward Catalog #46, featuring farm tools
#media dmcs-12224574
agriculture/hine farmer 1913 paulk family home kirkland
HINE: FARMER, 1913. The Paulk family at their home in Kirkland, Georgia
#media dmcs-12224572
agriculture/texas cotton field c1904 african american
TEXAS: COTTON FIELD, c1904. African American workers weighing cotton in a field in Texas
#media dmcs-12224568
agriculture/sugar beet worker 1915 six year old boy
SUGAR BEET WORKER, 1915. Six-year old boy pulling beets on his parents farm near Sterling
#media dmcs-12224564
agriculture/lagonda ad poster lagonda agriculture works ohio
LAGONDA ADVERTISEMENT. Poster for Lagonda Agriculture Works in Ohio, featuring farmers
#media dmcs-12224562
agriculture/mowing accident 1915 twelve year old boy
MOWING ACCIDENT, 1915. A twelve-year old boy driving the mowing machine which cut
#media dmcs-12224558
agriculture/south dakota harvest harvesting near brookings
SOUTH DAKOTA: HARVEST. Harvesting near Brookings, South Dakota. Cyanotype photograph
#media dmcs-12224554
agriculture/farmer 1873 old friends wood engraving
FARMER, 1873. 'Old friends.' Wood engraving, 1873, by Charles Maurand, after
#media dmcs-12224552
agriculture/hine farm owners 1913 benkendorfer family
HINE: FARM OWNERS, 1913. The Benkendorfer family on their cotton farm near West, Texas
#media dmcs-12224550
agriculture/vermont beekeepers 1914 man teaches son tend beehive
VERMONT: BEEKEEPERS, 1914. A man teaches his son how to tend to a beehive, in Bennington
#media dmcs-12224548
agriculture/cotton picking cotton pickers plantation
COTTON PICKING. Two cotton pickers on a plantation in the American South
#media dmcs-12224546
agriculture/migrant workers 1910 five year old helen
MIGRANT WORKERS, 1910. Five-year-old Helen and her stepsisters hulling strawberries
#media dmcs-12224544
agriculture/farming corn c1905 farmer harvesting corn
FARMING: CORN, c1905. A farmer harvesting corn. Photograph, c1905
#media dmcs-12224542
agriculture/migrant workers c1910 group young workers
MIGRANT WORKERS, c1910. A group of young workers carrying in their pecks of cranberries
#media dmcs-12224540
agriculture/shepherd c1875 american shepherd montana
SHEPHERD, c1875. An American shepherd from Montana displays the pelts of coyotes
#media dmcs-12224538
agriculture/farmer cradle american farmer harvesting wheat cradle
FARMER WITH CRADLE. An American farmer harvesting wheat with a cradle. Photograph
#media dmcs-12224536
agriculture/mill 15th century woman carrying sack wheat
MILL, 15th CENTURY. A woman carrying a sack of wheat to a mill
#media dmcs-12224534


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